Towels Wholesale Assortment
15x25 White Hand Towels Premium
Item#: P25-
Premium grade soft white hand towels for use in Salon, Gyms, Spas, Hotels and many more businesses. If you are looking f...
15x25 White Hand Towels Economy
Item#: E25-
White hand towels in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels in medium size, made of 100% cotton.S...
White Fingertip Towels 11X18 Velour/Terry
Item#: F18WH
Best low price on White Fingertip towels made of 100% cotton, these towels have one side velour and other side terry. Si...
Fingertip Towels Colors 11X18 Velour/Terry
Item#: F18CL
Variety of colors to choose from in our Fingertip towels collection. Made of 100% cotton, these towels have one side vel...
Terry-Velour 16X26 Hand Towels Colors
Item#: G26CL
Super soft high end terry/velour hand towels made of 100% cotton available in variety of colors. One side is terry and o...
Premium Dark Brown Washcloths 13X13
Item#: P13DB
Wash cloths in bulk, premium dark brown washcloths made of ring spun cotton which makes it extra soft. It has longer lau...
Washcloths 13X13 Bleach Resistant
Item#: W13CL
Deluxe Quality Bleach Resistant washcloths, excellent for Hair salons, spas, Nail salons or any business where there are...
Premium White16X27 Hand Towels
Item#: P27-SALON
White Hand towels for salon use.100% cotton available. Excellent Hand towels in bulk for business or commercial use like...
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