16×19-(24oz) White Bar Mops Ribbed 100% Cotton

Our Price: $4.25

Retail Price: $7.99

Quantity Unit Price Per Dozen
10 Dozen 45.00
25 Dozen 98.75
50 Dozen 187.50
100 Dozen 325.00

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Weight 1.49 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Retail price







Cheapest Deal Bar towels 16×19-24 oz/doz 100% Cotton Bar mops all white terry ribbed are highly absorbent terry towels used in restaurants for wiping and cleaning purposes. Wholesale towels prices from Towel Super Center.

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10 dozs Pack @ $4.25/dozen

25 dozs Pack @ $3.95/dozen

50 dozs Pack @ $3.75/dozen

100 dozs Pack @ $3.50/dozen

Cotton Bar Mops to Keep Your Bar or Restaurant Neat and Tidy

As bar and restaurant owners know, you can go through a lot of bar mops just in the course of one night:

  • If there’s a big spill, you could use a dozen just mopping up that single accident.
  • For places that offer hot food, servers love to have bar mops to help shield their fingers from the scalding plates they deliver to their tables.
  • If the bar gets dirty, you can give it a quick swipe with a bar mop you keep hung from your apron, instead of having to go track down a dishrag.

With all of these uses, it’s important to keep several bar mops in an easily accessible place. When you only have a few on hand, you may use them up halfway through the night. It’s important to keep a vast stock of these convenient towels ready to go so you can grab them when needed.

Buy More White Bar Mops to Save Money

Towel Super Center understands the need for great supplies of bar mops. That’s why we offer discounted pricing. The cost per dozen gets lower when you buy more from us. It pays to get a lot, saving you money in the long run. Plus, when you buy your bar mops together from the same place, they’ll appear uniform, giving your bar or restaurant a more professional look.

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