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Hand Towels Wholesale-16x27-Economy

Economy White Hand Towels Wholesale

Hand towels wholesale size 16x27-100% cotton in economy grade, for any business looking for affordable hand towels in medium size, made of 100% cotton.Super white Economy towels. Popular with hotels, motels, nursing home, doctors office, beauty salons, barbershops and more. Best Wholesale prices

Category: Sports Towels

Item#: E27

Our price: $7.79

Retail Price: $15.99

Dimensions: 16X27

Quality: Economy

Color: White

Weight: 2.75 Lb/Doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
1..9 Dozen $7.79 Per Dozen
10..19 Dozen $7.25 Per Dozen
20..49 Dozen $6.69 Per Dozen
50 and up Dozen $6.49 Per Dozen

Prices listed above are per dozen - Price lowers when you buy more

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Phone order: 1-866-449-3999

Additional Information

Buy a Supply of Economy White Hand Towels Today

Are you in need of hand towels for your business or residential use? White hand towels are some of the most-needed items, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to stock up.

Our 16” x 27” economy white hand towels are manufactured from 100 percent cotton. This gives you great assurance that you’re getting a luxury product at wholesale prices. Order all the economy cotton hand towels you need today from Towel Super Center and get lowered per-towel prices the more units you order.

Choose White Hand Towels for All the Spaces in Your Home

Although most families and homeowners only consider stocking their bathrooms with wholesale hand towels, they discover other places around their residences where hand towels make sense:

  • In the nursery. Parents love being able to quickly grab an absorbent white hand towel while changing their little ones.
  • In the garage. Have you ever been in need of a towel after a day of gardening or landscaping? Be sure to keep some on hand.
  • In the mudroom. It's called a "mud" room for a reason. Instead of letting dirty paw prints or wet sole marks get you down, wipe them quickly with a wholesale hand towel.
  • In the home gym. Even if you just designate a part of your den as a place to workout, you should equip it with the things you need. This includes white hand towels made from economy-grade fibers and offered at wholesale prices.

Grab Economy Cotton Hand Towels and Enjoy the Natural Benefits

Have you ever wondered why so many people and businesses only buy cotton hand towels? They know that cotton provides plenty of natural advantages as a towel material:

  • Comfort: Cotton fibers tend to be soft to the touch, and they keep getting fluffier over time.
  • Absorbency: Your cotton hand towels will soak up moisture quickly and reliably, thanks to cotton’s well-known thirstiness.
  • Easy-Washing: Cotton has a natural resistance to holding onto stains, making it easier to clean than many other types of fabrics. Plus, it holds its shape even after multiple launderings.
  • Odor-Resistance: In addition to stain-resistance, cotton resists lingering odors. Your economy white hand towels will remain fresh week after week.
  • Quick-Drying: It doesn’t take as long for cotton to dry as it can for other materials. This makes it incredibly useful, and can even help you save money on energy usage.
  • Durability: Cotton fibers that are expertly woven are tough enough to withstand even commercial usage. This helps extend the life of your hand towels and limits how often you have to replenish your supply.
  • Ideal Size: At 16” x 27”, these economy white hand towels are a great fit for home and facility needs.

Stock Up and Save a Bundle With Economy White Hand Towels

Our goal at Towel Super Center is to help you save money while getting exceptional towel products.

Now, you can restore your supply of white hand towels with us and save money in the process. Just choose the towels you need and order online today. We’ll ship your units ASAP so you can start using them right away.


Sunday, 07 July 2019
I washed this product prior to use as directed without bleach. They turned to a dingy clay grey. So disappointed
Karen Boyd

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