11×18 – Navy Blue Terry Velour Hand Towels 100% Cotton

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Terry velour hand towels made of 100% cotton hemmed on all 4 sides. One side is velour and other side is terry. Used as rally towels, fingertip towels, embroidery and more

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Luxury Awaits With Wholesale Navy Blue Microfiber Towels

What feels better against the skin than a 100-percent cotton towel, fresh from the linen closet or a warm dryer? How about knowing that you didn’t overspend to get this kind of luxury?

Towel Super Center specializes in offering high-quality wholesale navy blue microfiber towels. Our towels aren’t just attractive — they’re dependable, too. You’ll appreciate the plushness of the terry-velour fabric, and you’ll love that they last season after season.

Order as many microfiber towels as you feel you need, always knowing that the more units you purchase, the lower the cost per-towel will be. We’ll ship your purchases right to your door, whether you need blue towels for home or professional purposes.

The Many Uses for Our Wholesale Navy Blue Microfiber Towels

Most people forget how useful having 11” by 18” towels on hand can be. In fact, these towels are perfect for plenty of uses.

1. In the Home

Every full, three-quarter or half bathroom in your house can use a supply of navy blue towels. Yet that isn’t the only place you can use towels residentially. This size of towel is perfect to use by the pool when you want a quick-drying, moisture-wicking towel after a dip. It’s also appropriate to keep a towel or two in the hallway closet. After all, rainstorms can pop up suddenly, and you don’t want to walk through the house drenched!

Many homeowners also keep towels of this size in their garage areas. It’s great to have clean, fresh towels after working on a vehicle or doing yardwork. And don’t forget that adding towels to every car, SUV or truck is a great idea too.

2. In a Business

A majority of businesses regularly need products like these navy blue microfiber towels. Companies that rely on towels to help with their everyday responsibilities include salons, spas, car washes, car detailers, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, health clubs, gyms, country clubs and nail parlors.

Even companies that aren’t client-facing can benefit from adding attractive, soft towels to their powder rooms for employee needs.

Get Easy-to-Clean Microfiber Towels at Wholesale Value for Every Day and Every Need

Why worry that your towels are going to be dirty or stained after a single use? Our wholesale towels come in a very forgiving navy-blue shade. Additionally, they resist holding on to residue and odors thanks to their high-quality cotton fibers.

You can launder your towels from Towel Super Center using the regular wash cycle and your favorite detergent. Avoid using bleaches, as these towels are not bleach resistant. For maximum absorbency, choose a dryer sheet instead of liquid fabric softener.

You shouldn’t ever feel like you don’t have the towel you need for the job at hand. Whether you’re a hairdresser drying off a client’s recently shampooed hair, or you’re a mom toweling off your son after a pool day, you should always be able to rely on your towels.

Order all your towels from Towel Super Center and get our lowest pricing possible. Stretch your budget without compromising on quality or convenience.