How to Take a Towel Selfie

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the towel selfie. As the name suggests, it’s a selfie taken when wearing a towel — and sometimes a towel hair turban — that shows off your fresh, happy face for the whole world to see. Towel selfies reflect your confidence and happiness with yourself. Celebrities often post them on Instagram and other social media sites to celebrate their self-worth or encourage others to display their self-confidence. 

While these images look picture-perfect, a bit of work goes into snapping the best towel selfie — even for the stars. Our guide can teach you how to get a photo you’ll be proud to share across the web. 

How to Prepare for a Towel Selfie

As you prep for your towel selfie, you’ll want to keep a few factors in mind. Maybe you want to put on some makeup for a glamorous look. You can also opt for a more natural, fresh face. You should also consider:

  • Location: You can shoot your towel selfie outside, in your bathroom or somewhere else in the house. If you go outside, make sure no one else is around, or it may feel awkward. 
  • Lighting: If you shoot outside, do it during the daytime. Lighting can be tricky at night, and you may get unintentional glare from your shot.
  • Wardrobe: Decide how you want to wear your towel. Many people go with the traditional towel-around-the-chest-and-body look, but some people have fun placing the towel in other strategic positions.
  • Hair: Many people wear their hair in a towel turban for the picture, though it isn’t necessary. If you plan to use a towel turban, make sure you have a nice towel on hand for it.


Taking the Towel Selfie

Once you have figured out the essential elements of your shoot, it’s time to take the picture. You will probably need to take a few before you find the right one. Take selfies from different angles. Once you find a few you like, try reshooting them from slightly different angles. 

You may want to ask a trusted friend’s opinion on the selfies before you post them. See if they have any ideas for how to improve the picture. Take a few more if you’d like, and then post your best towel selfie with pride!

Finding the Right Towel

Of course, a towel selfie won’t work if you have the wrong towel. It needs to be strong enough to stay in place when you tuck it in, but flexible enough to feel comfortable during the photo shoot. Perhaps most importantly, the towel needs to look good on camera. You want one with: 

  • Brilliant coloring, such as a bright white or bold red. 
  • Excellent thickness, so it will look high-quality in the picture.
  • Appropriate length, since you will be sharing the photo for the world to see.


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