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How to Fold Towels to Save Space

Tips for Folding Towels

When it comes to folding and storing your towels, there are some things to look for before putting them away:

  • Check for any wetness: You'll want to make sure your towels are completely dry. If there are any wet spots when you fold and put them away, they may grow mold or mildew. Once this happens, it can spread to any other towels around it or even to your shelving or walls. This spread can cause a serious and costly problem down the road. 
  • Hide any raw edges: If your towels have any raw edges, try folding them in so that they can't be seen. This step will keep your folded towels looking nice and neat. 
  • Smooth out your towel as you fold: After each step of the fold, smooth out the towel. This tip will ensure that everything stays lined up with each fold and keep extra wrinkles from forming. 
  • Watch for any bunching: This step can go along with the smoothing of the towel. When you're smoothing out the towel, make sure you're watching for any bunching. If you're not paying enough attention, the towel will bunch together around folds, which can leave your finished folded towel looking messy. 
  • Don't rush: If you rush through your towel folding to get it done quickly, you'll end up with a sloppy stack of towels that will take up much more room. Instead, focus on completing each towel folding step as perfectly as possible so you can maximize your towel storage space. 
  • Be consistent with your folding: The way you fold your towels should depend on where you're storing them. Towels being stored in a larger cabinet may have to be folded a different way than towels being stored on a small shelf. If you use different methods to fold towels that are all going to the same place, you could end up wasting some of your storage space. 
  • Store similar towels together: If you have multiple different sizes and kinds of towels, try to stack those that are similar together. If you start stacking multiple different ones together, your stack will look unorganized and become messy. 
  • Stack your folded towels before storing them away: If you try to stack each of your towels one by one, your stack can become uneven, which can take up more space than it should. You'll want to create your stacks as you fold. After this, you can put away the entire stack at the same time. Now you have a clean and even stack!

By following these steps, you'll save space with your towel folding. You'll also be keeping your towels more organized and neater than before. 

What Influences Towel Folding?

As you venture through the world of towel folding, you'll start to notice that some folding methods don't work for certain towels. Here are the factors that influence how your towel needs to be folded: 

  • Towel sizing: Some methods will work for all towel sizes, but some won't. Though different in size, bath towels and hand towels can be folded using  techniques. But towels used for golf, fitness or yoga are usually made in odd sizes, so you may have to use different folding methods for these types. 
  • Towel type: There are usually different types of towels, depending on what they are used for. Some towels are made thicker and heavier than others. Because of this, you may have to change your fold for each type of towel. 
  • Storage size: It is very important to remember that your storage space plays a large role in the type of fold you use. Study your space to determine whether you need a normal-sized fold or a more compact fold.
  • Towel use: Some people only fold and store towels, but some will have them hanging in a kitchen or bathroom. The way you're planning to use and store the towel will definitely have an influence on the type of fold you use. 

Towel folding may seem like a very simple task, but there are more factors to it than you might think. The above list will give you an idea of what to pay attention to when choosing the towel-folding method you want to use.

Where Do I Fold My Towels?

Most people typically fold towels in their hands, eyeballing the edges to see if they're even. While this method can be easier or quicker, it may not be the best way to fold. 

If you lay your towel out on a flat surface to begin folding, you won't risk dropping it and have to start the fold over again. Folding the towel over a flat surface makes towel folding simple and also gives you free hands to make sure all the edges are lined up for a neat fold. Additionally, free hands will allow you to smooth over each fold. 

Towel Folding Techniques

There are always unexpected tips and techniques to make your everyday life smoother and more convenient, and folding your towels is no exception. 

One of the most important tips you'll want to remember about folding your towels is that you need to find the folding method that works best for you and your storage space. Someone who stores their towels in a cabinet may need to fold their towels differently than someone who stores them on a shelf. To maximize your storage, find the method of folding that works best for you. 

How to Fold Towels Like a Hotel

Hotel towels are usually made of cotton and are thicker than a normal towel because they need to stand up to constant use and washing. If you work in a hotel or use towels similar to those in hotels, check out these steps on how to fold your towels like a hotel. 

  1. Lay your towel on a flat surface. 
  2. Fold a long end toward the middle of the towel. Once finished, fold the other long end toward the middle. 
  3. Fold each of your short ends toward the middle, but make sure you leave a little bit of a gap between these two ends. 
  4. Fold the towel in half. 

With these steps, you are not only saving some space with a compact fold, but also ending up with an elegantly folded towel. 

How to Fold Towels Like a Spa

Spa towels are similar to hotel towels in that they are usually cotton material and made a little thicker because of how often they are used. It's also important that the towels are nice and soft to make sure clients are relaxed. Because of these characteristics, it can be hard to fold spa towels without taking up too much room in your storage area. However, one alternate folding method is to roll the towel instead. Here's how to roll towels to save space. 

  1. Lay your towel on a flat surface. 
  2. Fold one of your corners diagonally to create a point on one end. Make sure that your sides line up evenly. 
  3. Fold your towel in half. You'll want to make sure you fold it lengthwise so that you have one long strip. 
  4. Flip the towel over so that the fold is on the bottom. 
  5. On the side that does not have the point, begin tightly rolling the towel. 
  6. Once you've reached the end of the towel, tuck the point into the roll to keep it from unraveling. 

This technique can also maximize your space because you can easily stack rolled towels into a compact heap, creating room for more towels. 

How to Fold Towels to Hang

Lots of people like to hang towels in their kitchens and bathrooms, whether for drying off after taking a shower or washing their hands or just for decoration. If you've ever looked at one of those towels hanging on a rod in someone's home, you may have thought that the fold looked complicated. It's actually just a few simple steps. 

  1. Lay the towel out on a flat surface. 
  2. Fold the long sides of the towel into the middle. 
  3. Fold the towel in half by the short sides. 
  4. Fold one of the short ends into the center. 

For step four, you may have to play around with where you fold the short end into depending on the size of the towel and how you want it to hang. 

Once you've completed these steps, you have a clean and crisp folded towel. 

How to Fold Beach Towels

Beach towels are usually made larger than normal bath towels — however, you can fold these towels the same way you fold hotel towels. Depending on your beach towels and your storage space, try out each folding method and see which one is going to work best for you. 

How to Fold Bath Towels

There are a few different ways to fold your bath towels. You may find one that works best for you, or maybe you'll like all of them. But you'll need to try out each method on every different size of towel you have to really be sure which one is best. 


The tri-fold is a great fold for saving space, but it is also good for looks. 

  1. Lay the towel on a flat surface. Make sure the tag is facing up. 
  2. Fold your towel in half using the short ends. 
  3. Fold your towel in half again, using the short ends again. You should now have a long, skinny towel. 
  4. Using the short ends again, fold the ends of the towel into the middle. 

You now have a tri-fold towel! This folding method is going to save you the most space with extra-large towels.

Narrow Fold

The narrow fold is best for really tight storage areas. Of the bath towel folding techniques, this technique allows you to fold towels the most compactly. 

  1. Lay the towel on a flat surface. 
  2. Fold the towel in half using the long side. 
  3. Fold the towels in half so that you're aligning the short sides. 
  4. Fold the hemmed side of the towel into the middle of the towel. Then fold the other side over. You'll fold it over the top of the hemmed edge you just folded. 

You now have a very compact towel. If you are trying to really maximize the space you have, try using the narrow fold technique. 

How to Fold Hand Towels

You may worry that folding hand towels is tricky, especially if you're used to folding the larger and thicker towels. But there's no need to worry about how to fold small towels! You can fold your hand towels the same way that you fold your towels. Choose the bath towel fold from the above list that works best for your hand towels. 

Fold Your Towels Like Marie Kondo

If you aren't familiar with Marie Kondo, she is a Japanese organizing consultant, author and TV host known as a tidying expert. Kondo travels around the world, helping people improve their lifestyles by cleaning out their clutter. 

Towel folding technique is part of Kondo's organization expertise. Throughout her course, she also gives towel folding demonstrations. Here is how to fold your towels like Marie Kondo: 

  1. Fold your towel in half, aligning the long edges. 
  2. Fold your towel in half again, but this time, aligning the short edges. 
  3. Fold one short edge of the towel into the middle. 
  4. Fold the remaining edge over the top of the fold you just made in step 3. 

After using this towel folding method, Kondo stands the towel up with the open folds on the bottom. With this compact fold, you can line your towels up and save some storage space. 

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The world of towel folding is more complex than you might've thought. By learning and choosing the right towel folding techniques, you can improve the look and storage space inside your home or business. Towels have tons of different uses, so be sure to choose the best folding technique for your needs. 

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