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Wholesale Bed Sheets

Item#: T130-34

Our Price: $16.99

Optical white pillow cases in standard size 42x34 very popular with hotels/motels/spas. Easily...

Item#: T130-104

Our Price: $47.99

Optical white pillow cases in standard size 42x34 very popular with hotels/motels/spas. Easily...

Check Out Amazing Wholesale Bed Sheets

They’re comfortable. They’re attractive. They’re perfectly sized. Are you surprised to see they’re also incredibly affordable?

Towel Super Center has amassed tons of wholesale bed sheets perfect for moderate to heavy use. Instead of spending too much to get the right type of bedding, opt to spend less and get incredible quality.

Order your preferred number of bed sheets at wholesale prices from our online store today.

Bed Sheets for Businesses and Residential Use

Do you operate a business where you find yourself needing new bed sheets on a regular basis? You probably do if your company reflects any of these industries:

  • Hospitality: Whether you have a small bed and breakfast or a five-star luxury hotel, your employees need to have supplies of new bed sheets on a regular basis. Why risk running short on bed sheets, or offering your guests bed sheets of a lower quality? Instead, order plenty of high quality bed sheets from Towel Super Center from your mobile device or PC.
  • Medicine: Medical facilities often require bed sheets, and the staff may need to make instant changes several times a day. Don’t allow yourself to get behind on the amount of bedding available, especially if you suddenly have a wave of patients who need overnight or long-term care. Even some doctor’s offices and emergency health care clinics find themselves in need of bed sheets, so be prepared.
  • Education: Many colleges and universities are giving their students the option of having a dorm room that is regularly furnished with new bed sheets. If this describes your facility, you must keep up with the demand. Each of our wholesale bed sheets is built to hold up under normal use, and will feel and look great.
  • Tourism: Does your company supply beach houses and vacation properties with linens? Don’t ever let yourself run short. Instead, stock up on the best Towel Super Center wholesale bed sheets in all the sizes you need. With Towel Super Center solutions, you can be sure your bed sheets will be durable and last, saving you money by extending your linen budget.
  • Adult and Youth Camps: All overnight camps should consider looking through our selection of high-grade wholesale bed sheets for their facilities. Campers want to feel like they have soft, comfortable bed sheets and you can deliver on their expectations without breaking the bank.
  • Individuals: Have a big house with lots of rooms? Own several homes or furnished properties for rent? Consider the value of purchasing our wholesale bed sheets for residential use.

The Best Bed Sheets in All Shapes and Sizes

Do you need queen-sized bed sheets? King-sized bed sheets? Twin sheets? Or a combination of several bed sheet types?

Regardless of your desires, we have the bed sheets you need at wholesale prices. You can even choose from a variety of colors and grades. Our goal is to give you all the selections you want, and then offer deep price cuts that our competitors can’t match.

Make sure you visit our site regularly for new sales and updates on bed sheets, towels and other merchandise that you need to keep your business running smoothly day-in, day-out.

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