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If you're looking to replenish your supply of towels for your business, look no further than Towel Super Center. We have the quality, service and savings that are right for your business!

Our premium plus towels are popular among salons, spas and gyms. They are super soft, highly absorbent and made from 100 percent cotton. These premium wholesale towels will add an air of luxury to your business, and they can be monogrammed to give your premium plus towels a distinct look.

See what our premium plus wholesale towels can do for you and your clients when you order from us today.

Premium Plus Quality

Item#: D25

Our Price: $12.99

Premium-PLUS White hand towels for high end Resort, Hotel, Spa, Salon , these hand towels are made...

Item#: D27

Our Price: $14.99

Premium-PLUS white hand towels for high end Resort, Hotel, Spa, Salon, these hand towels are 100%...

Item#: D30

Our Price: $18.99

Premium-PLUS white hand towels for high end Resort, Hotel and Spa, these hand towels are made of...

Item#: D2034

Our Price: $45.99

Premium-PLUS quality bath mats size 20x34 weight 9Lbs/doz. High end for Hotels and Resorts.These...

Item#: D13

Our Price: $7.99

Wholesale White Washcloths 13X13 made of 100% supreme cotton 7-star hotel quality business that...

Item#: D26

Our Price: $14.99

Premium-PLUS hand towels 16x26(2.8Lbs/doz)full terry from edge to edge, no borders in these towels....

Item#: D28

Our Price: $17.99

Premium-PLUS White hand towels 16x28 full terry towels, no borders running through these towels....

Item#: D25CL

Our Price: $12.95

Wholesale Hand towels 15x25 colors Premium-PLUS at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors...

Item#: D25CG

Our Price: $12.95

Wholesale Salon towels Premium-PLU 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors...

Item#: D25DB

Our Price: $12.95

SALON TOWELS PREMIUM-PLUS 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors made of...

Item#: D25NB

Our Price: $12.95

SALON TOWELS Premium-PLUS 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors made of...

Item#: D25BG

Our Price: $12.95

SALON TOWELS Premium-PLUS 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors made of...

Item#: D25BK

Our Price: $12.95

Salon towels Premium-PLUS High End Hand towels 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety...

Item#: D25PR

Our Price: $12.95

Salon towels Premium-PLUS High End Hand towels 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety...

Item#: D25RB

Our Price: $12.95

Salon towels Premium-PLUS High End Hand towels 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety...

premium plus quality from Towel Super Center

What Makes a Premium Towel Premium

A premium towel is designed to provide a fluffy, soft feeling while looking great. Our premium towels are extremely absorbent and perfect for any salon, spa, gym, restaurant, health club or any other business.

These premium plus towels suit a company's every use. Made of the highest quality cotton, these towels provide the ultimate softness and durability and are easy to clean and maintain. We offer premium plus towels in a variety of colors and sizes to meet every need.

When your clients or guests visit your business, they have expectations for pampering and primping. They want to feel better than they did when they walked in. The towels you stack around your salon, spa or gym will prepare your clients to be spoiled. Premium plus towels will speak to the high quality of your business.

  • Soft: Your guests will never want to leave once they feel our plush, premium plus towels brush against their skin. Even after multiple washes, our lush cotton towels remain ultra-soft and fluffy.
  • Durable: Our towels can withstand several washes without losing their premium quality. Each wash will leave your towels feeling as fresh as the day you bought them.
  • Absorbent: Water and other liquids are absorbed quickly and effectively by our premium plus cotton towels. Your guests won’t sit around with damp skin, clothes or hair and spills can be cleaned right away.

Our towels offer incomparable softness, durability and absorbency to keep your business running efficiently and your clients happy. For a high-end business, you won't want to be without your premium plus quality towels.

Premium Plus Wholesale Towels for Any Use

premium plus wholesale towels are good for many uses

Our premium quality towels are perfect for a business' every use.

  • Drying skin: Our premium plus towels are perfect for drying after working out, showering or washing hands. Choose from premium plus hand towels and bath towels for clients to dry efficiently with a soft, durable towel they can enjoy.
  • Drying hair: Long or thick hair can a while to dry, so be sure to stock up with absorbent premium plus towels for your clients' hair and for preventing their clothes from becoming wet and uncomfortable.
  • Washing: Our premium plus washcloths are needed for washing during showers and will give guests the gentleness they deserve.
  • Coverage: In a spa, guests will need large bath towels to cover up. They'll long for the premium plus quality towels that will caress their bodies in plush softness.
  • Marketing asset: Take advantage of the opportunity to use your premium plus towels as a marketing asset. Vibrant, high-quality towels will speak volumes to your guests, and you can embroider towels with your logo.

Invest in premium plus quality towels with Towel Super Center today to meet your business' every need.

Grab the Softest, Most Durable Premium Plus Towels

You deserve the best towels money can buy, but why spend more than you can afford for luxury? At Towel Super Center, you can find wholesale prices on premium towels for personal and professional use. No matter what you're looking for –– from hand towels and bath towels to washcloths and everything in between –– you'll find it with us at Towel Super Center.

Even though the discounts are deep, especially when you buy multiple units of any product we offer, you'll never be getting anything but the best fabrics and towel solutions. These 100 percent cotton premium plus towels aren't just soft — they're ultra-comfy and durable, too!

Meet your business needs every day by having premium plus towels on hand at all times when you buy in bulk. At Towel Super Center, wholesale distribution is a fantastic purchasing option for our premium plus towels.

Buying premium plus towels wholesale:

  • Saves you money. Take advantage of the wholesale discounts we offer here at Towel Super Center. You'll save more by buying more, which means you'll cut costs on shipping and your premium plus towels.
  • Saves you time. When you buy in bulk, you'll spend less time on menial tasks such as placing orders, waiting on shipments and tracking inventory and more time on actively promoting your business and earning a profit. Why wait over and over on small orders of premium plus towels to be delivered when you can buy a large quantity wholesale all at once?

When you buy your premium plus towels wholesale with us at Towel Super Center, you'll ensure you have the towels you need, when you need them, at the price you can afford.

Order your favorite wholesale premium towels today and have them shipped to your home, office or warehouse door when you need them. Setting up a shipment with us takes only a few moments. Be sure to order enough to satisfy your needs.

Our Premium Plus Towels Come in All the Colors of the Rainbow

premium plus towels from Towel Super Center come in many colors

Looking for a particular hue to brighten your towel closet? You can find just about any color of towel in a host of shades when you shop for premium plus varieties through Towel Super Center. That's because we know you like the towels you offer your family, houseguests and customers to be nothing short of fabulous.

Do you want bold, bright colors? You'll find them at Towel Super Center. Are you looking for sophistication? Choose from our rich neutrals or dark colors. Seeking a classic look? We have premium plus quality white and black towels that will give your business that classic aesthetic you're looking for.

Our colors for all types of towels include:

  • Aqua blue
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue stripe
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal grey
  • Dark brown
  • Gold stripe
  • Hot pink
  • Hunter green
  • Lime green
  • Medium blue
  • Navy blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Royal blue
  • Silver grey
  • White
  • Yellow

Colors like purple and black may suggest sophistication, blue and green may suggest relaxation and peace, and white may suggest luxury and cleanliness. Your choice of color can create a look of cohesion for your company's aesthetic and brand.

In addition to color, brand your towels with your logo as a marketing tool. Embroidered logos on your premium plus towels can give your business an additional high-class quality. If you prefer, you can opt to split your order between towels you want to be embroidered and those you don't.

No matter what color is best for your residential or commercial needs, you always have options with us. You can also choose to purchase several colors to add some fun and character to your supply of towels.

Wholesale Premium Towels Are Sized Right for Every Need

What types of premium plus towels do you need the most? Bath towels for your spa clients? Hand towels for your nail salon? Washcloths for your guest bathroom? Every towel available in our deluxe lineup has a specific purpose and offers ideal dimensions for getting the job done.


At Towel Super Center, we provide a variety of sizes. Choose between sizes ranging from 11-by-11 inches to 66-by-104 inches. We offer a selection of towel sizes and types for your business needs:

  • Salon towels
  • Gym towels
  • Bleach resistant towels
  • Nail and tanning salons
  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Washcloth towels


When choosing your towel, don't forget to take into consideration their weight. Heavier towels might take longer to wash or dry, but they can also evoke a sense of luxury in your clients.

Don't worry about our towels changing shape on you the first time you add them to a dryer load. All our towels are carefully stitched along the side, which helps reduce the risk of any kind of cotton fiber fraying or tearing. Additionally, cotton of this quality resists shrinking even when you use dryer heat to get your new towels ready for storage or use.

At Towel Super Center, we can help you find towels that are both aesthetically appealing and practical, so you can get the premium plus towels that work best for your business.

Premium Plus Towels Offer Wash-and-Go Hardiness

Never let their plushness fool you –– these wholesale luxury cotton towels can take everything you throw their way. Cleaning up is as easy as laundering, drying and using them again. No matter what kind of detergents you use, your 100 percent cotton premium plus towels will come out sparkling and smelling great.

Proper Premium Plus Towel Care Techniques

But how do you keep your premium plus towels clean and durable through wash after wash?

  • Keep your premium plus towels soft. Towels become difficult to dry and feel unpleasant to use when they lose their soft quality. Keep your towels soft by avoiding fabric softeners, using small loads and the proper techniques for drying, and removing wet towels quickly rather than leaving them in the wash for hours.
  • Improve the absorbency of your premium plus towels. Forgo the use of fabric softener to encourage maximum absorbency.
  • Wash your premium plus towels after three uses. Hang towels between each use so they have a chance to drive and use towels only a maximum of three times before you wash them.
  • Remove residue from your premium plus towels. To keep towels fresh or to return them to their initial quality, you’ll need to remove residue. To do so, use vinegar and hot water during the first wash. Then wash the towels again, but this time with baking soda and hot water. When the cycle is complete, use low heat to dry your towels.

Using the Proper Detergent for Your Premium Plus Towels

When you purchase premium plus towels for your business, you’re making an investment. You'll want to ensure your towels continue looking and feeling great for your guests. After many washes, though, towels can sometimes start to lose that soft, new feeling. As they grow less absorbent, it soon becomes time to replace them.

using the right detergent on premium plus towels keeps them looking and feeling great

The right detergent for your premium plus towels can keep your linens looking and feeling great and delay the day you'll need to replace them.

  • Select the detergent that works for your machine. Some brands of detergent may work for both high-efficiency and regular washing machines, but others are made for specific machines. Choose the proper detergent for your washing machine to ensure you’re getting the best wash cycles.
  • Use the recommended amount. Using too much detergent will prevent the soap from being rinsed away. Towels will develop an odor and become stiff after drying if coated with a residue from leftover soap.

You'll appreciate not having to constantly load up on new towels when you invest in premium plus versions of your favorites. From morning until night, they'll be there to soak up moisture and keep everyone feeling cuddled and dry.

Purchase Your Wholesale Premium Plus Towels With Towel Super Center

When you need towels for your business, you should be able to find quality towels for an affordable price. At Towel Super Center, we offer great prices, outstanding customer service and the best wholesale linens for your business.

Your spa, salon, hotel or gym needs large quantities of premium quality towels. Clients love to feel pampered with fluffy, soft towels, and ensuring you have a large supply of towels at the ready means you and your clients will never be without a towel when one is needed.

Choose our white towels to complement the aesthetic of your business and to suggest cleanliness and luxury. Or choose from any of our other bright colors and sizes to create the custom look you want for your business.

When you purchase wholesale with Towel Super Center, you'll get your towels right when you need them at affordable prices for all orders and sizes. Ready to make your towel purchase? Buy your towels with Towel Super Center today.

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