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16X27-Premium Plus White Hand Towels 100% Cotton

Premium Plus Wholesale White Hand Towels in 100% Cotton

Premium-PLUS white hand towels for Gym or workout use, these hand towels are 100% supreme cotton,soft and highly absorbent. Schools sports teams can use these towels

Category: Athletic/Gym

Item#: D27

Our price: $16.99

Retail Price: $24.99

Dimensions: 16x27

Quality: Premium Plus

Color: White

Weight: 3 Lb/doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
1..9 Dozen $16.99 Per Dozen
10..19 Dozen $15.99 Per Dozen
20 and up Dozen $14.99 Per Dozen

Prices listed above are per dozen - Price lowers when you buy more

Select Quantity:

Phone order: 1-888-664-0951

Additional Information

Keep Premium Plus White Hand Towels in Your Gym

Whether you run a fitness center, a health club or a traditional gym, you need to have hand towels for your members. Every day, they expect to have access to thirsty towels that won’t let them down. Be sure you satisfy their needs while simultaneously maximizing your budget by investing in white gym towels made of premium plus cotton.

Towel Super Center provides premium plus white hand towels for gyms in units of one dozen. With our unique wholesale pricing, you get deeper and deeper discounts the more units you purchase. You’ll appreciate our quality and value — and so will your patrons!

Run a Corporate Gym? Offer Premium Plus White Hand Towels.

Many employers offer onsite fitness facilities for their workers to use. However, not all of those spaces have wholesale hand towels available.

If you have a corporate gym, consider adding premium plus white hand towels for your employees' use. Not only does this show that you care about the comfort of your team members, but it allows them to work out without feeling grubby or hot when they get back to their desks. Plus, they don't have to remember to bring along a towel from home.

Stock up and save on wholesale hand towels for your corporate fitness area today.

Pamper Your Members With White Cotton Hand Towels

Your members deserve a little luxury, which you can offer them with the help of Towel Super Center. Each premium plus white hand towel is made from 100 percent cotton fibers, giving you all the benefits that cotton brings:

  • It’s easy to clean. Cotton naturally resists holding onto stains, which is critical when you have towels that are being used frequently by numerous gym patrons. Want an extra stain-fighting tip? Add spot remover and/or bleach alternative before and during washes.
  • It dries very quickly. This helps in two ways. First, you won’t have to spend as much time drying your cotton hand towels as you would if they were made from another type of fabric. Secondly, because they dry rapidly, they’re less likely to get musty or smelly. No gym member wants a towel that doesn’t have a fresh, clean scent.
  • It feels great against the skin. Although these are called hand towels, you’ll see them used to wipe perspiration, dirt, oils and water off your members’ faces, necks and legs, too. Cotton feels amazingly soft, which your gym patrons will like — even if they have very sensitive skin.
  • It resists stretching, tearing and pilling. You need hand towels that look great after a dozen washes — or even a hundred. Our premium plus white hand towels have been constructed for superior durability. Spend less money over time and stop constantly replacing your towel supply.

Ordering is easy. Just find all the towels you need for your gym and buy the right number of units today. We’ll ship your choices to your gym and you can start using them right away or wash them first if you prefer.

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