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12x12- Premium White Washcloths - 1Lb/doz100% Cotton

Premium 100% Cotton Wholesale White Washcloths

Wholesale white washcloths made of 100% cotton terry cloth size White washcloths 12x12-1Lb/doz(16oz/doz), great for any commercial use or business that needs a wiping cloths bright white and extra soft, highly absorbent.100% cotton

Category: Hotel Towels

Item#: P12

Our price: $5.99

Retail Price: $7.99

Dimensions: 12X12

Quality: Premium

Color: White

Weight: 1 Lb/doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
5 Dozen $29.95 Total
10 Dozen $54.90 Total
25 Dozen $124.75 Total
50 Dozen $212.50 Total
100 Dozen $325.00 Total

Per dozen price lowers as you buy more

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Phone order: 1-888-664-0951

Additional Information

Choose Fluffy, Reliable Wholesale Cotton Premium Washcloths

White washcloths are the basic staple of many bathrooms. Whether you own a hotel, motel, spa or have your own home and no business, white washcloths are an everyday essential. They're an extremely versatile part of any towel set, and they can help you remove makeup, take a shower, wash your face and more.

Buy Premium White Washcloths

Any store lets you purchase inexpensive washcloths in bundles, but there's a reason to buy premium white washcloths instead. If you're going to wash your skin, premium washcloths without dyes can do a gentler job, especially on delicate facial skin. Premium white washcloths also tend to be softer and more absorbent, ensuring better results. Whether you're a makeup artist or simply want something more comfortable at home or for your customers, high-quality white washcloths are a great option.

What to Look for in Cotton Premium Washcloths

When choosing washcloths, look for a good thickness and absorbency. Look for high-grade cotton, which will not irritate the skin or be too abrasive. To ensure convenience, look for quality washcloths that wash easily without falling apart. This is especially important if your washcloths will be used to remove makeup. You want something that can stand up to bleach and heavy washes. The washcloths at Towel Super Center, for example, are made with quality materials, ensuring they always look great.

Where to Place 12 x 12 Premium White Washcloths

Obviously, you'll want to make sure you stock up your lodge, hotel or inn guest rooms and suites with plenty of wholesale white washcloths. However, there are other places in your facility where wholesale white washcloths can be useful:

  • Public Restrooms. Add an air of character and sophistication to your public washrooms by offering wholesale premium washcloths as an alternative to paper towels for hand drying. Many patrons appreciate having this option as an eco-friendlier way to maintain healthy hygienic practices.
  • Pool Areas. Sometimes, a swimmer doesn't need a large towel for a quick break from working out or playing in the pool. That's when a premium white washcloth can be the perfect solution. Put some wholesale white washcloths in prime locations around your hotel pool to encourage their use for small jobs instead of larger towels.
  • Fitness Facilities. You want your guests to get a good workout. When they're perspiring, they deserve a towel to clean off their skin quickly. Sometimes, a premium white washcloth is the ideal solution instead of a hand towel or bath towel.
  • Front Desk. What happens when a spill occurs at the front desk, such as a patron tipping over a coffee cup? A few white washcloths can easily clean up any liquids with no fuss.

Buy Cotton Premium Washcloths Now

If you're ready to order quality washcloths, order from Towel Super Center today. We specialize in towels and washcloths, so you have an incredible array of choices. In addition, our wholesale prices, fast delivery and great service ensure you receive your washcloths quickly.

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