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Cotton Terry Velour Hand Towels 

With Towel Super Center, you can receive impressively designed hand towels made from supple terry velour. We screen them to ensure they look incredible from the moment you open your package.

As they endure numerous washes, these terry velour hand towels don't lose their texture. You can have confidence in high-quality hand towels in the terry velour variety.


Item#: F18BK

Our Price: $9.99

Black Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18CL

Our Price: $9.99

Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events. One...

Item#: F18WH

Our Price: $8.99

White Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18HG

Our Price: $9.99

Terry velour hand towels made of 100% cotton hemmed on all 4 sides. One side is velour and other...

terry velour hand towels from Towel Super Center

After you scrub your hands clean, a scratchy paper towel is the last thing you want to sop up the water, and just one doesn't do the job — you usually have to grab an extra to fully dry your palms. A fabric hand towel is the only thing that can wipe away all the moisture.

However, typical hand towels don't measure up to the luxury of terry velour. Once they've been washed, terry velour is one of the most supreme fabrics that can grace your hands.

Joining the velour feel with a terry weave, these hand towels can skyrocket the pampering you offer guests. Let's look at why terry velour is extravagant and valuable.

What Makes Terry Velour Hand Towels Different?

While you might lump terry velour in the general terry cloth category, they aren't entirely the same. So, what are terry velour towels? The explanation starts with understanding what velour is.

Velour mimics the feeling of velvet, and its surface has short raised fibers. It's typically used in furniture upholstery or theater curtains, as well as in clothing manufacturing. When it's a towel fabric, it can combine with the terry construction technique.

Terry cloth is defined by its continual loops that are inserted via a loom. During production, these loops that stick out from the base of the towel are left whole, although in other methods, they're severed. This makes them long and able to soak up water fast.

However, in the terry velour version, one side of the towel retains the traditional terry cloth weave, while the opposite side is shaved down in a velour-style. When displaying these, the front-facing side of the towels are fuzzy, and the inside is shaggier. With the double-sided benefits, terry velour towels can be both highly absorbent and uniquely soft.

Velour is constructed from cotton, polyester or a cotton-polyester blend like most towels, but cotton is the leading choice for terry velour material because it's naturally full-bodied.

Benefits of Terry Cloth Hand Towels

Now that we've covered the definition of terry velour towels, it's easy to see that they're special. From a heavenly feel to its practical flipside, terry velour has ample benefits. Here are five ways terry velour is attractive and useful in hand towels.

1. Offer Plush Texture

The top advantage of terry velour is its appealing consistency. Terry isn't rough by any means, but the presence of velour is a significant enhancement.

Both materials are fluffy, but the short velour piles are perfect for caressing the delicate skin of the hands.

With a finer fabric on half of the towel, users can decide between the shorter-cut fabric and the raised fabric. Your guests can first blot their hands on the thick terry, then finish up with the fuzzy velour.

2. Present an Elegant Look

Imitating the smooth appearance of velvet, terry velour doesn't look like most towels. The flattened fibers facing outward make the hand towels seem indulgent and luxurious.

Because it's smooth, the velour-cut side has a sheen to it that is inviting for guests. When they're neatly folded and hung beside sinks, they make a simple bathroom transform into a sophisticated facility.

3. Soak Up Water

You won't have to walk into your bathrooms or saunas to find frustrated customers trying to fight for dry hands when you have effective hand towels. While velour is soft, it's not as capable of holding water as terry cloth.

Fortunately, terry is powerful — the word "terry" originally meant "drawn out," which could either reflect the threading process or its retentive quality.

Since these perform double duty, the terry side leeches large amounts of moisture. Especially when they're 100-percent cotton, even small terry velour hand towels are thirsty. Cotton is notoriously absorbent because it consists of organically produced cellulose.

4. Endure Use

As you're moving along your day-to-day business tasks, hand towels take the brunt of a range of impacts from rubbing against hands and tumbling through the washing machine.

The terry technique causes the towels to be firm. Intact loops offer more stability than a split fiber, so it's a resource you can continue to keep in circulation.

With the right maintenance, terry velour towels can withstand use and still look wonderful.

5. Produce Decorative Possibilities

Terry velour is beautiful by itself, but it can also be dressed up. With embroidery or printing, this material is ideal for personalized decorations.

If you have any beach towels in your closet at home, this is what screen printing terry velour looks like. The soft side can display fun pictures, logos or business insignias in multiple colors.

The hand towels are also ideal for embroidery because they already have a designated front and back. The short velour piles allow the embroidery designs to stand out, and it's a lovely background for monograms, welcoming messages or logos.

Uses of Terry Velour Hand Towels

There is an assortment of ways to incorporate terry velour hand towels for your guests. Establishments that aim to please guests with comfortable amenities can add these to their list. Let's go through six popular applications of these towels.

1. Country Clubs

Members of a country club are accustomed to the finer things, and an upscale hand towel boosts the value of your place. It shows that your priority is the customer, and you want to treat them to the best accessories during all their activities.

You can extend these to your guests after massages or refreshing steam. They can also be handy by the poolside when guests need to sponge off their hands to answer a phone call or dry off a seat.

In recreational activities like tennis, members might need to dab their brow. A terry velour hand towel can draw in sweat and also create a lavish feeling.

2. Golf Courses

In the middle of a competition, slippery hands before swinging a club can ruin a golfer's game. As they pick up their golf balls in the grass, dew can accumulate on their fingers. Nearby hand towels can solve this problem along with many others on golf courses.

Golf clubs, balls and other surfaces can become wet, too, and hand towels can wipe away water from golfing equipment.

Resort or private golf courses can have additional services like driving ranges and refreshment stations. These areas can also offer terry velour hand towels to boost the quality of their experience.

3. Hotels

Towels have come to be a staple of hotels. Even the smaller ones speak volumes about the extravagance guests can expect. Whether they're on vacation or a business trip, terry velour hand towels impact their stay.

The reputation of hotels is important to keep business coming in, and little elements like hand towels subtly contribute to the guests' opinion. They can give you a greater chance of receiving positive feedback and a shining recommendation.

Extra stacks of hand towels can make a difference by hotels pools and hot tubs, too.

4. Sports Teams & Gyms

From bowling alleys to fitness centers, businesses that showcase games and physical activity need hand towels. Sweat is the main issue that terry velour hand towels fix, and their fluffy texture makes a gym feel deluxe. They allow gym members to mop up the sweat on their palms from gripping the elliptical or treadmill handles.

Sports teams can coordinate their colors with their uniforms for a top-of-the-line look. Draped over shoulder pads or on the backs of sideline seats, terry velour hand towels can polish the appearance of a team.

5. Embroidery Shops & Sewing Stores

Since terry velour is well suited for embroidery, embroidery shops and sewing stores can offer a selection of hand towels in-house. For promotional or personal purposes, your customers can get their design emblazoned on velvety towels.

Stocking large amounts of hand towels for sewing can provide your customers with a wide selection, and they can get their finished products sooner when they're already on hand.

6. Restaurants

Freshening up before a delicious meal is routine, and your restaurant can serve a satisfying end to a quick hand wash. Terry velour hand towels can significantly spruce up restaurant bathrooms.

Kitchen workers can also take advantage of close by hand towels. Although they're functioning in a fast-paced environment, it's still nice to have the terry velour softness in the middle of cooking or cleaning.

Color Options of Terry Velour Hand Towels

Just like your business isn't a cookie-cutter place, there isn't one color for terry velour hand towels. Each business needs to represent its unique image, style and values with a special color.

match your brand by selecting a color of towel that communicates with customers

Terry velour hand towels can come in bright colors like fiery red, or dark tones like a midnight black. To match your business' brand, you can select a tone that communicates your superior service to your customers. Here are five colors you can pick from for your plush hand towels.

1. White

When you imagine what a pristine towel looks like, it's likely white and fluffy. White is the tried-and-true color that most facilities use for hand towels. It effectively shows cleanliness and comfort, so spas and resorts tend to adopt pure white in their linens.

They're also easy to clean because a little bleach erases dinginess and blemishes. With white velour hand towels, you don't have to fret about fading colors.

2. Black

Choosing black terry velour hand towels is bold. Black is an elegant color that high-end establishments can introduce to their bathrooms and kitchens.

Black hides stains and marks that can arise as you put the towels to good use. Kitchen staff can swipe away spills or food remnants with black hand towels without the surface taking any noticeable impact.

3. Navy Blue

Navy blue is a classic color option that pairs well with country club and restaurant decor. It has a serene effect, and in a hand towel, navy blue can be a suave choice.

Navy blue works well with a nautical style, but it's a key shade for any establishment. If you don't have any traces of navy blue around your building, bring in some with navy terry velour hand towels.

4. Charcoal

Charcoal is a respectable alternative to white because it can balance out your existing interior design. As a neutral, charcoal is versatile.

Charcoal can mask spots on hand towels, similarly to black, but it's a lighter choice. Terry velour hand towels in charcoal are flexible across rooms and decor.

5. Red

Red is a dramatic hue that can draw plenty of attention. It's also the usual color of velvet, which can drive home the connection between the velour feel and luxury.

The striking color can make your group stand apart from the rest. Red terry velour hand towels can add a pop of color to basketball, football or soccer teams.

Tips for Washing Terry Velour Hand Towels

While some velour products are delicate, terry velour hand towels aren't susceptible to the same impacts because they have the strength of terry behind them. You can still demonstrate care when washing them — here are a few tips for their maintenance:

  • Wash with hot water to banish tough spots and fight dirt that reaches down into the base of the towel.
  • Try spot treating stubborn stains with a fabric stain treatment. Specific solutions can either tackle food, grass or oil-based stains, but multi-purpose treatments can cover most stain types.
  • Douse in a vinegar-water mixture for a natural home remedy for stinky hand towels. Make sure to use white vinegar to cleanse the hand towels and retain their vibrant colors.
  • Avoid washing and drying with other materials because terry velour is prone to develop lint. The lint can get on clothes and sheets, which is difficult to get free on those kinds of fabrics.
  • Dry the terry velour hand towels on a flat surface or set them to tumble dry in a dryer.

Purchase Wholesale Terry Velour Hand Towels

With one side velour style and the other terry, terry velour hand towels are all-around winners. They're beautiful, plush and practical, and they serve many businesses through daily duties. Most of all, terry velour hand towels express your establishment's tenet for welcoming customers with the best service.

While terry velour is resilient, businesses can cycle through them. If you're always on the market for more hand towels for your business, wholesale terry velour hand towels can become the answer to your problem.

Are you looking for the right-hand towels to set up in your store, office or spa? At Towel Super Center, we provide hand towels that feel luxurious, soak up quickly and dry rapidly. We also have incredible pricing and speedy shipping for terry velour hand towels in bulk.

Browse our supply of terry velour hand towels at wholesale prices, and place your online order today.

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