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66x104 Twin Bed Sheets


Item#: T130-104

Our Price: $53.99

Twin Flat Bedsheets T130 size 66x104 in optical white. Easily usable at massage tables. Great...

If you own a hotel or motel or any accommodation-style business, bed sheets are a major point of your identity. Guests expect high-quality bed sheets that provide them with a luxurious night of sleep.

Luckily, with Towel Super Center, you don't have to spend a fortune to get the twin bed sheet options your business demands. Towel Super Center lets you buy luxury 66x104 bed sheet sets and other linen products at discounted prices, allowing you to deliver restfulness without cutting into your budget.

Buy Your Bedsheets From Towel Super Center

Buying your bed linens from Towel Super Center means many advantages:

  • Quality. With our flat bed sheets, you don't have to worry about scratchiness, shrinking, fading, fraying or other issues. Our bedsheets are made from quality materials and are thick enough to feel comfortable while lasting wash after wash. We make sure none of our products are cheaply made, ensuring your sheets stay looking great even with many guests.
  • Business expertise. Many boutique inns, spas, hotels, motels and other businesses already come to Towel Super Center for their bed sheets and linens. We know what businesses need to make the best possible impression on guests and clients and we ensure that all our products deliver. Why buy from a business that isn't familiar with your needs when you can shop with us? We are responsive to your needs and we work hard to make sure your bed sheets reflect your commitment to comfort.
  • Bed sheets you'll be proud to put on your beds. Many hotels and motels advertise the quality of their bed linens. With our bed sheets, you can advertise extremely durable, extra-soft and luxurious bedsheets for guests. Your staff will be pleased to offer turndown service with linens like these!
  • Bedsheets that are durable. Bed sheets in hotel rooms have to be washed and dried at high temperatures often. Our sheets are made from tough materials to withstand multiple washings without fraying or looking dingy. They'll stay soft and luxurious for a long time to come.
  • Easy shopping. Towel Super Center makes it easy for you to shop at any time, day or night, for what you need. Shop by style, size, application and more. Just type in what you need, click a few buttons or swipe the screen, and your towels or sheets will be on their way to you. Plus, our wholesale prices ensure you save money — and you'll save even more on bulk orders. In addition, we offer bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and more, so you can get all of your shopping done in one place.

Why not do what many hotels and motels already do, by offering the highest-quality possible while saving money? Your competitors may already be using Towel Super Center. Shouldn't you? Order today!

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