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27x54 Towels


Item#: P54

Our Price: $50.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 27x54(14Lb/doz) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there...

Item#: D54

Our Price: $74.99

Wholesale cotton Bath Towels 27x54(15Lbs/doz) PremiuM-PLUS grade optical white can easily be used...

For your home bathroom, gym, sports team, salon, spa, fitness center or other business, large 27x54 towels are a must. Towel Super Center understands that and delivers the towels you need in the right sizes, colors, styles and prices so you can save money while getting terrific bath towels to meet all your needs.

With exceptional quality, convenient ordering and terrific customer service, Towel Super Center is the choice for more businesses and homeowners looking for top-quality bath towels at wholesale prices.

Why You Should Make Towel Super Center Your Choice for Towels

Towel Super Center is the leading wholesale supplier of towels online. In fact, major businesses across the country turn to us when they need exceptional economy or premium towels plus linens and sheets at discount prices.

You've probably even stayed at some properties that turn to us for every reorder. Our clients include spas, hotels, salons, garages, gyms and more. We're proud of the fact that many customers come to us again and again. We build strong relationships with our customers and are always responsive to your needs.

Towel Super Center was started because we saw a real need in this industry. Many wholesale suppliers simply offer a no-frills service without taking into consideration customer needs. That's not us. We work harder to provide you with what you need to make your business look terrific.

Beyond Towels

At Towel Super Center, we understand that towels are much more than just towels. If you run a business, your 27x54 bath towel is part of your marketing strategy. Your linens reflect on the care you show your customers. When you're able to offer lots of luxury towels to your guests and clients, you're showing them you're a serious business that takes customer care and luxury seriously.
We research and work with manufacturers closely to bring you the finest towels at the best prices. We make sure your linens reflect well on your company without breaking the bank. We also build relationships with our customers, so if you ever need anything or have questions, you can reach us easily.

At Towel Super Center, quality is our top priority. Our bath towels are made of durable materials and are tightly woven, ensuring a luxurious and absorbent experience for your customers and clients. They're also made to be extremely durable. We understand that in your business, bath towels may be put through industrial-strength washing machines and drying machines. Our towels stand up to repeat laundry cycles, staying soft and fluffy wash after wash.

We also make it easy for you to order in bulk and save, so you always have lots of towels on hand to make your customers and clients feel pampered.

Experience the difference of Towel Super Center for yourself. Order us from us today and we can put your order through quickly. Whether you want to place very large orders or order only a dozen towels, we have the ability to make it happen.

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