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Why You Need to Use Car Detailing Towels | Towel Supercenter

Why You Need a Special Towel

Can’t you grab any old towel for detailing a car? You could, but you may not get the results you want. Quality towels suited to the job make it much easier to detail the car. The right towel prevents lint from transferring onto the vehicle and offers enough softness to prevent scratching. Car wash towels get rid of spots and eliminate unattractive smearing. When you buy specific car detailing towels, you cut down on the chance of cross-contaminating other towels and items.

Taking time to pick the best towels for cleaning cars can save you time and money. Quality towels hold up longer, so you don’t have to replace them as often. If you start out with poor-quality towels, you’ll likely end up replacing them much sooner.

Plus, your customers expect the best. They’re paying you to perform a service, so you always want to produce the best possible results. Quality towels create a shiny finish without streaks. Of course, your car washing and detailing methods play a role in the finished product, but towels are an important tool in supporting that quality finish.

Your employees will also appreciate quality towels that make their jobs easier. If the towels don’t absorb well, fall apart easily or otherwise don’t work, your staff is likely to feel frustrated. Help them produce quality results with quality car detailing towels.


Cotton is a popular option for car detailing towels, and it is one of the best materials for use at a car wash because of its many benefits and features. The fabric is soft enough to wash and dry vehicles without causing scratches or other damage — an important factor when running a business. Even though they offer a soft texture, cotton towels hold up well with repeated heavy use. That strength means you can wash them repeatedly, which is a must at a car wash, and they won’t fall apart or weaken easily.

Another benefit of choosing cotton car wash towels is the absorbency. You need towels that soak up water well, and cotton is the fabric to do just that. The fibers soak up water efficiently, so you can get vehicles completely dry after washing. The high absorbency also means you can use each towel longer before replacing it with a fresh towel. Fewer towels used means less wear-and-tear and fewer loads of laundry, which also saves you money on your water and electric bills. Cotton tends to dry quickly, so you can reuse towels if necessary.


Towels used in a car wash setting get a lot of use. You need detailing towels that hold up to that repeated washing and drying all day long. Cotton is a durable material in general, but not all cotton towels are equal. Lower-quality towels have a scratchy feeling without the fluffiness you want. They may start falling apart or losing their shape after only using them for a short time. Invest in higher-quality towels with greater durability to save money in the long run.

Size of the Towels


Sizing of towels for detailing cars often comes down to preference. A standard hand towel size works well for most detailing jobs. Common dimensions are 15 inches wide by 25 inches long or 16 inches wide by 27 inches long, but there are some variations in sizing. Some hand towels come in at a slightly longer 30-inch size. Others may come in shorter lengths.

Larger hand towels work well on the body of the car, where you want to cover lots of ground with each pass. The larger size also lets you soak up more water before switching out to a new towel. Towels on the smaller end of the range work well for intricate detailing or small spaces, such as wheel wells and door jambs. The smaller size makes the towels lighter in weight and easier to squeeze into smaller areas. Test out different sizes to see which you prefer for different aspects of the detailing job.

Weight is another consideration when choosing car wash towels. When you purchase towels, look for a weight expressed as pounds per dozen. The higher that weight, the thicker the towels. Heavier isn’t always better. While some people prefer thicker, heavier towels for car detailing, others like the versatility of a lighter-weight towel.

Lightweight towels are easier to break in, so they’re ready to go faster than heavier towels. They don’t get overly heavy and weighed down when they get wet, and they dry much faster than thicker towels. Heavyweight towels do absorb more water than thinner towels, which means you can use them longer before swapping them for a new towel. Weight is a personal preference you need to explore to find the best option for your business.

Softness of the Fabric

If you run a car wash, we don’t have to tell you how easily car finishes scratch. That’s where the softness of your towels comes into play. Soft fibers wash and dry all car surfaces, even body surfaces prone to scratching, without causing damage. Choosing soft car wash towels lets you wash and dry with confidence, knowing you aren’t causing damage. Our quality towels start off soft and stay soft, even through several washings.

Quality Construction


Quality materials make your car wash towels better to use and longer lasting. Long, dense fibers like the ones found in our car wash towels stay soft and retain their shape over time. The sizing also stays true, so your towels stay big and absorbent.

Another quality aspect is how well the towel cleans the car and what it leaves behind on the surface. Low-quality towels often create a lot of lint that gets left behind on the vehicle. Investing in higher-quality towels leaves your customers’ vehicles immaculate and sparkling clean. Happy customer equals repeat business, which is always a good thing.

Towel Color

Color isn’t as important as some other features in choosing towels to use on cars, but it is important to some car wash owners. White towels offer a simple, traditional look. You don’t have to worry about them bleeding, and you can easily see when the towel gets dirty and needs to be replaced with a clean one. If you prefer a branded look, opt for towels in a color that matches your company’s image.

You may consider a color-coding system to keep the towels separate. Use separate colors for cleaning:

• Inside the engine compartment
• Door jambs
• Windows
• General exterior of the vehicle

This system lets your staff easily grab the right kind of towel for a specific job without causing smears on certain parts of the vehicle. For instance, grease from door jambs can cause streaks on the car’s windows. Soapy, waxy buildup on towels used to dry the body decreases absorbency over time and can cause streaking. Mixing different soaps, detergents, window cleaners and other chemicals on one towel isn’t always a good combination.

By having different colored towels for different jobs, you keep everything clean and streak free while extending the life of the towels.

White towels work well for any surface inside or outside the vehicle. Don’t be afraid of the potential stains and dirt marks that show on white towels. As long as you clean them well, they do the job even if they don’t look pretty.

If you don’t like seeing the dirt marks, a dark towel color helps hide the stains. Keep in mind that dark colors may take longer to break in since the fibers are already saturated with the dye. Avoid using dyed towels on fabric surfaces, such as interior upholstery or the carpet inside the vehicle. The dye may interfere with absorbency, and it can transfer onto the car’s soft surfaces.



Investing in quality towels is important, but you also don’t have a fortune to spend. How do you reconcile your budget with your need for quality towels? Order your towels in bulk. Towel Super Center offers a variety of towel options perfect for use at a car wash and all available in bulk. The more towels you buy from us, the less you pay per dozen. You go through a lot of towels on an average day. Getting the best value for your money is important in controlling costs while still giving your customers the quality detailing jobs they expect.

Preparing Your Car Wash Towel

Your towels need a little prep work before you start wiping downs cars. You’ll need to break them in to make the towels absorbent and fluffy. All you need to do is wash the towels before you use them on vehicles to break in the material. The washing also helps remove any lint on the towel when you get it.

Washing the towels in hot water can speed up the process. Adding a little white vinegar in the wash can also help break in the towels, so they are extra absorbent and fluffy. You may need to wash the towels more than once to make them as absorbent as you want. Dry the towels completely in your dryer before putting them into service. This helps minimize the lint on the towels.

Using Your Car Wash Towel

Grab a clean towel for each detailing job. You want to start fresh, so you don’t smear dirt, old wax and other debris from previous vehicles onto the fresh, clean vehicle. To make the most of the towels, wipe with one side first. When it starts to get dirty, fold over the towel to find a new clean surface on the same towel. Continue flipping and folding the towel until you use up all of the clean surfaces. Avoid leaving wet towels sitting for extended periods, as they may develop odors or start to mold.

Caring for Your Car Wash Towel

Regular care is essential in keeping your car wash towels clean and in good condition. Dirt, wax and other debris from vehicles build up over time. Washing or drying vehicles with dirty towels defeats the purpose of taking them to the car wash in the first place.

Proper care and washing not only keeps the towels clean, but it also makes them last longer. Here are some tips for washing and caring for your car wash towels.

Follow Washing Instructions

It’s always a good idea to read the care label on your new car wash towels. Follow the recommendations from the manufacturer to extend the life of your towels.

Use Regular Detergent

You can use regular detergent on your car wash towels. Just make sure it doesn’t have any additives that might interfere with towel absorbency or durability, such as bleach or fabric softener.

Skip the Bleach

Bleaching your towels can damage the fiber structure, which shortens the life of the towels. It can also cause the towels to lint more than normal. All that lint gets left behind on the vehicles, resulting in a less-than-clean look.

Skip Fabric Softener

Another big no when caring for your towels is fabric softener. You may think the softer towel fibers are a good thing for vehicles, but fabric softener can make the towels less absorbent. The fabric softener can also cause smears on the vehicles. Neither situation is something you want to deal with at your car wash.

Wash Towels Separately


Towels used on cars are often full of dirt and possible contaminants. Wash them separately to avoid cross-contaminating other laundry. Set up a specific bin for the towels in your car wash to make washing easy. If you use a color-coding system to separate towels based on use, wash each color separately to avoid spreading grease, wax and other chemicals to all the other towels.

Keep Old and New Towels Apart

Another important way to separate towels is by age. Older towels are more likely to produce lint. When you wash all towels together, that old lint sticks to the new towels.

Use Vinegar Periodically

Add vinegar to the wash several times a month to minimize lint and maximize absorbency. Vinegar can help break down some of the chemicals that get into the towels from vehicles. Your towels also come out smelling fresher with less odor-causing bacteria.

Wash Towels Regularly

Producing quality results requires clean towels. Avoid the temptation to reuse towels over and over again before washing. The built-up dirt, wax and chemicals may start leaving behind streaks, and the towels won’t get the vehicles as clean as possible.

Train Employees

If you don’t handle the towel washing yourself, make sure your employees know how to do the job correctly. Train employees on proper settings, detergents, washing methods and drying to protect your towels.

Get Your New Car Cleaning Towels Today

Towel Super Center solves your car wash towel needs with a wide selection of quality hand towels. Our towels are soft, fluffy, absorbent and durable, just the way you want them. Choose between crisp white and premium colors to outfit your car wash for all of your detailing tasks. With high-quality options and affordable bulk ordering, you can fill your shelves with the long-lasting towels you need.

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