12×12-White Washcloths-Economy 100% Cotton

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Retail Price: $540

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10 Dozen 34.90
25 Dozen 81.25
50 Dozen 142.50
100 Dozen 275.00

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Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
Retail price







Cheap washcloth wholesale made of 100% cotton terry cloth size 12X12 weight 1Lb/doz, great for any commercial use or business that needs a wiping cloths, highly absorbent. Fluffs after first wash quick to dry optical white hemmed on all 4 sides/ Real Wholesale prices guaranteed

Additional Information

100 dozen pack @ 2.75/doz
50 dozen pack @ 2.85/doz
25 doz pack  @ 3.39/doz
Size 12×12 Weight 1Lb/Doz(16oz/doz)
100% Cotton – Economy grade made of terry cloth
Great as a wiping cloth or drying cloth.
Light weight, easy to wash and quick to dry, reusable 

Grab Wholesale White Washcloths for Your Gym

When someone comes to your gym for a workout, they want to be able to easily wipe away the sweat that results from a hard workout. Why force your patrons to bring their own towels when you can offer white washcloths for all their needs?

Our wholesale washcloths are perfect for so many gym uses that you’ll wonder how you got along without them. Plus, you’ll enjoy deep discounts thanks to Towel Super Center’s practice of passing savings along to customers.

You Don’t Need a Run a Gym to Buy White Washcloths

Who says only gyms can get the benefit of white washcloths? Plenty of establishments love to stock up on our wholesale washcloths, including:

  • Hotels: Not only do hotels add economy white washcloths to their array of guest room towels, but they often place them in areas like fitness facilities and even public restrooms.
  • Pet Groomers: Fido enjoys the fluffiness of pure cotton as much as his owner! When you’re using a washcloth constructed from tough, natural fibers, patrons notice.
  • Nonprofits: Some nonprofits put together care packages for people in need. Among the most needed, useful items are wholesale washcloths.
  • Car Washes: Occasionally, you need to make sure you have a smaller towel to do precision car detailing. That’s when a wholesale washcloth in a 12″ by 12″ square provides just the right touch.
  • Schools: Does your school have a gymnasium you stock with towels for your athletes? Be sure to include plenty of white washcloths, too.

When it comes to cleaning up the messiest jobs at your business or home, you know inexpensive white washcloths get the tough work done. You don’t want to spend a fortune on them, though — which is why Towel Supercenter sells economy white washcloths in bulk sizing!

Buy Economy White Washcloths at Incredibly Low Wholesale Pricing

You get unbeatable value when you order white washcloths at Towel Supercenter. Our economy washcloths feature:

  • 100% cotton fabric that absorbs moisture quickly
  • Standard 12×12 sizing
  • Bright white color that’s easy to care for and reorder
  • Quick-drying fabric that fluffs up after the first wash
  • Discounted shipping with compressed packs
  • The option to purchase matching hand towels and bath towels, or colored washcloths, hand towels and bath towels
  • Incredibly low pricing that helps you stay within budget

Shopping at Towel Supercenter

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