12×12-White Washcloths-Premium 100% Cotton

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Retail Price: $7.99

Quantity Unit Price Per Dozen
2 Dozen 27.45
10 Dozen 49.90
25 Dozen 106.25
50 Dozen 174.50
100 Dozen 299.00

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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washcloths-Premium quality White made of 100% cotton terry 12×12-1Lb/doz(16oz/doz), great for any commercial used in hotels, resorts, salons and spas, bright white and extra soft, highly absorbent.100% cotton

Additional Information

Treat Your Gym or Spa Guests to Premium White Washcloths

Washcloths are a necessity at every gym, health club, fitness facility or spa. Now, you can treat your patrons to the softest, purest 100 percent cotton premium spa washcloths without spending too much.

Towel Super Center offers premium white washcloths that are ideal for all spa functions, such as cleaning, treating and pampering. Sold in units of one dozen, these 12” x 12” washcloths wash beautifully and always feel soft to the touch.

Buy optical white washcloths today by making your purchase online and we’ll ship your merchandise to your business for immediate use.

Make a Great First Impression With Premium Washcloths

Patrons take notice of everything the moment they walk into any spa or fitness facility, including the type of washcloths you offer them. Instead of asking them to dry off with scratchy, low-quality white washcloths, why not choose premium washcloths made from cotton?

With Towel Super Center, you’ll be able to impress your guests at every level. Make sure to check out our entire supply of wholesale washcloths, bath towels, gym towels and more to stock up and save.

Gyms and Spas Appreciate Cost-Effective Washcloths

Worried that you have to spend too much to get premium washcloths for your guests? With Towel Super Center, your dollars go farther. We’re able to get you the wholesale products you need at low prices. The more washcloths you purchase, the deeper your discount!

When it’s time to restock the washcloths for your spa, put your trust in Towel Super Center. You’ll be able to use less of your budget and get the most out of your wholesale washcloths without skimping on quality.

Time to Buy New Spa Washcloths?

Are your current spa washcloths becoming too worn? Make a better first impression on your clients by offering them the advantages of a premium cotton washcloth. Each of our washcloths is woven with durable, dependable and soft fibers. This makes them cushiony, which feels good against even the most sensitive skin.

You will find that — thanks to their construction — your white spa washcloths will serve their purpose month after month. Stop buying new washcloths all the time. Instead, look for washcloths that are made to last.

Looking for Towels That Fit In? White Washcloths Are a Perfect Choice

Thinking about eventually giving your spa or gym a facelift, but not sure if your towels will fit your new decor or motif? Make it easy on yourself by relying on white washcloths.

As a color, optical white emphasizes cleanliness and brightness. Plus, it goes with any interior design concept, from traditional to ultra-modern themes. You won’t have to buy new towels no matter how you update your business when you have white premium washcloths.

Save Money on Spa Washcloths

Aside from being priced as low as possible, these spa washcloths save you money in other ways. Because the cotton fabric dries fast, you’ll spend less time running your commercial dryer. Additionally, the tightly woven threads resist staining and fraying. The fewer washcloths you have to replace, the more money stays in your company.

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Keeping White Washcloths Clean Is a Breeze for Your Gym

Struggling to keep your current washcloths from losing their brilliance? Our cotton-based wholesale washcloths make cleaning so much easier!

Simply pretreat any stains and wash any soiled towels immediately. Use a bleach alternative product to keep them looking like new without using harsh chemicals. Then, simply tumble dry for a softness you can trust!

Buy the best white washcloths from Towel Super Center today!