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How to Prevent Towel Fibers from Getting Stiff and Rough

When you buy towels for your business or home, you want your clients or guests to enjoy soft, fluffy linens. Unfortunately, some towels can feel stiff or even rough after a while. This is most often caused by care decisions or the quality of your water, but, fortunately, these problems are preventable.


How to Keep Towels From Getting Rough

If you’re interested in learning how to prevent towels from getting stiff, there are several options. These tips can help:

  • Cut back on detergents and liquid softeners. Both can leave a residue on towels which, over time, can make the material feel stiffer. Put in less detergent than recommended each time you wash and forego liquid softener entirely. Instead, use one cup of white vinegar with your towels every six weeks or so to keep them soft.

  • Give your towels room in the wash. When you don't try to wash too many towels at once, they will have the space to rinse the soap off correctly, which can help prevent residue.

  • Use warm water. Avoid using very hot water or bleaches, which can damage the fibers and make your towels feel rougher.

  • Buy quality towels. Thick towels made from high-quality materials will stay soft with proper care. Thin towels made from poorer-quality materials will start to feel rough because the fibers will get damaged more easily.

  • Dry carefully. Air drying anywhere there is a breeze will naturally and gently dry your towels. If this is not possible and you are using a dryer, make sure not to overload it. The extra room will allow the air to be distributed correctly, which can help your towels stay softer for longer.

  • Use tennis balls. Throwing tennis balls into your dryer with your towels gently fluffs your towels.

  • Check for hard water. Minerals in the water occur in some regions. Hard water can cause fabrics in your wash to come out stiffer. To counter this, you may need to use a mixture of one cup of sodium carbonate, two quarts of water and ½ cup borax. Add one cup of this solution to your laundry along with your usual detergent.

  • Replace your towels. As towels go through their life cycle, the fibers get broken down, and, eventually, they will not feel as soft as they once did. While you can make the best of the life cycle by following care directions, you will need to replace your towels once they no longer come out soft and fluffy, no matter what you do.

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