Why Use the Best Golf Towels?

Why Use the Best Golf Towels?

What’s the easiest way to anger a golfer? Ask them if golf is a sport. Whether you’re a weekend golfer or play professionally, you know what it takes to experience success. Many would argue that golf isn’t just a sport — it’s the hardest sport and an endurance sport. Golfers are endurance athletes with the strength, power and smarts to accurately tee off, strategize along the fairways and focus on the course.

Golfing is a great challenge, allowing you to channel your highest levels of concentration and strength, which can take its toll on the mind and body. Yet the game demands golfers be at peak concentration for a few hours. Given the great demands of this popular sport, golfers need to rely on the right equipment to support their game. And one of the most important pieces of equipment — and one most often overlooked — is the golf towel.

Read on to learn why golf towels are essential, how the pros use them to improve their game and how you can find the best ones for you.

What Is a Golf Towel?

Golf towels have quite a few uses on the course. You could put them right up there with tees and spikes as some of the most important golf accessories. Whether you want a brightly colored towel, a white one or a caddy towel with a special grommet, hole or a slip in the middle to hang on your bag, golf towels make a must-have addition to any golfer’s bag.

When you think of a golf towel, chances are grommets come to mind. The quintessential golf towel has a grommet in one corner. This grommet allows you to use a bag clip to secure the towel in a convenient spot on the upper portion of your golf bag. You can conveniently attach it and then detach it when you need to use it, change it and wash it.

Some golf towel clips have a swivel mount. You attach the towel in the same way as using a standard clip. The advantage is convenience: You grab the towel and pull it upwards to use it. Dry your hands, clean off your ball or whatever you need. Release it, and it drops right back into position — no unclipping and re-clipping required. Some golfers swear by the swivel mount.

Golf Towel Material

When it comes down to it, the material may not be as vital as it can be machine-washed. Golfers need towels that are easy to wash and endure repeated use for years. As far as golf towel materials, they run the gamut. Mostly, you’ll find the same fiber blends as in other small towels, like hand towels. Other materials include:

  • Cotton: Cotton is a popular choice, whether it’s 100% or a cotton blend. 
  • Microfiber: These blends are one-part nylon and two-part polyester.
  • Polyester: This fiber alone is also a common golf towel material. 

Golf Towel Size

Size varies more than material. You can find golf towels in all sorts of sizes. You’ll find ones slightly larger than a standard handkerchief to those comparable to a standard bath towel. 

Golf Towel Color

Besides size, brands and color are the other two most varied factors. You’ll find towels in every color and towels marked with a logo. Popular colors like navy and black are darker, as these will not easily show mud and debris. You can even get towels personalized for you. Plenty of brands are out there, some touting almost miracle-like results for your game when you use one. Most are looking for a solid golf towel that gets the job done for an affordable price. 

What are Common Golf Towel Styles?

What are Common Golf Towel Styles?

Golf towels come in three distinct styles, each catering to specific needs. Selecting the one to add to your golf bag depends on your preferences and requirements:

  • Caddie towel: This towel’s main feature is convenience, as it usually attaches to your golf bag with a sturdy clip. It is on the larger side to effectively clean clubs and balls during rounds and is ideal for players who prefer a no-nonsense approach to keeping their equipment clean.
  • Two-Sided towel: Taking things up a notch, this towel combines functionality with versatility. It features a soft side with absorbent material for gentle club cleaning and the reverse side with a rougher texture to clean stubborn debris.
  • Multi-Tool towel: A true multi-tasker, this towel integrates useful accessories like brushes and groove cleaners.

What Are Golf Towels Used For?

Sure, your golf bag is chocked full of important golf gear. Balls and golf clubs may be the stars, but did you realize the piece of equipment you use the most is undoubtedly the one that’s hanging off the back of your cart? It’s the humble golf towel. 

Even the USGA recognizes the importance of these lowly pieces of equipment. According to their rules, golfers can wrap a handkerchief or towel around the golf club grip during play. Ask any golfer on the course, and you can bet they have at least one trusty golf towel tucked away in their golf bag or dangling from it.

So, how do pros use golf towels? Most golfers only hit the greens with two, sometimes three, different towels in their bags. It comes down to three uses — cleaning/drying, personal care and cooling.

Golf Towels for Cleaning and Drying

The best golf towels for cleaning and drying are smaller in size and lighter in weight. They usually are made of a super-absorbent microfiber blend, and most have a clip for easy use.

The primary role of this golf towel is to keep your equipment — from golf balls to golf clubs — in peak playing condition. Golf towels take center stage on the course when it’s wet and rainy. When you swing your club, you can get dirt and debris on it. You want to avoid using a dirty club as the dirt and debris could impact the ball’s trajectory from the club. Plus, you don’t want the dirt getting on other clubs in your bag. 

Carrying a towel on the course lets you clean your clubs after every swing. Use this towel to tackle the dirt in your iron’s grooves, buff off grass stains from your golf balls and de-sand your putter. Clip one on your bag or stick it in your pocket for quick access. This also saves you time to clean them all after your round. It only takes a few swipes with the towel to get your club in good condition, and doing it as you walk or ride the course is preferable to letting the dirt sit on the clubs throughout your round.

These can be the hardest-working towels in your bag. Many golfers go through a few a season. By having a few, you can protect your personal-use golf towel. You won’t use your personal towel when your cleaning and drying towel gets too dirty.

The Importance of a Cleaning and Drying Towel

The cleaning and drying towel gives you more than just a polished and clean-looking club — they can positively affect your game. Have you ever played on a wet golf course? It’s not a pleasant experience if you do not have a towel. You can dry off your wet ball and your clubs with a towel, reducing their risk of rusting. Dirty or muddy clubs are not as accurate and result in foul shots. Sure, a club brush or golf tee point can help remove clumps of caked dirt from grooves in your ball or club head, but a damp towel can do the job better.

Before teeing off, wet one end of the towel and place it in a convenient pocket on your golf bag to keep the wet end moist. When you’re nowhere near a ball washer, dampen your golf towel and voila. This lets you clean clubs quickly during play. It thoroughly cleans your equipment, removing harmful dirt and grit that would otherwise wear away grooves and wear down the integrity of your clubface after a while. Post-shot, you can use the dry end to wipe your hands. With the best golf towel, your clubs will have a smooth, polished look.

When you’re playing on a wet course, cleaning and drying towels become even more important. Whether it just rained or you’re fighting early-morning dew, you can use your golf towel to dry off your ball. Between strokes, you can keep your clubs dry, which is key for making complete contact with the ball and not slipping off the clubface, which is essential to the two-stroke. By keeping your clubs and gear dry, you’re also protecting them from rust. And every golfer knows a rusty club is an underperforming club.

When it’s hot out, you sweat. That sweat gets on your golf grip, compromising your hold and form. Some golfers believe wiping the grip on the club with a towel will enhance the grip’s stickiness, allowing them to hold it better. You’ll enjoy a stickier grip and a better overall performance as a result.

Some pro golfers use a golf towel after every shot, regardless of course conditions. It’s an ingrained part of their routine, a step they don’t even realize they are doing. Wiping off the ball and club keeps them clean from even those particles you might not see, such as damaging fertilizers.

Golf Towels for Personal Use

What is a golf towel used for in a personal capacity? When you have golf towels dedicated to cleaning and drying your equipment, you can preserve some towels to use on your person. A Players Towel has similar features to your drying and cleaning towels because it can have dirt, grass stains, pond water, fertilizer and other chemicals. Your personal-use towel, however, needs to be free of all debris and incidentally, personalized sports towels like these make excellent gifts.

A personal-use towel is as important to your golf game as a cleaning/drying towel because it provides you with focus. Your performance will be better if you can focus on the match ahead of you — instead of losing your concentration from being too hot and beads of sweat itching your skin. Keeping distractions to a minimum will give you your best game, including keeping yourself cool and sweat-free. When you’re feeling comfortable, you can take your best shots.

Even though personal-use golf towels aren’t a game requirement, many golfers will argue they are one of the most important components. When the temperatures are soaring, and you’re facing a big game, getting rid of excess sweat will give you the necessary advantage. 

There are plenty of personal-use golf towels out there. While you could use the same towel for personal use as you do for drying and cleaning equipment, you may want to purchase some personal-use towels in a different color. That way, you will get them clear on the course. Caddie towels attach to your bag for added convenience, and the best choice here is one made from absorbent materials.

Instead of a small towel, some golfers prefer super-soft large towels to get the job done. With a larger towel, you can get more coverage. When one part of the towel becomes dirty after wiping your hands, head, arms and face, move to another section. Ultimately, having both a caddy towel and a large or microfiber towel enhances your golf experience, maintaining equipment and personal comfort throughout the game.

A Cooling Towel

Ever see those golfers on the course with a dirty, damp towel wrapped around their necks, staining their shirts as excess water drips everywhere? It could be a better look.

On summer’s hottest days, some golfers get desperate, dampening their dirty personal-use towels — or, worse yet, their equipment cleaning and drying towels — and wrapping them around their necks in an attempt to get and stay cool. Grab a cooling towel for golf, one of the most minor investments that offer the biggest returns on your game.

With the best golf towel made for cooling, you can get cool and stay that way. Often, cooling towels for golf feel like a cloth you’d use to clean the lenses in your glasses. But instead, they’re meant to get wet — and stay that way.

To activate their cooling power, all you need to do is wet it, wring it and then take each end and pull it in a quick snapping motion. This last step is key. You’re giving it airflow by snapping the towel to kick-start the cooling. Within moments, the towel is cool and will stay at this refreshing temperature for at least a few hours.

How does a cooling towel keep you cool? It will regulate the water’s rate to evaporate, providing a prolonged cooling experience. Best of all, it’s easy to re-activate the cooling when the towel gets warmer. Just snap it again — by holding the ends and pulling it apart quickly — and you’ll have a refreshing towel once again. You don’t even need to wet it every time!

When it comes to hot days, cooling towels are a must-have. When you’re cool and comfortable, you’re collected. When you’re collected, you can focus on the challenge at hand. When you can focus, you can get in the zone and do without thinking. The best games are played in the zone, and a golf cooling towel can get you there.

Just keep the cardinal rule of the cooling towel — don’t use a cooling towel to wipe off your golf balls, clubs or other equipment. It’s different from what they’re designed for, and it can ruin the towel’s integrity. You will only get the cooling power you want if you’ve used it for the right reasons.

Using Your Golf Towel for Practice

A successful golf outing begins with the right equipment — and plenty of practice under your belt. Golf towels can provide you with just that! 

Practice Your Yardages 

The best golfers know what each club in their bag can do — they know how far they can hit the ball with each choice. To get that knowledge, you need to practice using your clubs. For example, take one of your clubs — a 5-Iron, for example — and use a full swing. Measure how far you hit the ball. Let’s say you hit it a distance of 230 yards. Now, practice using that 5-Iron to hit that 230 yards consistently.

What’s the easiest way to practice hitting this yardage? Put a golf towel down 230 yards away, then hit your golf ball full swing with that towel in your sights. You want to hit that golf towel the majority of the time. It may take hours and hours and hundreds and hundreds of golf balls, but it can — and should — be done.

Once you know and practice your ideal yardage for each club to perfection, you’ll be in prime shape for the best game in your life. Any pro golfer will tell you that your investment in practice will pay off big time on the course.

Practice Putting Stability

Practice Putting Stability

Refine your putting skills through balancing techniques. You are actively enhancing your core muscles, improving your stability and balance by placing the towel under your feet while you practice putting. This simple hack forces you to engage your core muscles and keep a steady posture, which is crucial for accurate putts. The tactile feedback from the towel creates immediate awareness of any instability so you can adjust and refine your technique more.

This practice strengthens your foundation and trains your body to execute consistent, controlled putts even under pressure. Next time you hit the green, remember your secret weapon — your golf towel — and watch your putting game reach new levels of precision and confidence.

Practice a Softer Pressure Grip

Your bag towel can help you develop a softer grip to enhance your stroke rhythm and fluency. Fold the towel in half and wrap it around your putter’s handle. Grip through the towel, taking note to not grip too tightly. Now that you have less hand and wrist tension, your arms and shoulders are more relaxed, working to add movement as you putt.

Practice Pitching

Grip the towel just like your club, making sure you feel the pressure points. This technique will help train your muscle memory and build a solid grip. Practice your takeaway with the towel, keeping your wrists aligned to promote a straighter backswing. Keep tension on the towel through your downswing and follow through consistently. This hack can help to refine your technique for a more precise shot game by elevating your pitching skills.

How to Carry a Golf Towel

When carrying golf towels, efficiency is key. Attach a sturdy carabiner to your bag or belt loop for easy access. Hang the caddy towel on the carabiner, ensuring it does not obstruct club access. 

You can hang your towels on a ring or hook near the top of your bag for easy access. Today’s golf bags offer these rings or hooks as standard features for this particular use. Consider having a spot for two towels — wet and dry. Hang your wet one on the hook and tuck the dry one in the bag compartment. You can grab a damp towel and wipe your club or ball when cleaning off your equipment. Then, buff the dry towel to a polished, dry shine.

What to Look for in the Best Golf Towels

For a successful golf outing, you need the right equipment. Professional and recreational golfers alike understand how important having the best equipment is. That’s why the average golfer spends up to $2,000 on golf each year, and the right golf towel can make a huge difference in your success on the course.

Even those weekend golfers who don’t have the professional backing to buy top-of-the-line, best-of-the-best equipment want to find the best golf towels. After all, they’re one piece of equipment that can make a huge difference. Every golfer wants the best golf towel they can find. So, how do you find the best golf towels for you? 

What to Look for in the Best Golf Towels

Before you buy your next golf towel, consider the following factors:

  • Absorbency: One of the most frustrating experiences on the course is a golf towel that doesn’t absorb moisture quickly. A towel that lets the water run off is completely useless. Make sure the towel you buy is made of an absorbent material. Look for 100% cotton or a microfiber waffle-weave construction. Absorbency is key when it comes to cleaning and drying towels for equipment and personal-use towels.
  • Cleaning Ability: If you’re looking for a towel with amazing cleaning ability, choose microfiber. Compared to cotton, microfiber is the clear winner regarding cleaning ability. A microfiber towel can act as a magnet for dirt. Best of all, this hard-hitting, dirt-busting material is gentle. You can use it on your expensive clubs and balls without fear. It removes the dirt without leaving a scratch, no matter the surface. Whether it’s plastic, glass, chrome or any other delicate surface, it gets the job done without leaving a mark. Upgrade to a microfiber towel if your regular towel smudges dirt and requires a lot of elbow grease.
  • Convenience: The best golf towels are easy to access. That means they need a simple golf towel clip to push open and close. If you spend any amount of time on the course lining up your golf towel clip to shut it, you’re doing it wrong. Spend a few bucks on clips that use today’s technology, and you’ll save yourself the hassle, inconvenience and focus-losing moments that a bad towel clip causes. Get a swivel towel clip if you always want to have your towel attached to your golf bag. Just grab, pull and release when you’re done.
  • Feel: The feel is most important for your personal-use golf towels. When you put it up to your face, you want it to be soft and wicking. You don’t want it to be slick. When it comes to personal-use towels, cotton is your best bet. It feels much nicer against the skin than microfiber. That’s why most golfers hit the course with a cotton golf towel for personal use and a couple of microfiber ones for cleaning and drying equipment.
  • Size: Size comes down to how you plan on using your towel. You can get away with a smaller golf towel for those relaxed games in moderate weather. On more challenging courses and in hotter weather, you’ll want a larger towel that’s super absorbent. Since you base size on your needs for that particular day, buying a range of sizes is best. You’ll always have the right size on hand!
  • Price: You’ll find the best golf towels that do the job right here.

Get the Best Golf Towels At Competitive Prices

Wholesale golf towels are a good choice for individuals and businesses alike. Having a stack of golf towels at your disposal, because you use two or three towels every time you play, guarantees savings at the point of purchase and ensures you have another golf essential ready. Buying golf towels in bulk helps you protect players’ gear and clothing on and off the green.

At Towel Super Center, we make getting the best golf towels easy without dropping a lot of cash. Get towels for your next round of golf, and buy some for the rest of your foursome, too. We offer wholesale pricing on golf towels, so the more you purchase, the less each one costs. Check out our large selection of golf towels and stock up on these game-changing essentials today!

Get the Best Golf Towels At Competitive Prices

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