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Great prices and quality. Frequent purchaser.
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16X16 White Microfiber towels wholesale

White 16x16 Microfiber Towels Wholesale

Wholesale Microfiber towels 16x16(200gsm) white for polishing, scrubing, drying

Category: Car Detailing

Item#: MF16WH

Our price: $5.99

Retail Price: $19.00

Dimensions: 16X16

Quality: Economy

Color: White

Weight: 200 GSM

Fabric: Polyester

Quantity Unit Price
1..9 Dozen $5.99 Per Dozen
10..19 Dozen $5.49 Per Dozen
20..49 Dozen $4.99 Per Dozen
50 and up Dozen $4.25 Per Dozen

Prices listed above are per dozen - Price lowers when you buy more

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Phone order: 1-888-664-0951

Additional Information

Invest in Wholesale White Microfiber Towels for Your Car Wash

As a car washer owner or manager, you know how important it is to invest in quality washing and drying accessories. In fact, the very name of your industry implies that your number one priority is to wash cars. While cleaning vehicles is your number one priority, drying is a close second.

When your patrons ease out of your driveway, they should turn heads — for the right reasons. Don't allow your customers’ cars to pull out of your lot a dripping or sudsy mess. When you invest in our wholesale white microfiber towels from Towel Super Center, you'll have every part of your clients’ vehicles shining as they should.

Experience the Value of a Premium Poly-Blend

What are the benefits of our wholesale white microfiber towels? Here are some of them:

  • Affordability: Your car wash likely goes through towels as quickly as it does clients. Every time a customer pulls into your lot, you need a freshly laundered and durable towel that can shine each vehicle up to perfection. Due to the constant necessity for drying accessories in your industry, make sure you invest in only quality products built to last. These premium microfiber towels are affordable so that you can stock up on the materials your car wash needs.
  • Durability: Your towels experience constant use throughout the day. After shining up freshly cleaned cars, they go through frequent washing and drying cycles to prepare them for their next use. Unlike other fabrics that fray and tear with use, polyester is a reliable and durable material that doesn’t break down over time.
  • Fast-Drying: Polyester is a quick-wicking fabric, which equates to less moisture and dampness and more dryness instead. You can't expect to mop excess water and soap suds off of a car with a soaked material that retains liquid and soapy water. Our polyester microfiber towels quickly dry after each use so that they're ready for their next task.
  • Lightweight: Turn drying into an act made simple by providing your employees with a lightweight material they’ll have no trouble handling. Heavier fabrics often retain water and are more difficult to use as a result. You can handily store these polyester microfiber cloths anywhere drying is needed for lightweight and simple-to-access convenience.
  • Sensitive-Skin Approved: Polyester is a non-allergenic fabric that your employees will love to handle. They'll enjoy the soft and plush feel of this material's fibers every time they wipe down a car. Why settle for abrasive materials when you can invest in a microfiber towel instead?

Shop White Microfiber Towels in Bulk

Do you want to stretch your linen budget without sacrificing quality? Buy white microfiber towels from us and always get the best price possible per towel. 

Our deep wholesale discounts allow you to save money while still getting dependable, consistent performance from every towel you buy. You'll appreciate how simple it is to have affordable white microfiber towels delivered to your door. Plus, you'll never have to sacrifice value.

Order microfiber towels and other supplies with confidence today from Towel Super Center.

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