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Wholesale Washcloths at Towel Super Center

Whether you want the plushest luxury-weight washcloths for your luxury hotel or the most absorbent economy washcloths for your car wash, Towel Super Center is here to help. Browse our selection of washcloths at wholesale prices and find out why Towel Super Center is the Internet’s favorite destination for discount towels.

Wholesale Washcloths

Item#: P13CL

Our Price: $3.99

100% cotton wholesale colored washcloths size 13X13, great for any business that needs a heavy...

Item#: P12

Our Price: $3.25

washcloths-Premium quality White made of 100% cotton terry 12x12-1Lb/doz(16oz/doz), great for any...

Item#: E12

Our Price: $2.50

Cheap washcloth wholesale made of 100% cotton terry cloth size 11x11 weight 1Lb/doz(16oz/doz),...

Item#: E10

Our Price: $1.69

Cheap washcloth wholesale made of 100% cotton terry cloth size 11x11 weight 0.5Lb/Doz(8oz), great...

Item#: E11

Our Price: $1.89

Cheap washcloth wholesale made of 100% cotton terry cloth size 12x12 weight 0.75Lb/doz(12oz/doz),...

Item#: P13SG

Our Price: $3.99

100% cotton Silver grey washcloths wholesale size 13X13, great for any commercial use or business...

Item#: P13

Our Price: $3.75

Premium white washcloths made of 100% cotton 13x13-1Lb/doz, great for any commercial use or...

Item#: P13BK

Our Price: $3.99

Black washcloths 100% cotton size 13X13, great for any commercial use or business that needs a...

Item#: D13

Our Price: $6.99

13X13(1.5lb) Premium-PLUS white luxury washcloths made of 100% supreme cotton 7-star hotel quality...

Item#: P13DB

Our Price: $3.99

100% cotton washcloths dark brown size13X13-Premium quality extra soft, great for any commercial...

Item#: P13CG

Our Price: $3.99

100% cotton Charcoal grey washcloths wholesale size 13X13, great for any commercial use or business...

Item#: MF16CL

Our Price: $6.49

16X16(200GSM ECONOMY LINE) microfiber towels

Item#: W13CL

Our Price: $9.99

Bleach Proof washcloth towels size 13X13 Premium-Plus quality at very competitive low price from...

Item#: MF14CL

Our Price: $5.99

14X14(250GSM PREMIUM LINE) microfiber towels

Choose White Hand Towels for Business or Residential Use

Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner, you need hand towels. Why not pamper your guests, patrons or family members by ordering a supply of wholesale hand towels from Towel Super Center?

We make it simple for anyone to get deep discounts on superior economy grade white hand towels. You'll love how soft they are and how long they last.

Depend on 100% Cotton Nail and Tanning Salon Hand Towels

As the owner of a nail and/or tanning salon, you know how important it is to have hand towels ready throughout the day. To ensure you have a continuous stock of high-quality options that will wow your clientele, buy only economy white hand towels from Towel Supercenter.

These economy hand towels are made from 100% cotton fibers, giving them the benefits of cotton at a reasonable price. We offer units of 12 hand towels, allowing you to buy as many as you need. Remember that because you’re getting all of your hand towels from one source, they’ll be the same foldable, stackable 15” x 25” size.

Order your hand towels and other nail and tanning salon towels today from our online store.

Grab White Hand Towels for Your Hotel or Fitness Facility

Does it seem like your hotel, spa or gym is always running low on hand towels? Stop buying replacement white hand towels and paying too much.

Order a supply of wholesale hand towels in bulk and never worry that you'll be without them when you need them most. Our incredible pricing makes it possible for you to get more towels for less money than you imagined. Finally, you can be frugal without your customers knowing!

Add Wholesale Hand Towels to Your Bathrooms

Are you looking for a way to offer patrons the opportunity to "go green" or be more environmentally friendly when washing their hands in the restroom? Instead of installing a blow dryer that uses energy or offering landfill-clogging paper towels, provide a basket of neatly stacked economy white hand towels.

It will be your way of showing that you not only care about the environment but also that you value the comfort of your customers, too. In today's competitive marketplace, you might be surprised at how much of an impact such a simple eco-friendly move can make.

Hand Towels That Work as Hard as You

Avoid constantly buying hand towels. Save money and purchase 100% cotton economy hand towels that are built to last.

Each hand towel is made from strong cotton fibers that resist stretching, tearing and losing shape. You’ll notice right away how they hold up each time you use them. Plus, they seem to get softer and more comfortable the longer they’re part of your team!

These Towels Wash and Dry Like Champs

Have you found that some of your hand towels hold onto stains? Not these! Cotton is a stain-resistant material, and thanks to its white hue, it can be cleaned with a bleach product or bleach alternative.

Additionally, cotton is fast drying, allowing you to use less energy every time you launder your supply of hand towels.

Trust Towel Supercenter for the most reliable economy white hand towels on the market!

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