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When you own a yoga studio, keeping towels on hand for your clients is an integral part of keeping your studio clean and safe. Ordering in bulk sounds simple, but finding high-quality products at affordable prices can be a challenge. When you order wholesale yoga towels through Towel Super Center, you get the best of both worlds — great products at great prices!

Yoga Towels

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Uses and Benefits of Yoga Towels

Uses & Benefits of Yoga Towels

Yoga mats — they hold our feet in place, provide soft support for our hands and then get rolled up and thrown in the back of the car or piled at the back of the studio when class is over. Yoga mats experience a lot of wear and tear over countless hours of downward dogs and cobra poses. And, if we're honest, they don't get as much cleaning as they probably should.

Fortunately, there's a way to show your yoga mat appreciation for what it enables your body to do, to prevent it from turning into a slip 'n slide during an intense hot yoga session and to keep your studio's shared mats cleaner.

Using a yoga towel — especially if you enjoy a particularly active practice or you practice Bikram Yoga — can be a game changer when it comes to a successful practice. When you use a yoga towel, you improve traction for your feet, keep your mat clean and sanitary, and guarantee that you'll always have a clean surface to use whenever the urge for yoga strikes.

What Is a Yoga Towel?

Many people mistakenly believe that a yoga towel is simply an oversized towel that can easily be substituted with a beach towel or bath towel.

However, a yoga towel is thinner and often softer than a beach or bath towel. They are made from an absorbent, soft material, usually cotton or microfiber, which allows incredible absorbency without becoming heavy or bulky. Yoga towels are designed to be the same size and shape as a yoga mat, so they're also called yoga mat towels. Because towels are often used on top of mats, yoga towels come in varying sizes to accommodate the different mat sizes on the market.

The biggest difference between a regular towel and a yoga towel is that a yoga towel has a slip-resistant underside that prevents it from moving around once it's placed on top of a yoga mat. While it is ideally used on top of a yoga mat, these grips make a yoga towel a great substitute if you forget your yoga mat and don't want to use a shared one at the studio.

Uses of a Yoga Towel

The Uses of a Yoga Towel

If you're new to yoga, you may be wondering how to use a yoga towel. One of the great things about a yoga towel is that it has many uses. This makes it a great investment for yogis of all skill levels. Whether you prefer a low-key restorative practice or you're going for a more active practice, there are several uses for yoga towels.

1. Doubles as a Yoga Mat

A yoga towel is the same size and shape as a yoga mat — you can even order them to fit different size yoga mats — but a towel folds up to fit inside a gym bag. Rather than carrying around a bulky yoga mat all the time, many dedicated yogis keep a clean towel rolled up in their bag so that they always have a "mat" to practice on when their full mat isn't nearby. This is also a great option for forgetful yogis who tend to run out of the house and leave their yoga mat behind.

2. Covers the Mat

While a yoga towel can certainly serve as a stand-in for a yoga mat, it's even better when it's used to cover your mat. When you spread the yoga towel out on your mat, it absorbs the sweat you produce while you go through your practice. For those doing Bikram or hot yoga, you can lose anywhere from one to three pounds of water weight during your practice. All that water needs somewhere to go. And, as we'll discuss later on, a yoga towel can extend the life of your mat by protecting it from the wear and tear of frequent yoga.

3. Keeps Things Sanitary

Since yoga has become more popular in the United States, there's been a significant rise in the occurrence of athlete's foot and plantar warts, especially in women. Why? Because they're sharing unclean communal yoga mats. Providing towels at your studio is a great way to keep your shared mats cleaner and prevent yogis from picking up the bacteria or viruses the previous yogi may have left behind.

Even if you use your own mat 100 percent of the time, you probably don't clean it as often as you should. Additionally, if you've used your yoga mat while you're sick or have any kind of skin infection, your mat may collect your germs and save them for you. When you cover your mat with a towel, you actually keep things more sanitary because you're more likely to throw the towel into the laundry and clean it before your next class than you are to sit down and clean your yoga mat.

4. Prevents Slipping

There's nothing worse than going into downward dog and having your feet slide too far behind you. This can be a problem if your yoga mat doesn't have enough grip or if you've been sweating a lot during your practice. Using a yoga towel can provide you with a better grip during your poses, which helps you get the most out of each one. When you aren't worried about sliding around, you can spend more time concentrating on your breathing, resulting in an all-around better practice.

Some yogis mistakenly believe that a bath towel or beach towel is an adequate substitute. This isn't true. Yoga towels are specially designed with grips on the bottom of the towel that hold it in place during your practice. A regular towel doesn't have these grips, so it can't provide the stability to keep you in place during the most intense of poses. Using a regular towel during yoga practice may actually make you slip more.

5. Serves as a Workout Towel

You may be wondering whether it's worth the money to buy a special towel just for your yoga practice. After all, will you really use it that much? We're confident that the answer is yes, but even if you don't use it every day in yoga, a yoga towel can also double as a workout towel. Take it along to a spin class or while you're lifting weights. Its absorbency will help you dry off after any kind of intense workout.

Benefits of Yoga Towels

The Benefits of a Yoga Towel

There are many benefits of yoga towels — especially if you practice yoga on a regular basis. Including a yoga towel into your routine can improve your practice and protect your body. And aren't those both benefits of a healthy yoga practice anyway?

1. Portable

A yoga towel is easy to roll up and stick in your bag, which means it's easy to carry around. It's not heavy, and it's not going to take up a lot of space. While they're portable enough for anyone to store a towel or two in their gym bag, it's also easy for studio owners to keep bulk yoga towels on hand because they can be easily stacked and stored between uses.

2. Protects Your Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can be expensive, and over time, the friction they experience from hours of yoga poses can wear out even the priciest mats. No one wants to spend money replacing their yoga mat frequently. When you regularly use a towel to cover your mat, you extend the life of your yoga mat by placing an extra barrier between your body and the mat.

3. Very Absorbent

A towel, by definition, should be absorbent, but towels for yoga are more absorbent than a standard towel. This can be especially beneficial if you do hot yoga. They can be made from several different absorbent materials, but 100 percent cotton towels are incredibly absorbent.

4. Anti-Slip

Yoga towels are designed to prevent slipping by absorbing your sweat and keeping it away from your mat. Whether the towel is laid out underneath you or you keep it handy to wipe sweat from your face and hands, you'll minimize the risk of slipping by having a yoga towel during your practice.

5. Easy to Clean

In a perfect world, you'd spray down your yoga mat after every practice, and then deep clean it regularly. Not only do yoga mats collect germs and dirt, but, over time, they can also develop less-than-pleasant odors.

In the real world, we know that yoga mats rarely get the cleaning they need. It's easy to overlook this step, especially if you typically participate in a more restorative practice where you aren't sweating as much. But even a simpler practice can leave behind unwanted residues.

When you use a towel over your yoga mat, it protects your yoga mat from sweat and germs, collecting all of those things that would otherwise be left on the mat. But it's much easier — and quicker — to wash a towel. Yoga towels can be thrown into the laundry just like any other towel, making it infinitely simpler to clean. While you'll still want to clean your yoga mat periodically, it won't be necessary to clean it as frequently when you use a towel.

Why Use Yoga Towels?

Why Use Yoga Towels?

Yoga towels can significantly contribute to your practice by absorbing sweat and keeping your feet firmly in place on the mat. When you aren't worried about slipping or falling out of a pose, you can enjoy a better, more restorative practice.

Yoga towels also protect you from unwanted germs or infections that might be spread through communal mats. Everyone forgets their mats occasionally, but if you have a towel to use when this happens, then you won't have to worry about who was on the mat before you.

Of course, we recommend yoga towels for yogis of all skill levels, but if you aren't convinced, then stop and ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do I want my mat to last longer?
  • Do I frequently use communal mats at the studio?
  • Do I sweat a lot during my practice?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then a yoga towel is just what you need!

Yoga towels are available in full-size options, as well as hand towels. A full-sized option will cover your entire mat, while a hand towel is better used to wipe the sweat off of your forehead or hands. While we think the best option is a full-sized towel that can cover the entire yoga mat, yogis who enjoy a less active practice may prefer a hand towel. These towels are still made from an absorbent material, but they are smaller. If you aren't sure how much you'll use a full-sized towel, a hand towel may be a good place to start.

Wholesale Yoga Towels

If you own your own studio, then you know that keeping yoga towels on hand is important, both for new yogis who don't realize they need a towel and for old pros who simply forgot theirs at home. Yoga towels protect your clients during their practice, and they also protect your studio. When you encourage the use of yoga towels, you reduce the wear and tear on your studio mats as well as reduce the spread of germs.

By keeping a large supply of quality towels available in your studio, you help your clients enhance their yoga experience and keep them coming back. When it comes to stocking your studio with the towels your clients need, buying bulk yoga towels allows you to offer high-quality towels at an affordable price.

In the past, you may have purchased towels through a retailer who'd gone through a wholesaler and a manufacturer before that. Each step of the process increased the price you ultimately had to pay. When you purchase yoga towels from Towel Super Center, you skip the retailer and purchase yoga towels straight from the wholesaler. Not only that, but we offer lower prices when you purchase higher quantities of towels.

The leading wholesale provider of towels on the Internet, Towel Super Center offers a variety of towels — both white and color options — at affordable prices. We are proud to offer speedy shipping and secure online payment options.

Don't wait! Shop our collection online or give us a call at 866-449-3999 to place your order today.

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