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15x18 Bar Mops


Item#: M1518-20R

Our Price: $2.89

Best price Bar Towels 15x18- 20 oz/doz 100% Cotton all white are highly absorbent terry towels used...

For restaurants, diners, bars and other businesses, our 15x18 bar mops are a great option. Towel Super Center lets you order absorbent 15x18 towels that stand up to multiple washings and keep your bars and tables looking great. These towels are the perfect size for cleanups in a busy restaurant or bar. They're small enough for servers to carry with them but big enough to absorb spills easily.

Our towels are absorbent enough to clean up big messes and soft enough to look great. If you want to operate your business smoothly and efficiently and give your bartenders the option of wiping down spills fast, turn to Towel Super Center for low prices on bar mops. We make it easy and affordable to order in bulk, ensuring you always have enough mops on hand for whatever happens.

Our Bar Mops

Towel Super Center bar towels are:

  • Affordable. Towel Super Center offers wholesale, discount prices on all our bar mops and towels. In fact, when you buy in bulk, you can save even more. We're even thinking of your savings when we send your order. We pack down our bar towels tightly, ensuring you save on shipping. Our low prices help keep your restaurant or bar looking pristine, day after day.
  • Durable. Our towels need to be extra-durable and need to keep working. These aren't towels that are designed just to look great on a rack. These are working towels. Our towels are closely knit from high-quality materials, so even with heavy washing and bleaching, they'll stand up well and stay looking great so you can always grab a handful of towels wipe up messes.
  • Absorbent. Bar mop towels need to be able to absorb lots of liquid, whether someone has spilled a single glass or an entire pitcher. Our absorbent bar mops wipe up big spills quickly and easily, helping you create cleanliness in your environment. Our towels also make it easier for your staff to clean up fast with fewer towels, meaning they can get back to work quickly.
  • Convenience. When you're running a busy bar or restaurant, you don't have time to run all over town getting bar towels. We allow you to order securely online at any time of the day or night and we ship right to your door with UPS. Just unpack your order, wash and dry your towels and start putting your new bar mops into use.

It can be tough to find towels that are affordable and offer great quality. At Towel Super Center, we work hard to offer you the best value possible by giving you more. We combine affordable bar mops with absorbency, high-quality materials, durability and more. Order today to experience our service for yourself. We also offer tiered pricing based on what you need and how much you buy.

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