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16x19 Towels


Item#: M1619-24WH

Our Price: $3.50

Cheapest Deal Bar towels 16x19-24 oz/doz 100% Cotton Bar mops all white terry ribbed are highly...

Item#: M1619-32WH

Our Price: $3.99

Towel Supercenter White Bar Towels 16x19-32oz/doz 100% Cotton terry are highly absorbent terry...

Item#: M1619-32BL

Our Price: $4.25

Best Deal Bar towels Blue stripe 16x19 100% Cotton Bar mops highly absorbent terry towels used in...

Item#: M1619-32GLD

Our Price: $4.25

Bargain Bar towels Gold stripe 16x19-32 oz/doz 100% Cotton Bar mops highly absorbent terry towels...

Bars and restaurants depend on quality bar mops to deliver hot dishes and clean counters and spills. It’s easy for a bar to work through their towels in one evening, which is why our 16” x 19” bar mops offer an affordable solution to keeping your bar stocked from opening to closing.

Check out our selection of bar mops at wholesale prices to find and order the ones you need.

High-Quality 16” x 19” Bar Mops for Discount Prices

Our catalog of 16” x 19” towels for bars and restaurants offer quality without the painful price tag. Because our bar mops are well-made, they offer these benefits:

  • Cotton Construction: Our 16” x 19” bar towels use 100 percent cotton. We use quality cotton, which features long and dense fibers to ensure your bar towel doesn’t shrink or stretch over time. The design of our towels makes them long-lasting and ideal for daily use.
  • Visual Appeal: We offer our bar towels in classic white. If you want some color, though, we also provide them with a gold or blue stripe. Use stripes to coordinate which bar towels are for wait staff or bartenders and which are used for cleaning or serving hot dishes.

  • Soft: A soft, cotton bar towel keeps your waiters’ hands cool and comfortable when carrying and serving hot meals. The softness of our 16” x 19” towels also ensures your counters and hardware aren’t scratched from coarse, non-cotton fabric. Our towels also stay soft after washing and drying.

  • Absorbent: Cotton is absorbent, which is what bartenders and waiters need when cleaning up a spilled drink. Use fewer towels with our water-hungry bar mops and lower the amount of laundry your team does. Less laundry means you may reduce your energy bill. That’s a win-win in our book.

  • Odorless: Non-cotton restaurant towels pick up a variety of smells when they’re wiping up spilled dressings, drinks and other food products. Cotton doesn’t absorb odors. Use and wash it without worrying about it needing a second cycle through the washing machine.

  • Convenient Size: Our 16” x 19” bar towels offer a convenient size. Store them in aprons, drawers or under-counter storage spaces for easy access. Their size also makes it easy to fit more into every load of laundry.

If you’re looking for a bar towel that will withstand day-to-day use plus repeated washings and dryings, then you’ve come to the right place.

16” x 19” Towels From Towel Super Center

At Towel Super Center, we offer a level of quality, service and value that many other wholesale suppliers don’t provide. That’s why our 16” x 19” towels are high-quality, reliable and durable with a price that’s difficult to beat.

We help you keep that price low by shipping your bulk order in poly bags. Plus, we process and ship every order within one business day so it reaches you fast.

Browse our selection of 16” x 19” bar towels to find the ones you want for your business today.

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