New Business Owner’s Guide to Buying Towels

Wholesale Towels For Your Business

Buying quality towels in bulk can be a huge advantage for several reasons. First, you get quality at an affordable price. Wholesale prices give you the best value since you get a larger discount when you buy more towels. Second, you’re able to restock your towels with the same model when your supply runs low. Third, you get consistency. You know all your guests are getting the same experience out of their towels because they all have the same size, absorbency and comfort level.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to buy towels in bulk, what the different options are and which are best for your business.

 Understanding Bulk Towel Purchases

Purchasing towels for your business involves many different factors. You need the correct size and material for your purpose. You’ll also need to consider durability, so your towels will last for years to come. If your customers interact with your towels, you’ll need to factor in the softness and quality of your material.

Here are some of the things you should consider as you decide what towels you need for your business:

1. Towel Materials

Many towels are 100 percent cotton. It’s a natural material that provides premium softness and high absorbency. However, there are also some towels made from synthetic fibers. Here are some of the materials you might consider:

  • Terry cloth: Terry cloth is essential for any towel that your customer uses. Terry cloth is thick, fluffy and inviting. It feels soft on the skin while efficiently picking up water. Terry cloth towels are made from absorbent cotton on a special loom, and its loops draw in moisture.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is a synthetic material. Every fiber is less than the width of a human hair. It is highly absorbent and expands as it collects water, so it’s great for drying surfaces and cleaning up spills. Restaurants, hotel cleaning services and car washes can all make good use of microfiber towels.
  • Velour: Velour, often called velour terry, is similar to cotton terry cloth towels. The loops are sheared, which gives a softer, plusher feel that’s almost like velvet. Velour is less absorbent, which makes them a common choice for decorative towels. Their luxurious appearance makes them a good option for country clubs because the material is ideal for golfers to clean off their clubs.
  • 86/14 blended: These towels are a premium blend of 86 percent cotton and 14 percent polyester. The cotton makes them comfortable and luxurious, and polyester gives them increased durability.

2. Towel Quantities

In the search for towels in bulk, you might be wondering how many you need. The key is to look at how many guests you serve in a day and how often you do laundry. You’ll need at least enough towels to serve each guest between laundry days. Also, you’ll want to have a good stock of extras on hand. This measure ensures you don’t run out of towels and lets you replace towels that get stained.
Wholesale towel retailers make it simple to order towels in large quantities. Typically, wholesalers price towels according to the size of the order. At Towel Super Center, we sell our products by the dozen. Once you’ve chosen the towel you want, you’ll see a table that lays out our pricing for that product. As you increase the quantity, the price you pay per dozen decreases. 
For example, if you were to order five dozen of our 24X50-Premium White Bath towels 86/14 Blend towels, you would pay $31.99 per dozen. If you needed 20 dozen, you would only pay $29.99 per dozen.

3. Towel Grade and Quality

At Towel Super Center, we offer several grades of towels. You can find the perfect combination of value and quality. Except for microfiber cloths, all our towels are made with natural 100 percent cotton. With cotton, you can be confident your towels will be comfortable and durable, no matter what grade you choose. Here are the grades we offer:

  • Economy: Economy towels let you stretch your linen budget without sacrificing quality. Cotton economy towels give you a plush, durable towel with a focus on affordability and value.
  • Premium: A step up from economy-grade towels, premium towels offer superior comfort, strength and absorbency. They have improved durability that makes them more cost-effective. They also resist stains and odors.
  • Premium plus: Premium plus towels are soft and fluffy and offer the best drying action. They will also hold up for years to come. Ideal for spas, salons and hotels, they come in a stunning white that won’t fade with time.
  • Bleach-resistant: If you run a hair salon or spa, you need a bleach-resistant towel. Hair bleach, cosmetics, acne creams and more have chemicals that can cause spotting in fabrics. With bleach resistant towels, you can offer vibrant, colorful towels without worrying about stains.

Towel Grade and Quality

4. Towel Sizes

When ordering towels in bulk, it’s essential to consider the size of the towel you need. A towel needs to be big and absorbent enough to meet your guests’ needs. So, as you look for the right towels for your business, take a careful look at the size. There are a few factors to consider when it comes to size:

  • Dimensions: Towels range in dimension from the 12-by-12 inch washcloth to the 60-by-35 inch bath sheet. The purpose of your towel will determine what size to get. For example, the 12-by-18 inch fingertip towel is better for decorative and occasional use. In contrast, hand towels, which range from 15 by 25 inches to 18 by 30 inches, are more versatile. For more information on the towel size you need, visit our towel size guide
  • Thickness: A towel’s thickness is measured in GSM, or grams per square meter. This measurement looks at how many cotton loops a towel has on its surface. The more loops, the thicker and fluffier it feels. Thick towels are more absorbent, durable and soft. Thinner towels are more affordable, better for temporary use and easier to clean. As a general rule, anything less than 200 GSM is too thin, anything more than 900 GSM is too thick.
  • Weight: Typically, heavier towels are considered higher quality than lightweight towels. For towels, weight is measured in pounds per dozen. High-quality, heavier towels offer a luxurious feel and are ideal for spas and upscale hotels and resorts. You should consider the weight of the towels as you decide how soft and absorbent you would like them to be.

5. Types of Towels

Types Of Towels

Whether you need a full set of towels in every size or are looking for a particular size to meet your needs, there are many different types of towels. Usually classified by dimensions, towels have several types, including:

  • Washcloth: These towels range from 11-by-11 inches to 13-by-13 inches. Also called face towels, they are the perfect size to wash one’s face or scrub one’s body in the shower. They are generally too small to dry things, but they also work as a decorative towel.
  • Hand towel: Ranging from 16 to 18 inches wide by 28 to 30 inches long, hand towels have a wide range of uses. You can find them in bathrooms and kitchens to dry your hands after washing. They are generally a bit thicker than washcloths because people use them several times a day.
  • Fingertip towel: Fingertip towels are between the sizes of washcloths and hand towels. They are 11-by-18 inches wide and often used for decorative purposes. Also called rally towels, these towels are great for promotional giveaways and sporting events.
  • Bath towel: Bath towels are large enough to wrap the whole body. They range from 20 to 30 inches wide by 40 to 58 inches long. Many businesses need to have bath towels in stock, including spas, salons, barbershops, hotels, fitness centers, yoga studios and golf or country clubs.
  • Bath sheet: Roomier than the standard bath towel, bath sheets are like an upgraded bath towel. Sized between 35 inches wide by 60 inches long and 40 inches wide by 70 inches long, bath sheets have extra surface area for faster drying.

6. Towels and Branding

When buying towels for your business, it’s paramount to consider how the towels make your customers feel. When towels have a consistent look and feel, they can play into a customer’s perception of your brand. Here are some things to consider when it comes to choosing a towel that fits your brand:

  • Color: Color-coordinated towels extend your brand identity throughout your business. The right color towel can also convey feeling to your guests. A bright orange or lime green gives off energy and could be a bold choice for an athletic towel. A light blue towel might work best in a pool house.
  • White: People expect to find white towels at a hotel because they represent cleanliness and luxury. White towels create an upscale environment for your customers and work great for hotels and spas.
  • Embroidery: You can show off your brand to your customers by embroidering your towels. Create an elegant monogram with your brand’s initials or choose to stitch a logo or pattern related to your brand.

Buying Wholesale Towels for Your Business

Every industry has unique towel needs. For your new business, you need towels that perform well and provide your guests with a great experience. As you look for quality towels, consider durability, softness and absorbency. Here is how towel needs vary by industry:

Choosing Towels for Spas

For a brand built on luxury, zen and relaxation, it’s vital to weave that into every aspect of the spa experience. You need a full range of washcloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets. You’ll also need to focus on quality and comfort. When your clients are expecting to be pampered at every step of the way, a premium, plush fabric is critical.

Choosing Towels for Salons

When giving clients the hairstyles of their dreams, towels are an essential part of the salon experience. With bleach-resistant bath towels, salons can create great looks without damaging their towels. A nail salon should have a selection of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths on hand for cleaning and drying off clients’ hands and feet.

Buying Wholesale Towels For Your Business

Choosing Towels for Gyms

Offering towels at gyms, health centers or yoga studios enhances the experience. With hand towels, guests can wipe off sweat, wipe down machines to keep your space sanitary and even use them in their exercise routines. When a gym-goer wants to shower after an intense workout, having bath towels on hand is a nice touch.

Choosing Towels for Hotels and Resorts

As homes away from home, hotels and resorts come with fully-stocked bathrooms. As such, you will need a complete towel selection for each room. Typically, towels are replaced each day, unless guests take part in a towel reuse program. It’s essential to have extra towels on hand in case some get stained or worn out or if a guest requests more towels for their room.

  • Washcloth: Each guest will need a washcloth to wash his or her face. For each double bed in a room, you should have two hand towels in the bathroom.
  • Hand towel: Each guest in a room will need a hand towel. Stock the bathroom with the same amount of hand towels as washcloths. Consider having extra hand towels available at the fitness center, too.
  • Bath towel: Many guests will use more than one bath towel. A good rule of thumb is to stock the bathroom with enough bath towels for each guest to have two. Consider having extra bath towels or dedicated pool towels on hand for the hotel swimming pool.
  • Bath mat: A bath mat is a kind of towel guests can lay on the floor when they shower. Each room will need one bath mat.

Choosing Towels for Car Washes or Car Detailing

Car washes, detailing and auto body shops don’t provide towels to their customers. Instead, their focus is on a high-absorbency cloth that can get the job done and make a car’s surface shiny and polished. With microfiber, you can make a car sparkle with a single towel. Microfiber towels have a powerful, absorbent fabric that provides the perfect solution for car washes and detail shops.

Choosing Towels for Golf or Country Clubs

Private clubs offer an upscale experience, and your towels contribute to this. Your members expect a certain level of luxury when they visit your club, and offering complimentary towels is a great way to provide this. Here are some of the towels you should consider for your golf or country club:

  • Trifold grommet: On the green and the fairway, towels are a golfer’s best friend. A small hand towel keeps their hands clean and lets them polish off their clubs between swings. A trifold grommet is a hand towel made for golfing. It is folded into three sections, with a brass ring called a “grommet” attached to it. The grommet makes it easy to hang, so golfers can grab and go. It also allows golfers to attach it right to their golf bags.
  • Corner grommet: Like a trifold grommet, a corner grommet is also designed for golfers. It has its grommet attached to the corner rather than centered at the top. Their material is great for embroidery to create a personalized, professional look.
  • Bath towel: If your club has a pool, you’ll also want to offer complimentary bath towels or pool towels for guests who want to lounge poolside.
  • Bar mop: Country clubs have many amenities, and food and beverages are a staple. Between catered events and daily food service, your country club might double as a full-scale restaurant. In that case, you’ll need towels to clean tables, dishes and spills. Towels can also be handy in the kitchen for food prep and keeping hands clean.

Choosing Towels for Restaurants

There are tons of uses for towels in a restaurant setting. Towels are used in food prep for washing both hands and ingredients. They’re also used to clean tables and bars and to polish glassware. If a drink or bowl of soup spills at a table, waitstaff must have towels on hand to offer great service and keep customers comfortable.

Bar mops come in 15 by 18 inches or 16 by 19 inches. The basic bar mop comes in white. Some come with stripes, which is useful for color-coding. Color-coding your towels can help keep track of food prep and cleaning towels, so your kitchen stays sanitary.

Bulk Order Towels for Your Business Today

If you’re looking for wholesale towels for sale, Towel Super Center can help. Our online store has the right towels for your spa, salon, restaurant, gym, car wash, hotel or country club. You can also shop for towels by application, so you can find the right kind of towel for your industry and business needs.
At Towel Super Center, we offer a wide selection of vibrant colors and optical white models, so your towels become part of your business’s visual identity. Our towels are made with 100 percent cotton for soft, durable and absorbent material with a wide range of applications. Ready to get started? Select the grade you want or browse towels by size today.
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