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Find Durable Grooming Towels in Bulk

As a busy groomer, you need a reliable set of tools to be as professional and efficient as you can. Having the best collection of grooming supplies allows your clients to see the comfort and safety your salon provides, and your staff will be immensely grateful for the quality equipment you provide.

Of course, your grooming toolbelt needs to include the best set of pet towels you can find — and a large set of them at that. These dog towels have to be absorbent, easily cleaned, durable and inexpensive, too, for you to be the groomer that sees your clients coming back again and again.

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Item#: E44

Our Price: $14.99

Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

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Our Price: $15.99

100% cotton Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) with blue stripe in economy grade optical white can easily be...

Item#: E48

Our Price: $19.99

Bath Towels 24X48(8Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

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Our Price: $24.99

Bath Towels 24X50(10Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

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White hand towels 16x27 in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels in medium...

Item#: E25

Our Price: $5.49

White hand towels in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels in medium size,...

Item#: E40

Our Price: $12.99

Bath Towels 20X40(5Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Why Is It Important to Have the Best Dog Towels?

If you have much experience with your clients at all, you know that excellent pet grooming is all about the details. Not only is yours a craft that requires unique skills and knowledge of a variety of subjects, but you also have to exhibit the best customer service toward both the humans you work with and the dogs themselves. If everyone feels like you and your tools are meeting their needs, you'll run a successful business.

Investing in a great set of quality towels for dog grooming has considerable advantages, including that they:

  • Act as absorbent table toppers: Slick, wet surfaces make for poor workspaces — and potentially unsafe ones too. Consider how helpful it is to have dry towels to lay across your grooming counter and catch any excess water, preventing puddles and slipperiness that could slow your job down.
  • Help you think and act fast: Keeping sufficient dry towels on hand will allow you to replace the old ones faster, in case one falls onto the hair-dusted floor or soaks through more quickly than you anticipated. Having a spare makes you much more prepared!
  • Calm nervous dogs: Wrapping your groomee up in a large bath towel for a few post-bath minutes can help keep the pup relaxed and subdued, making the rest of the grooming process much more efficient.
  • Speed up the dry: Unsurprisingly, drying can be one of the most challenging parts of grooming, especially when dogs have tons of fur or when they respond negatively to loud electric dryers. Towels that absorb well, such as the terrycloth 100 percent cotton towels we provide at Towel Super Center, will get the drying process underway much more quickly and help you get rid of excess water that could slow down the rest of the groom.
Speed up the drying time


At Towel Super Center, we've seen first-hand how offering quality dog grooming towels at wholesale prices to groomers like yourself allows them to be more efficient. Imagine just how beneficial it is to provide the best customer service and the best workplace experience to those you work with.

How Can Pet Towels Help With Customer Service?

Taking good care of your clients is all about being prepared for the needs that arise and having a good system to solve problems. Making sure the right tools are available can help you achieve both of these goals. Having the proper towels for drying off your clients' pets — and having enough of them on hand — can help you prevent customer problems in the following ways:

  • Lowering stress: Is there anything more heartbreaking than a tense animal whom you're trying to groom? Dogs can be uncooperative and nervous when experiencing stress, and it can even affect their behavior once they get home, which might raise some concerns with your customer. One of the factors that can cause a dog's stress is the drying process. Dogs, with their keen sense of hearing, can be terrified of loud blow dryers, so having highly absorbent towels will help you step in with an extra rub-down to ease them into the drying phase.
  • Getting the job done faster: If you use towels that are low in absorbency, chances are, it's taking a long time to dry all the fur you have to deal with on a daily basis. Customers respond well to quick and efficient service, and each step of the grooming process can be expedited with the right tools.
  • Looking professional and prepared: We've all seen unorganized workplaces and had doubts about the service the place would provide. Your salon, however, will be the opposite of unorganized with plenty of dry, absorbent dog drying towels to go around. First-time visitors will see your preparedness and know that you value quality in your work.

As your clients come through the door, they'll be floored by how well you take care of their pets. And the pets will leave your salon feeling refreshed and energized, and will likely come back for another visit! Ease is one of the top reasons people become repeat customers, and returning an easy animal who has been well taken care of could make all the difference for repeat business.

How Can the Right Dog Drying Towels Make for a Better Workplace Environment?

You as the groomer and your staff who work alongside you will gain an enormous advantage by having the right amount of good pet towels. The type of equipment you provide is part of being a good manager of your salon, and everyone will thank you for keeping the crew well-prepared. Consider the following benefits:

  • Happy customers: Sometimes, when customers are highly satisfied with your care and service, the morale of the whole workplace improves in turn. Repeat customers who love to talk about how happy your grooming makes them leave everyone feeling much more passionate about the excellent work you do. Part of what allows you to do your best work, as addressed above, is having the best supplies on hand.
  • Speedy work: Being able to provide quick and efficient service makes anyone feel like a winner, and having the best tools available, including towels, can lead to a much more success-driven environment. Absorbent, high-quality towels will prevent unnecessary delays in the grooming process caused by inadequate drying supplies, which is bound to improve any groomer's mood and make for a better work atmosphere.
  • Aesthetic touch: Your dog grooming towels can come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your style, which can improve the visual appeal of your workspace immensely. Your towels are material you can feel free to have fun with, in addition to enjoying the fullness of their functionality.
Choose colors based on the aesthetic feel.

What to Look for in Your Dog Drying Towels

Investing in good, quality dog towels pays off in the long run. When you're shopping around for the best towels for dog grooming, keep the following qualities in mind to ensure the best pick. The best dog towels will have:

  • Design with you in mind: Our bulk towels, for example, are designed uniquely for groomers like you. Not every provider will know the specific needs your industry has to deal with and give you the best product accordingly.
  • Quick absorption: The right materials can make a huge difference in the absorbency of your towels. Consider looking for a pure-cotton construction, dense looping and longer fibers to make absorbing water fast and easy! Pet towels from Towel Super Center will help you fly through your grooming projects at a much faster rate.
  • Fast drying: Designing with groomers like you in mind has made us aware of your constant need for dry towels. How many times a day do you do laundry, and how much time are you wasting by running your towels through the dryer over and over? With lightweight grooming towels like the ones here from Towel Super Center, washing and drying linens just got faster. We're here to help you save money on water and electricity and avoid buying too many towels. Instead of splurging for extras, just use fast-drying ones like ours!
  • Enhanced durability: At Towel Super Center, tight stitching and dense looping mean our dog grooming towels withstand wash after wash. When the towels you use are extra durable, you will avoid the unwanted fraying that often leads people to replace their towels sooner. Follow our easy-care laundry tips, and your towels will stay fluffy and odor-free even longer.
  • Multi-purpose and effective nature: The best towels, of course, are versatile. They’re perfect for cleaning dirty surfaces and mopping up water and soap from the floor, keeping your clients' pups and your workspace dry and safe.

Your supplies, especially your towels, can have a huge effect on your business, so you want to make sure you find the best ones. The dog grooming towels we offer at Towel Super Center have all these great qualities and more.

As an industry favorite, we also provide you with the best tips for preserving the life of your towels for as long as possible.

Ensuring Your Grooming Towels Won’t Wear Out

When it comes to finding inexpensive grooming towels that you can count on through repeated washings, Towel Super Center is your home for wholesale prices. The best products, of course, deserve the best care. We can help with that.

Towel maintenance is all about laundering and storing correctly.


You can prolong the lifespan of your towels and fully take advantage of their increased durability in many ways. For the most part, towel maintenance is all about laundering and storing correctly. The cost of towels and linens can be a burden if you find yourself having to replace them over and over again. Avoid those expenses by following the best washing tips and preventing the accidental ruining of your dog drying towels. Here are some details.

Follow Proper Washing Techniques

Towels have to be washed differently and separately from other types of laundry. The best washing tips for towels include following instructions on the label, using the right cycle setting and knowing the perfect water temperature for their color. You may be accustomed to using too much detergent for your towels, which can leave them smelling musty.

Additionally, fabric softeners are a no-go, as they keep soap from reaching and cleaning the towel fibers. Substitute softeners with white vinegar in the wash or tennis balls in the dryer to keep your towels fluffy and soft. Cotton towels like the ones you'll find at Towel Super Center can be treated with bleach as well without hurting their durability.

Dry Your Towels Effectively

Drying towels with low to medium heat will help protect the fabric after multiple cycles. If you want to keep your towels fluffy without damaging them, make sure you avoid over-drying them and using dryer sheets. Instead, use dryer balls to add that softening effect. Once the towels are dry, remove them promptly. If space permits, consider air drying or line drying your towels to keep them looking brand-new.

Handle Your Towels With Care

While washing and drying will have a tremendous effect on your towels' longevity, there are a few additional ways to take good care of them. For instance, shake them out before moving them to the dryer and before folding them. Doing so will put some air between the fibers. Wash your work towels after each use, which can help them last longer. Rotate them regularly to allow occasional rest.

Throw out towels once that smell of stubborn mildew sets in to keep the remainder of your loads fresh, and make sure your towels are thoroughly dry before folding them.

What to Expect From Your Quality Dog Grooming Towels at Towel Super Center

At Towel Super Center, we understand the specific needs of grooming business owners who want durable towels for cleaning, drying and playing. We know you're looking for products that will get the job done and that are priced for maximum budget efficiency, so here are the exact specs of our special bulk towels made especially for you:

  • Materials: Our selection of bulk pet towels includes terrycloth in 100 percent cotton. Because of its plushness, cotton is the material in the highest demand in the towel industry. Synthetic materials simply cannot compare with its soft exterior and natural odor resistance.
  • Sizing options: The bath towels we provide for dog grooming are made with 20x40, 22x44, 24x48 and 24x50 sizing to fit the numerous breeds you will encounter throughout your day. The generous surface area of these towel sizes allows for layers of wrapping and soaking, which will keep you and the pups you serve delighted. Additionally, we offer a couple of business-specific hand towel size varieties for you and your staff to enjoy.
  • Special design: Your daily work involves heavy-duty drying, which can put your towels through the wringer. Our bulk towels for groomers come in sparkling white, making them entirely safe to treat with bleach when necessary. They're hemmed on all four sides to protect them from fraying at the ends. And, of course, for the constant washing you do, the design of these towels will ensure they have a long lifespan — especially when you follow the easy steps for proper care and maintenance.
Our sparkling white towels are entirely safe to be treated with bleach.


When the time does come to buy new dog grooming towels for your business, consider browsing the Towel Super Center online catalog, where you'll be able to view our vast selection of linens. Work with our customer support staff for attentive service, and learn about our shipping and generous return policies. Not only do our towels have the best qualities, but you can also find the right towels for your salon at affordable, bulk prices.

Buying Your Pet Towels in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

As a smart business owner, you aren’t interested in spending more than you have to on necessities like your grooming towels. There is so much more to the business you run, and it makes sense to preserve your finances for the most important things. However, you likely have the foresight and wisdom to know that buying a cheaply made, low-quality product means you’ll have to replace it that much sooner.

Believe us — we get it. At Towel Super Center, we pride ourselves on finding perfectly priced products that will stand up to multiple rounds of washing and constant heavy-duty use for your daily business activities. That means you won’t ever have to sacrifice the quality of your towels for a reasonable price — or sacrifice your finances for high, durable quality.

Buying wholesale can help save big.


In short, the prices you find at Towel Super Center will not disappoint you. When you buy grooming towels in bulk quantities, you can expect to save big. Not only that, but our sourcing team also works to find the best products at the most reasonable prices, and we gladly pass those savings on to you. We even compress our towels to save you money on shipping fees! We know that every penny makes a difference, so allow us to create some extra savings on your behalf.

Expect Towel Super Center to Give You the Best Deal on Dog Towels

Being well-equipped for your business is one thing, but getting your equipment at a steal is even better. You will love our grooming towels because of the way they will help you get the job done fast. You know that they’re durable. You can expect to wash and use your dog grooming towels again and again because they'll retain their shape. You'll see how they dry quickly. Plus, they come in a range of colors for you to choose from.

But best of all, our wholesale pet towels are affordable! Thanks to the era of e-commerce, you're always just a few clicks away from having a new set of towels and linens headed in your direction. Once that package of fresh grooming towels arrives at your doorstep, you'll discover just how beneficial it is to entrust Towel Super Center with all your dog towel needs.

Still need convincing? Feel free to explore our huge selection, compare our prices and see for yourself why we’re the top choice of cost-conscious business owners everywhere.

Get Your Next Set of Wholesale Grooming Towels at Towel Super Center

Take advantage of wholesale pricing and convenience, whether you need grooming towels in bulk quantities for work — or even premium bed sheets, bath mats or hand towels for your home. At Towel Super Center, we have the linens you want with the quality and value you deserve. Make Towel Super Center your home for wholesale grooming towels today!

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