16×19-Gold Stripe Bar Mops 100% Cotton

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60 Dozen 255.00
100 Dozen 399.00

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Bargain Bar towels Gold stripe 16×19-32 oz/doz 100% Cotton Bar mops highly absorbent terry towels used in restaurants and bars for wiping and cleaning purposes. Wholesale towels prices from Towel Super Center.

Additional Information

Choose 100% Cotton Gold Stripe Bar Mops for Your Pub or Bar

Let’s face it, spilled drinks can cause one hefty mess. When your business fixates primary on drinks, a spill or two is bound to happen. Don’t let splashes of liquid on the countertops slow down your workers or patrons. Our 100% cotton gold stripe bar mops are specially crafted to clean up messes with a quick swipe.

With 16” by 19” dimensions, cleaning up the bar is easy. Wipe up spills conveniently with proportions perfectly fit for mopping up messes. On nights when your bar or pub is extra packed, our towels are designed to keep up with the fast-paced rhythm, displaying an attractive gold stripe while they work.

Why Fabric Matters

You want to purchase a towel designed to perform. Our 100% cotton fiber bar towels are a staple accessory of any bar or pub because of their suburb quality. Place your gold stripe bar mop towel order at Towel Super Center to ensure the following benefits:

  • Smoothness: You don’t want your employees handling harsh abrasive materials all day long. Luckily, our 100% cotton towels provide a soft, smooth experience when handled. Don’t be fooled by the fluffy material — these towels are powerful and strong, too.
  • Soaking-Power: Not only is cotton smooth, but it’s also packed with super absorbent qualities. Our gold stripe bar mops are built to mop up your messes without leaving any liquid or odors behind.
  • Stability: Our 100% cotton towels are strong, low maintenance and sturdy enough to provide you with the stability you need. You don’t want to spend money on additional orders of towels after a few uses once they begin to fall apart. Our towels provide a high sense of reliability, so you can ensure a long-lasting product.

Spruce Up Your Counter with Gold Stripe Bar Mops

Not only are our gold stripe bar mops practical, but they’re attractive, as well. Liven up your bar counters with a slight hint of gold. Cleaning up messes doesn’t have to look messy — with a dash of color, your employees will look professional yet trendy while mopping up spills.

Dirty looking rags are a thing of the past. Washcloths are a necessity for many businesses and industries, and thus commonly line a variety of establishments. Don’t settle for the mundane — add a sense of style to your counter with stunning gold stripe bar mops.

Towel Super Center Quality

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