The Right Bulk Towels for Yoga Studios

If you own or manage a yoga studio or even a gym that offers yoga classes, you need to have towels on hand for your customers. Many people who are new to yoga get their start at a studio and may not realize that they need  yoga towels on top of their mat.

When you keep yoga towels on hand, your studio is better equipped to meet the needs of the people that visit. Even if someone has been practicing yoga for many years, they may simply forget their towel at home.

When you’re shopping for towels for your yoga studio, consider buying in bulk from Towel Super Center to enjoy a number of advantages.

Different Sizes of Yoga Towels Available to Suit Every Mat

Yoga mats are made in a variety of different sizes. At Towel Super Center, we have five sizes available, allowing you to pick up the perfect selection for your studio. If you keep mats in your studio, you can match them with the right yoga towel sizes, but don’t forget to buy for those who bring their own mats.

To accommodate every person who visits your studio, make sure to pick up small, medium and large-sized yoga towels. If you were to only buy one size towel, you’d leave some people feeling dissatisfied. Those with smaller or larger yoga mats would have to work with a towel that’s either too big or too small for their mat. Using the wrong sized towel, they could slip during the session or have too much focus on the towel itself instead of their poses.

Wholesale Yoga Towels Made of Premium Cotton for Absorption

People use yoga towels to keep their mats from becoming slippery. While some people think yoga is all about relaxation, it can actually make you sweat a lot. The material of a yoga mat, while great at sticking to the floor, becomes slippery when it gets wet. That slipperiness can get in the way during a session and even cause injuries.

When yoga towels are placed to absorb moisture, people can focus on their sessions without worrying about their hands or feet slipping. One of the main elements of yoga is balance, but it’s hard to balance when your hands and feet keep sliding around. Fortunately, yoga towels from Towel Super Center are made from 100 percent premium cotton, a great material for absorbing moisture.

Save Money With Bulk Yoga Towels

Even if you own or manage a small yoga studio, imagine how many people come through your door every day. For sanitary reasons, each of those people needs at least one clean towel, possibly more. Buying yoga towels is a necessity for your business, and there’s a way to save money with this purchase.

For most product sales, there’s a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer. Buying wholesale towels for yoga will help you save money because you’re avoiding the marked up price that a retailer would charge. And the more towels you buy from us, the lower the price per towel!

Shop wholesale yoga towels from Towel Super Center today.

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