Towels Wholesale Assortment
16X19 Bar Mops -32oz Stripe
Item#: M1619-32-STP
Available Gold Stripe,Blue Stripe and Green Stripe 100% Cotton Bar towels or Bar mops, highly absorbent terry towels use...
Salon Towels 15X25 Hand Towels
Item#: 25CL -SALON
Choose from variety of colors premium Hand towels and salon towels in size 15X25. Real good size, can be used in Hair s...
Hand towels White15X25 Premium
Item#: P25-AUTO
Hand towels wholesale. Extra soft and optical white. Good towels for any type of salon, spa, gym, motel, school, athleti...
Washcloths 13X13 Bleach Resistant
Item#: W-13BS
Deluxe Quality Bleach Resistant washcloths, excellent for Hair salons, spas, Nail salons or any business where there are...
Bar Mops 15x18 -20oz White Ribbed
Item#: M1518-20R
100% Cotton Bar towels or Bar mops are highly absorbent terry towels used in restaurants for wiping and cleaning purpose...
White Fingertip Towels 11X18 Velour/Terry
Item#: F18WH
Best low price on White Fingertip towels made of 100% cotton, these towels have one side velour and other side terry. Si...
Gym Hand Towels Premium15X25 Colors
Item#: 25CL-GYM
Premium Hand towels for gym/workout use in size 15X25. Real good size, can be used for Gyms, Workout, Schools, Country c...
Bleach Resistant 16x26 Hand Towels
Item#: H-26BS
Choose from variety of colors, High quality Bleach safe hand towels at very competitive low price from Towel Supercenter...
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