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Buy Your Wholesale Fingertip Towels From the Specialists at Towel Super Center

The fingertip towel never goes out of style! Although these stylish towels initially became popular during another era, they still add a touch of sophistication to any environment. And for that reason, the fingertip towel is making a huge comeback in the homes and businesses of people who are looking to make a stylish statement.

Fingertip Towels

Item#: F18CL

Our Price: $9.99

Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events. One...

Item#: F18LG

Our Price: $9.99

LIME GREEN Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18RB

Our Price: $9.99

Royal blue Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18HG

Our Price: $9.99

Wholesale Hunter green Fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18WH

Our Price: $8.99

White Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18BK

Our Price: $9.99

Black Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18CL-GMT

Our Price: $13.99

Terry Velour Fingertip towels with corner grommet so you can hang these towels anywhere you like,...

Item#: F18CG

Our Price: $9.99

Charcoal grey Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for...

Item#: F18RD

Our Price: $9.99

Red Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events....

Item#: F18DB

Our Price: $9.99

Wholesale fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events. One...

Item#: F18HP

Our Price: $9.99

Wholesale fingertip towels Hot pink made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18SG

Our Price: $9.99

Wholesale Fingertip towels silver made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events....

Item#: F18OR

Our Price: $9.99

Wholesale Orange Fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events....

Item#: F18NB

Our Price: $9.99

Navy blue Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Today, you can see fingertip towels in a wide variety of places, including businesses like hotels, spas, country clubs, formal restaurants, gyms and embroidery shops or even sporting events or the bathrooms and kitchens of residential homes. Solid Fingertip towels can be purely decorative or used for utilitarian purposes. So, don't feel restricted in how you can put your wholesale fingertip towels to work for you — the sky's the limit.

Fingertip towels have many purposes.

However, not every fingertip towel is of equal value. Some are better than others, like the high-quality, amazingly soft selection of fingertip towels available at Towel Super Center. If you are looking to add a stylish touch to your home or business, consider purchasing a stock of wholesale fingertip towels. These towels, with their understated elegance, make an impactful statement without you having to say a word.

What Are Fingertip Towels?

But what are fingertip towels? Do they still have a purpose in the modern homes and businesses of today? Many consider fingertip towels a relic of the past, something akin to the salad fork — still around, but rarely used. But the fingertip towel has tons of uses for homes and businesses, both as a decorative feature and for practical jobs around your place.

These towels first came in vogue more than 100 years ago at hoity-toity restaurants. These establishments featured finger bowls filled with water in which diners could rinse their fingertips after their meal. But to dry them, they needed a dainty towel specifically designed just for fingers. Thus, the fingertip towel was born. It soon became an elegant feature at many upper-crust dinner parties. Home tables started featuring finger bowls and their towel counterparts.

What distinguishes the fingertip towel is its size — smaller than a hand towel, but larger than a standard washcloth. They are the perfect size for drying fingers in any environment. Most fingertip towels are rectangular, and today, they're primarily ornamental in homes or businesses. However, they also are the perfect size for more functional purposes in bathrooms and kitchens.

When displaying these specialized and versatile towels, you have several different options:

  • Elegantly draped over coordinating bath towels or hand towels for added formality
  • Hung on a petite towel rack
  • Laid on the countertop next to the sink as a handy way for guests to quickly dry their hands
  • Specially folded over a hand towel or somewhere in the bathroom as an added decorative feature
  • Hung from a hook, like on a golf bag or next to a kitchen counter
  • Rolled and placed in a bowl or basket with other fingertip towels so guests can use a fresh towel after each wash

The best thing about fingertip towels is they are perfect for any environment, both formal and informal. They come in a variety of colors and are generally made out of absorbent cotton or cotton blend, which means they are incredibly versatile in what jobs they can do. However, fingertip towels are also easy to embroider and decorate to add an elegant touch to any space. Looking for a way to give your guest bathroom or kitchen a little more holiday spirit? Themed fingertip towels are excellent for any occasion. You can add decorative elements and trim to them yourself, or ask a professional designer for help.

Fingertip towels solve a wide range of problems

Benefits of Fingertip Towels

From smaller bathrooms to elegant dinner parties, fingertip towels solve a wide range of problems! Because of their size, fingertip towels fill the void for those who need something smaller than a bulky hand towel. Once you purchase your own set of wholesale fingertip towels, you'll quickly learn to appreciate the versatile benefits these pint-sized towels have to offer.

  • Small spaces: Many guest bathrooms and even some businesses' bathrooms are, to put it bluntly, tiny. There's barely enough room for the sink, toilet and occupant, let alone any decorative features you may want to include. Fingertip towels are perfect for these small spaces. Hand towels tend to be too bulky, and may make the area feel smaller than it is. With fingertip towels, you can still allow your guests to dry their hands without taking up valuable counter space.
  • Single-bathroom homes: If you have a one-bathroom home, you don't necessarily want your guests using your bath towel to dry their hands. Since fingertip towels don't take up much room, you can free up space on your towel rack by including these smaller versions.
  • Unspoken welcome: When you have houseguests or customers, they will love finding little touches around your home or business designed to make them feel welcomed. Roll up a fingertip towel or two on your counter to welcome your guests with an elegant and practical touch.
  • Formal dinner parties: Bring back the original use of the fingertip towel by including a finger bowl at your next formal dinner party. Especially for messy meals, like crabs, lobsters and clambakes, your guests will appreciate having a place to rinse their fingers and then dry them on a nearby fingertip towel. Not only is this an elegant and thoughtful touch, but you're also keeping a fun tradition alive.
  • Give the gift of warmth: One of the things first-class flights are known for are heated towels guests can place over their faces. Why should that be an exclusively in-flight tradition? Warm your fingertip towels for your customers or guests as a thoughtful way to welcome them. Especially if they've traveled a long way, they'll appreciate this added touch of consideration.
  • Instant decor: Fingertip towels are easy to decorate, and there's no end to the creative touches you can add. In fact, by purchasing your fingertip towels wholesale, you can have a different design for every holiday and occasion.
  • Thoughtful gifts: A decorative fingertip towel is a perfect gift for many different occasions. If you're attending a housewarming or bridal shower, monogrammed fingertip towels are a great addition to any new home. And, when you want your customers to remember their time at your business, you can send them off with lovely fingertip towels you have designed.
  • Add sophistication to any space: Fingertip towels don't just have to stay in the bathroom. No matter what use you can think of, they can fill that need, whether it's in the powder room, dining room, kitchen or anyplace you see fit within your home or business.
  • General utility in the kitchen: Because of their convenient size, fingertip towels are perfect for general kitchen use. Some are specifically designed to meet the utilitarian needs of this space, made from a thinner material or even featuring loops that wrap around the refrigerator door. From drying dishes to wiping counters, fingertip towels are easier to use in the kitchen over larger and bulkier hand towels.

These are just a few of the advantages fingertip towels can bring to any home or business. However, this shouldn't limit you. You’ll be amazed at the many uses you’ll find for these surprisingly versatile towels!

How Your Business Can Use Fingertip Towels

Fingertip towels have a multitude of uses for your business. Whether you own a restaurant, spa, inn or another workplace that could do with a little sophistication, fingertip towels are the perfect addition. When a hand towel is just too big, or you prefer the delicate look of a white fingertip towel for a formal setting, Towel Super Center is here to help. Here are just some of the uses you can find for fingertip towels at your business.


Any busy kitchen can benefit from having a multitude of these versatile towels on hand. They're gentle enough to handle delicate jobs, like drying crystal or fancy china. But they are also hardy enough to handle tough tasks, like wiping down counters, tables and floors. Fingertip towels are even useful for practical purposes like having a towel small enough to tuck into a chef's belt, so they have something to wipe their brow if they break a sweat.

Fingertip towels are perfect for delicate jobs.

Hotels and Inns

Monogrammed fingertip towels are the perfect addition to any hotel or inn. It's a great way to showcase your logo. Plus, if guests enjoy their stay, they may want to purchase a fingertip towel from your gift shop as a souvenir.

Country Clubs and Golf Courses

For an upscale touch, keep fingertip towels handy for your guests instead of paper towels or hand dryers. Although this will require extra laundering, these soft additions will give a sophistication you seldom find nowadays. Golfers can also hang fingertip towels from their bags for wiping equipment and drying off golf balls.


Hand towels are a little too large for carrying around the gym. Your patrons will appreciate a smaller, more discreet option in fingertip towels. These are easy to tote and simple to hang over equipment as gym members continue their workouts.

Different Types of Weaves

Depending on what type of job you have planned for your fingertip towel, you may want to consider the best weave for the job. The material will influence what a towel's primary function can be. Here are a few different weaves that are common in the world of towels.

  • Terry: This universal towel material has large thread loops which make it highly absorbent, perfect for everyday use.
  • Velour: This weave also has large thread loops, like terry. However, the loops are sheared to give them a soft, plushy feel, which makes velour slightly less absorbent. The material is better for blotting, rather than rubbing.

Waffle weave is more practical for wiping up food and debris.

  • Waffle: This weave earned its name from the small squares formed into the material. Although somewhat rough, it's better for more practical jobs like drying the dishes or wiping up food and debris.
  • Jacquard: An intricate design is directly woven into this material, making it very strong and resilient, able to withstand heavy-duty jobs.

Blank Fingertip Towels

You can purchase embroidered towels or fingertip towels customized with your logo. Another option is to buy blank fingertip towels and then have your logo screen-printed or embroidered on afterward. By buying wholesale blank towels and then having your logo, monogram or message printed on, you enjoy many benefits:

  • You save money. It often costs less to buy blank wholesale fingertip towels and then get them printed or embroidered on your own. Services offering both the towels and embroidery tend to charge a premium price. You also can save money by shopping around for the best deals on both the printing and the towels separately. Or, you can personalize your towels on your own, saving even more.
  • You can look for quality details. Shop around for the highest-quality towels for your needs. Then, keep searching for the best printing and embroidery. The result? Highest-quality fingertip towels. When you buy towels and services separately, you stay in control of every step and you don’t have to compromise on quality.
  • You get more customization. You get more options when you choose to buy blank fingertip towels. They’re essentially a blank canvas. You can include a small monogram, a large print or anything else you like. You can also shop around to find the printing or embroidery technology to give you the effect you want.
  • You'll be able to choose the number of towels you need. When you buy blank fingertip towels, you can select the exact color and amount of fingertip towels you want. When you buy your towels and get them printed by the same supplier, there are usually a limited number of options in terms of towel color, quantity and the types of printing services you can select.
  • You can mix and match fingertip towels. Maybe you want embroidery on some towels and printing on others. Perhaps you want different colors of towels. Some businesses want monograms or logos only on some of their towels. When you buy blank fingertip towels, you’re in charge. You can print or embroider as many or as few of the towels as you like. You can mix up the colors, designs, marketing messages and logos you use.
  • You can choose unique fingertip towels for different areas of your business. If you use lots of fingertip towels, you may not want them to look all the same. If your company has multiple departments or branches, you can create different fingertip towels for each one so you can keep them separated.
  • You can DIY your towels. If you buy wholesale fingertip towels, you don’t have to go to a large printing or embroidery service to customize them. You can save money and ensure you're getting exactly what you want by embroidering or printing your own. This benefit can be especially useful if you have a small business or a tight budget. Even if you use lots of fingertip towels, you can embroider or print some and keep some blank to create a polished, branded look without breaking the bank. 

What to Know About the Wholesale Fingertip Towels at Towel Super Center

Our selection of fingertip towels includes bright white as well as bold colors perfect for enhancing your décor or serving a practical function in your home or business. Towel Super Center offers a wide selection of fingertip towels for your consideration. You’ll love the pure cotton construction that stays absorbent and fluffy after every wash. Tight stitching and dense looping set our fingertip towels apart from the rest! Wash your towels again and again — they’ll keep their shape and color.

When you need to order more, come back to Towel Super Center. We make this classic style a standard selection. It’s easy to see why restaurants, hotels, salons, spas and other businesses turn to Towel Super Center for great prices on high-quality towels.

High-Quality and Wholesale Prices on Fingertip Towels

At Towel Super Center, we have a selection of wholesale fingertip towels with luxury traits. Although your price remains incredibly low, you’ll still get all the attributes you deserve, including the following.

  • Quality construction: We offer terry and velour finger towels at wholesale prices, and we use only the finest materials to make our towels. That keeps them looking great and holding up wash after wash.
  • Visual appeal: Not only do we offer plain white fingertip towels, but we also have an array of solid-color fingertip towels. The ability to match any decor adds to the attraction of the towels.
  • Softness: All the wholesale fingertip towels at Towel Super Center are amazingly soft. Thanks to the velour and terry, they feel incredible against even the most sensitive skin.
  • Absorbency: What good is a fingertip towel if it doesn’t mop up liquids quickly and efficiently? Our fingertip towels are definitely as absorbent as they come!
  • Appropriately sized: A fingertip towel that is too small is disappointing. On the other hand, a fingertip towel that’s too large is a waste. That’s why we have a few perfect sizes to meet the finger towel dimensions that are ideal for any individual’s needs.
  • Versatile: You may want to hang your fingertip towels to save space. If that’s the case, we have a line that’s available with grommets. These are ideal for numerous uses, including embroidery.
  • Washable: We have created our fingertip towels to give up spots, stains and odors during a regular wash cycle. If they become incredibly soiled, you may need to wash them twice. However, for most normal wear, one cycle will do.

Fingertip towels can be washed on the regular cycle.

Order Your Fingertip Towels Today From Towel Super Center

When it comes to finger towels, you’ll never spend too much when you order them at wholesale prices from our online store. Pick the right towel, and we will deliver it to your door quickly.

Don’t forget to order other towels from Towel Super Center as well! We have the best supply of wholesale towels for every business or home. Browse our selection today — we know you’ll be impressed by the items we offer.

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