13×13-Dark Brown Washcloths -Premium

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Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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100% cotton washcloths dark brown size13X13-Premium quality extra soft, great for any commercial use or business that needs a heavy weight and extra soft, highly absorbent.

Additional Information

Premium Brown Washcloths

Towel Super Center’s 100% dark brown cotton washcloths are environmentally safe and perfect for decorating or cleaning. Whether you need hand towels for commercial or individual use, our premium brown washcloths are heavyweight, absorptive and gentle for sensitive skin. Cotton is known for being as gentle on your skin as it is on the environment. Cotton is also hypo-allergenic and free of harsh dyes, pollutants and chemicals.

What Makes Our Premium Brown Washcloth Exceptional

While our premium brown washcloths stand out among the crowd due to their deep colors, it’s what’s inside that truly makes them shine. Our hand towels are designed with 100% cotton to mimic the softness and thickness of heavyweight towels.

Cotton fibers have an incredibly smooth finish. When your skin grazes our premium line of cotton washcloths, you’ll be touching indulgent softness.

Cotton is also known for its superior moisture-wicking abilities. Whether you’re mopping up messes or soaking up moisture left behind on your skin, you want your towel to dry efficiently and fast. Our towels absorb liquid quickly, assuring the only thing left behind is a smooth, fluffy surface ready for the next use. Washcloths are lightweight and eco-friendly, making them ideal for a variety of uses. You can use premium brown hand towels for:

  • Travel: Towel Super Center’s soft and highly absorbent dark brown hand towels are the perfect size for stashing away in your suitcase or luggage. Thin and lightweight, these washcloths can be draped over your pillow on your next trip to ensure cleanliness and comfort.
  • Camping trips: Packing one of our brown washcloths with your camping gear will allow for extra space and convenience.
  • Baby shower gift: Washcloths make excellent baby shower gifts — parents can use these cotton hand towels for their baby’s bath or their child’s swim class.
  • Gym towels: Hand towels are in high demand at fitness centers and gyms. Buying washcloths in bulk for your business will prove useful and affordable for years to come.

Buy Your Quality Premium Brown Hand Towels Today

When you order your towels, you don’t expect to have to place another order shortly after that due to a subpar product that fell apart after use. Our premium brown washcloths are crafted with strong and durable cotton fibers, which means continual washing is never an issue. When your washcloths emerge from the washer or dryer, they’ll appear as fresh and new as they did before their first use.

Are you ready for a product that performs with style? Place your order with Towel Super Center — your one-stop-shop for all of your towel needs!