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15x25-Grooming White hand towels 100% cotton

Grooming White Hand Towels Wholesale

White hand towels in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels in medium size, made of 100% cotton.Super white Economy towels.

Category: Grooming Towels

Item#: E25

Our price: $7.99

Retail Price: $15.99

Dimensions: 15x25

Quality: Economy

Color: White

Weight: 2.25 Lb/doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
1..9 Dozen $7.99 Per Dozen
10..19 Dozen $7.49 Per Dozen
20..49 Dozen $6.99 Per Dozen
50 and up Dozen $5.99 Per Dozen

Prices listed above are per dozen - Price lowers when you buy more

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Phone order: 1-888-664-0951

Additional Information

Shop for Pet Grooming Hand Towels

Pet owners demand only the best for their furry friends. Make sure your grooming business is delighting them beyond expectations by having a supply of white grooming wholesale hand towels.

One-hundred percent cotton grooming hand towels provide the right size to keep you working all day. Not only are they a perfect 15” by 25” size, but they are priced affordably. Get units of wholesale hand towels at surprisingly low discounts. The more units you need, the less you spend per grooming hand towel.

Make Towel Super Center your grooming business’s partner today! Place an order for these hand towels, as well as other towels and related supplies.

Create an Amazing First Impression With Clientele

Groomers are in a unique position because they not only have to put pets at ease, but they also have to wow the pets’ owners. Start making a lasting positive impression by having all the tools for the job at hand, starting with perfectly-sized grooming hand towels.

Even if you’re a fledgling grooming operation just starting in your area, you can afford to buy your towels from Towel Super Center. Our selection allows you to stock up without overspending. Plus, you never have to sacrifice quality.

Give your customers something to talk — or bark — about! Treat them with pristine grooming hand towels made of soft, luxurious cotton fibers.

Cotton Makes a Perfect Grooming Towel Material

Why is cotton the preferred choice for professional groomers? Several reasons:

  • Absorbent: Cotton mops up liquids consistently and dependably, even when it’s a little damp. You might be surprised at how much moisture pure cotton can hold. This enables you to use fewer towels per grooming session than you otherwise might.
  • Quick-drying: Want a towel that doesn’t want to hold on to wetness? Cotton grooming hand towels release any liquids they’ve absorbed. In addition, they efficiently dry in any home or commercial dryer. You may save money on your utility bills by investing in cotton.
  • Luxuriously Soft: Pets need to be pampered, and so do their groomers. Everyone will appreciate the way cotton feels against skin and fur. Why risk using a scratchy material that sends a questionable message or makes everyone’s day a little tougher? Rely on super-soft cotton instead.
  • Super Durable: You can’t afford to have your towels wear out after just a few uses. Cotton is known for its strength and toughness, allowing you to count on it and ultimately spend less each year on your towel grooming expenses.
  • Odor-resistant: Every groomer knows that unpleasant odors are part and parcel of the grooming task. After all, the only way to lift questionable aromas from pets is by cleaning, scrubbing and drying. Luckily for you, cotton grooming hand towels release odors, leaving them fresh for every task.

Purchase Wholesale Hand Towels

Appearances matter in every industry, and the grooming field is no exception. Be sure that you’re always putting your best image forward and making your duties easier by buying the best wholesale cotton hand towels you can find on the Internet.

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