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Wholesale Auto Detailing Towels

Consumers invest in auto detailing to keep their cars looking clean and to maintain their value. When it comes to providing that service, auto detailers need the right tools to get the job done. One of the most fundamental of these tools is the right towel. Learn what towels work best for auto detailing, why the choice of towel matters and how best to use them.

Auto Detailing Towels

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Wholesale Auto Detailing Towels


The car wash and auto detailing industry is growing. There are approximately 16,000 car washes in the United States, generating a total of $9 billion in annual revenue. Auto detailing — covering services like paint care, wheel glossing, waxing, headlight polishing and interior cleaning — is a significant part of that industry.

Choosing an Auto Detailing Towel

Auto detailing can be a delicate process. You do not want to damage the paint on a car's body or add unnecessary time to the detailing process. Here are a few tips for choosing the right wholesale auto detailing towels for your business.

  • Know the materials to avoid: The most critical aspect of an auto detailing towel is its fabric. Some types can be too abrasive for auto detailing work. For example, polyester is a durable material for many different towels, including bath towels. While its durability is attractive, polyester or even polyester blends are abrasive enough to leave noticeable scratches on a car's paint. No one wants to drive out of a car wash with scratched paint. Water blades, though not a towel, are another popular option for drying cars during the washing and detailing process. While convenient, these tools do also carry a risk of scratches. A water blade could easily drag any rough particles of dirt that find their way onto the surface of the car across its paint, ultimately causing scratches. Scratches like this are easy to avoid by choosing an auto detailing towel instead of one designed for a different use. Skip the polyester bath towels and tools that come with the potential risk of scratching. The right material will also hold up under repeated use, which means your business does not have to do as many loads of laundry.
  • Fabric softness: Auto detailing towels' material should be soft enough to ensure no damage to a car's paint. The material of the towel should also remain soft after repeated washings. Good options include 100 percent cotton towels and microfiber towels. Auto detailing towels made completely with cotton do not have any polyester thread or blend that could easily scratch your customers' cars. Plus, towels made of this material become increasingly softer with repeated use and washings. Microfiber towels include synthetic materials like polyester, nylon and Kevlar. The weave of the material makes an incredibly soft, absorbent fabric that is safe to use on cars. Plus, microfiber towels are ultra-absorbent, with the ability to hold up to seven times their weight in water. The fibers of this type of towel are very effective at catching dirt, rather than spreading it around on the surface to be cleaned.How to choose an auto detailing towel
  • Fabric durability: Car washes service approximately 8 million cars each day, which means a single business could have hundreds of customers every day. With so many cars to wash and customers to serve, businesses are going to want auto detailing towels that last. Towels made of 100 percent cotton or microfiber are durable. They can handle repeated use and wash cycles without immediately degrading, and they will soften with each wash, but maintain their structure. Microfiber towels will go through the washer and dryer lint-free while maintaining their absorbency. This kind of durability means your business does not have to spend the money to replace its stock of auto detailing towels frequently.
  • Towel size: Auto detailing involves several services, from basic drying to reaching smaller crevices on the interior of cars. Various sizes of towels can get different parts of the auto detailing process done. Standard hand towels, sized 15 inches wide by 25 inches long or 16 inches wide by 27 inches long, are a typical choice for the auto detailing industry. This size fits the hand well and has the versatility to accomplish a variety of tasks. Auto detailing businesses can opt for larger towels to handle work on the body of the car. The larger size allows the detailer to cover more surface area at once. Smaller towels can be helpful when it comes to cleaning the nooks and crannies of a car's door jambs and dashboard. Weight is another size consideration for auto detailing towels. A heavier towel, which means a thicker one, is more absorbent than a thinner towel. Lighter, thinner towels are less absorbent, but they dry faster. Your business may prefer one or the other, or you might find having a mix of both thicker and thinner towels is helpful.
  • Towel color: Color is not the most important feature of an auto detailing towel, but it can be helpful. Auto detailing businesses can choose towel colors that reflect their branding. Or, white towels offer a clean, traditional look. Plus, it is easy to determine when a white towel needs washing. If your business uses different towels for different auto detailing processes, you can color-code your towels to make choosing the right one easier.

Benefits of Auto Detailing Towels

Why does selecting the right towel, one specifically designed for auto detailing, matter?

The benefits of auto detailing towels

  • Safety: A car's paint is one of its most visible assets, which can, unfortunately, get easily scratched. Auto detailing centers want to take precautions to prevent any damage to cars' paint, and the use of the right auto detailing towels is an essential measure to take. The soft material of a 100 percent cotton or microfiber detailing towel will be gentle on paint, while still effectively drying and polishing the surface of cars. In addition to lack of scratching, auto detailing towels will also ensure you can avoid the unattractive swirling pattern the wrong type of towel sometimes leaves on a car's surface.
  • Ease of use: Auto detailing towels are specifically for cleaning and polishing vehicles. The right size towel with the right material will help you clean and polish faster and safer than a low-quality towel made for another use.
  • Versatility: Auto detailing towels can handle a variety of tasks, making them a versatile item to have on hand at your auto detailing center. For example, microfiber auto detailing towels can dry the exterior of cars, apply polish, buff out wax and wipe down car interiors. You do not need to purchase different sets of towels for each of these essential auto detailing tasks.
  • Durability: Auto detailing towels can endure daily use, washing and drying. The level of durability will largely depend on the quality of the towel's material and construction. Higher-quality cotton and microfiber will last longer without becoming rough or starting to fall apart after just a short amount of use. When it comes to their weave, towels with longer, denser fibers will maintain their shape and texture for a longer time. Plus, high-quality towels will be more absorbent.
  • Value: Choosing towels made for auto detailing saves your business money. Towels for other purposes, such as dish towels or bath towels, will not endure the constant, intensive use and washing auto detailing requires. You will find you need to replace these types of towels more frequently.

Industries Using Auto Detailing Towels

Many businesses in the auto industry use absorbent towels for cars, including:

  • Car lots: Whether they sell new or used vehicles, every car lot relies on great first impressions. Auto cleaning cloths come in handy for tidying every nook and cranny of a car for sale.
  • Car washes and detailing shops: At car washes, auto detailing towels help professionals clean every surface of a car carefully.  Towels can help to buff away any streaks and specs after an exterior wash. If you're detailing a vehicle, you can also use towels to clean interior surfaces like the steering wheel and cupholders. 
  • Auto body shops: In shops, auto detailing towels can wipe grease and oil from cars. Whether an auto body shop is replacing a window or a fender, fingerprints and dirt can accumulate during the process. A lint-free towel wipes away any imperfections so the car looks its best when the client arrives to pick it up. Towels are also useful for cleaning up spills around the shop.
  • Car dealers: Dealerships rely on the appearance of their cars to make sales, so its no surprise they buy absorbent towels for cars in bulk. Towels can be used to wipe a car down after a test drive. There's also useful for spot-cleaning cars that have been in the lot for a while. A gentle polish keeps a car looking like it just rolled off the factory floor. Towels can be also printed with the dealership logo for marketing. 

Tips for Using Auto Detailing Towels

Once you have stocked your auto detailing business with the right towels, you can put them to work. These tips for proper towel use and care can make the detailing process smoother, and your towels last longer.

  • Prepare towels ahead of time: Once your towels arrive, you will want to prepare them before putting them to use on your customers' cars. Breaking in towels in advance, particularly if they are 100 percent cotton, will ensure they are soft, fluffy and ready to perform at their peak. Breaking in your towels means running them through the wash-and-dry cycle. First, wash your towels in hot water and vinegar. Next, run them through the dryer. You can always repeat this process as necessary. The wash cycle prepares towels to be absorbent, while the dry cycle removes any lint trapped on the fabric. When it comes to microfiber towels, higher-quality ones typically do not need prewashing before first use. However, if you are concerned about lint, you always have the option to prewash your microfiber towels.
  • Use a clean surface: When you are detailing a car, proper use of a towel is essential. You do not want to use a dirty towel to clean a car. Whether you are using a 100 percent cotton towel or a microfiber towel, you want to begin drying, wiping or polishing with a clean surface. Place your hand on one side of the towel and spread it out flat on the surface of the car. Carefully move the towel in broad strokes, ensuring you cover each section thoroughly. Frequently check the towel to see if it has become dirty or picked up any debris that could potentially scratch the paint. When the surface becomes dirty, flip and fold it to create a fresh surface. Continue to do so until you have used both sides of the towel. When it has become too dirty to use, place it aside and begin with a new one. Remember not to leave discarded, wet towels unwashed for too long, as it can lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Check the fabric weave: While auto detailing towels tend to be versatile and useful for a variety of jobs, some towels can be better for specific processes. For example, there are different types of weaves involved in making microfiber towels. Understanding the differences between these weaves can help determine which towel to use for what purpose. Waffle weave, a common design for microfiber towels, is very absorbent, which means this type of microfiber towel is handy for drying cars. Microfiber towels with a soft, plush weave offer a gentle touch that makes polishing a car's paint to a glossy finish an easy job. If your business opts to use different towel weaves for various jobs, color-coding could come in handy for quick differentiation between towels. While the different fabric weaves offer flexibility, they will typically require the same kind of care. However, double-check the washing and drying instructions to make sure this is the case.
  • Separate used and new towels: It is easy to lose track of towels, particularly during a busy time at an auto detailing center. Establish a system to keep used and fresh towels separate. If you allow the towels to become mixed up, contaminants on a dirty towel can easily spoil your fresh towels. Plus, any wet towels left lying in a heap for too long can easily grow mold and mildew. When you allow this to happen, your towels will not last as long as they should. Careful separation ensures you are using clean, fresh towels on your customers' cars and helps maximize the lifespan of your towels.
  • Know how to wash and dry your towels: Proper washing and drying auto detailing towels is one the most crucial steps you can take to make your investment last. Before tossing dirty towels into the washer, read and follow the care instructions on the label. You can run car wash towels through the laundry with regular detergent, but double-check what kind you are using. Any additives like bleach or fabric softener can negatively affect towels' absorbency and texture. You will also want to separate towels before washing. If you use a color-coding system, wash like colors together to avoid any color bleeding. If you are washing any other material, keep towels separate to avoid spreading dirt and chemicals. While it's best to avoid bleach and fabric softener, you can regularly add vinegar to the washer to help improve the washing process and boost the fabric's absorbency. Cotton towels can typically handle high heat in the dryer. When it comes to microfiber towels, the wash instructions are similar. Regular detergent is OK, while bleach and fabric softener are not. Remember, it's best to dry most microfiber towels on a lower heat cycle. Once you have appropriately washed and dried towels, fold them and place them back into the rotation.

If you are ready to stock your car wash with the right auto detailing towels, browse our wholesale options for car wash towels and microfiber towels. We have a variety of high-quality towel sizes and colors to meet the needs of your auto detailing business.

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