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16x19-(28oz) Bar Towels All White 100% Cotton

100% Cotton Wholesale Ribbed Bar Mops in White

Category: Bar Towels-Bar Mops

Item#: M1619-32WH

Sales price: $3.75

Retail Price: $7.99

Dimensions: 16x19

Quality: Economy

Color: White

Weight: 28 oz/doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
25 Dozen $106.25 Total
50 Dozen $197.50 Total
100 Dozen $375.00 Total

Per dozen price lowers as you buy more

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Phone order: 1-866-449-3999

Additional Information

Purchase All-White Bar Towels for Your Bar or Restaurant

Bar mops, also called bar towels, may be the most versatile tool in a food server’s arsenal. Most servers carry them around in their aprons, ready to spring into action if needed. Perhaps a guest spills a drink — a server can quickly wipe it up with that bar mop. Maybe a plate is piping hot with food that just slid out of the oven — a bar mop can help protect the server’s hands.

There are many ways bar mops can come in handy through the course of a day at a restaurant or bar.

That’s why it makes sense to order a lot of bar towels so you have them at the ready. When you invest in white bar towels, you’re making a smart move. You know you’ll need them down the line, because every restaurant or bar uses a ton of them each year. And when you buy in quantities of more than a dozen from Towel Super Center, we’ll give you a discount, saving you money.

The Advantages of Our Bar Towels

What sets Towel Super Center bar towels apart from the competition? A number of things, including:

  • High quality: All the towels we sell are made from the best materials.
  • Durable: You can wash our towels over and over. They stand up to everyday use.
  • Quick-drying: We make our bar mops from material that dries out fast after it’s wiped up a spill.

Get Your All-White Bar Towels Today

Stock up on bar towels for your restaurant or bar! Contact Towel Super Center for pricing options for your order.


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