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16x26 - White Terry Velour Hand Towels 100% Cotton

100% Cotton Wholesale White Terry Velour Hand Towels

Category: Terry-Velour

Item#: G26WH

Our price: $15.99

Retail Price: $29.99

Dimensions: 16x26

Quality: Terry-Velour

Color: White

Weight: 3.2LB/doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
1..9 Dozen $17.99 Per Dozen
10..19 Dozen $16.99 Per Dozen
20 and up Dozen $15.99 Per Dozen

Prices listed above are per dozen - Price lowers when you buy more

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Additional Information

White Terry-Velour Hand Towels

Hand towels are a versatile cloth. They're excellent for restrooms, guest rooms, gyms, salons, spas and several other locations. The trouble is, many wear out fast. Small and large businesses alike must then handle the premature expense of replacing them.

Our white terry-velour hand towels avoid those unexpected expenses. They're quality-made using first-class cotton, which makes them durable. To keep our prices low, we sell them in bulk instead of individually, which helps you save on costs.

Take advantage of our wholesale and discount prices by placing an order for our white hand towels today.

Durable White Hand Towels for Every Business

White hand towels at Towel Super Center are designed to be durable, but also soft and versatile. That means more uses and more satisfaction from your clients.

Learn more about these benefits:

  • Offers multiple applications. Businesses use our white hand towels in various ways. Gyms wipe down machines, while salons dry clients' hands. Hotels place them in guest rooms, and spas hang them in restrooms. The applications vary for our 16" x 26" white terry-velour hand towels.
  • Provides softness. Terry-velour is a soft form of cotton. Guests, especially spas and salons, appreciate the luxury feel of this fabric. Our terry-velour towels feature one side of terry and another of velour. Each provides a feeling of softness that your clients will enjoy. Plus, this fluffiness doesn't leave — even after multiple cycles in the washer and dryer.
  • Absorbs liquids. Towels are expected to absorb liquid better than other materials, like paper towels. Our white hand towels deliver on that expectation. They soak up cleaners, clean up spills or dry hands with ease. If you place one of our towels in your restroom, it can dry numerous pairs of hands, plus the cotton fabric air dries with ease.
  • Features cotton design. Cotton is the core reason why our white terry-velour hand towels are durable. We use high-quality cotton. The dense and long fibers of this cotton prevent fraying and stretching. It also maintains the structure of our hand towels across wash cycles.
  • Resists stains. Use a single, regular wash cycle to remove stains from our white hand towels. Apply bleach or bleach-substitutes to brighten up their white hue. You don't have to worry about causing blotching or an uneven tone by using bleach on our bleach-safe hand towels.

An added benefit of our white terry-velour hand towels is you can request a sample before placing your order.

High-Quality White Hand Towels at Wholesale Prices

If you're a first-time shopper at Towel Super Center, expect fast shipping. We process every order within one business day and use poly bags to lower your shipping rates for you. And if you aren't satisfied with your purchase, we offer a return policy to ensure you're pleased with your final order.

Shop with us today by choosing our white hand towels or selecting another product that meets your exact needs. Check out, and we'll start preparing your order for delivery.


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