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16x19- Blue Stripe Bar Mops 100% Cotton

Blue Stripe Bar Mops Wholesale

Best Deal Bar towels Blue stripe 16x19 100% Cotton Bar mops highly absorbent terry towels used in restaurants for wiping and cleaning purposes. Wholesale towels prices from Towel Supercenter.

Category: Cleaning Towels

Item#: M1619-32BL

Our price: $5.50

Retail Price: $9.99

Dimensions: 16x19

Quality: Economy

Color: Blue Stripe

Weight: 32 oz/doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
10 Dozen $55.00 Total
20 Dozen $105.00 Total
40 Dozen $190.00 Total
60 Dozen $270.00 Total
100 Dozen $425.00 Total

Per dozen price lowers as you buy more

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Phone order: 1-888-664-0951

Additional Information

Buy Wholesale Blue Stripe Bar Towels - Bar Mops for Your Restaurant or Bar

Bar towels have a tough job to perform. Throughout the day, your bartender will take orders for martinis, cocktails, beers and daiquiris. Every day, they’ll work hard to meet your customers' desires for countless beverages and drinks. And unfortunately, while they always intend for the drinks to end up in cups and not on the floor or counter, that doesn’t always work out as planned.

As a part of the beverage and food industry, it’s vital for your business to maintain cleanliness at all times. Why not clean up your daily messes with a little panache and style? You put tremendous effort into maintaining your company's sophisticated and clean image, and your daily accessories should do the same — starting with your towels.

The Perfect Bar and Restaurant Accessory

White hand towels are a kitchen necessity. Whenever there’s a spill, you can never go wrong by grabbing a freshly laundered white hand towel to mop up the mess. What could be better than a standard white hand towel? A bar mop with a striking blue stripe, of course!

Your employees no longer must grab dirty or faded rags to clean up accidental messes or spills. Drape these blue striped bar mops on your counter with style for an added aesthetic. They fit flawlessly into any preexisting décor or color scheme, too. Just stock up on our wholesale blue bar mops and display them near your bar or restaurant's counter for easy access with added style.

Why Buy in Bulk?

Buying blue bar mops in bulk makes sense, whether you run a professional kitchen or like to cook at home. Buy from Towel Super Center and you can enjoy a wide range of bar mops at great wholesale prices without scrimping on quality. As a business owner, you realize how important it is to invest in superior accessories built to last. When you place your order in bulk at Towel Super Center, we’ll provide you with only top of the line towels you can count for continual use without breaking down over time.

If you buy a large number of blue striped bar mops, you’ll always have one on hand, even when a kitchen disaster strikes. Buying in bulk also means your bar mops last longer between reorders, because you keep a large stock. There's no better way to guarantee your kitchen always has the drying accessories it needs than by stocking up on these must-have towels today!

Shop for Your Wholesale Blue Stripe Bar Mops Today

At Towel Super Center, we offer premium quality at hard-to-beat prices. Our vast selection guarantees no matter what your check-list consists of, we're sure to have a towel crafted perfectly for you.

Not sure if our wholesale blue stripe bar mops are the perfect fit for you? No worries! At Towel Super Center, we believe no two customers are alike. That's why we offer a myriad of towels as varied and unique as our clients. For towel shopping made simple, place your order online at Towel Super Center today!

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