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Whether you manage hotel rooms, gym equipment or bar counters, maintaining cleanliness is one of the best ways to impress a guest and transform them into a repeat customer. To keep your space in the best shape possible, you need high-quality cleaning materials — browse our selection of wholesale cleaning towels to find the best fit for your business.

Cleaning Towels

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Wholesale Cleaning Towels at Towel Super Center

Wholesale Cleaning Towels

It's a fact of life — eventually, everything gets dirty. Life moves from order to disorder, and no matter how hard we clean, dust will resettle, and drinks will be spilled. This means that cleaning is a regular part of our lives, whether you run a company or a home. To keep your space ordered, you must have a routine of sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, wiping and dusting. 

But not every cleaning material delivers the best results. For professionally clean areas, you need professional, high-quality materials. Specifically designed to maximize cleaning efficiency, cleaning towels help you keep your space in immaculate condition. Durable, absorbent and efficient, cleaning towels will revolutionize your cleaning routine, streamlining the process and producing thoroughly clean areas. 

Advantages of Cleaning Towels

Advantages of Cleaning Towels

Cleaning towels are essential for any home or business serious about its cleanliness. These versatile towels come with a long list of benefits including professional quality, lasting durability, quick-dry features, and are better for the environment. Cleaning towels will simplify your cleaning schedule and help keep your household surfaces or company spaces shining.

1. Quality

Today, many cleaning products aren't known for their quality.

Cloth cleaning towels have a much higher quality than the competition. In many ways, the primary advantage of using cleaning towels is their professional quality. To understand just how much better cleaning towels are than other cleaning products, let's briefly compare them to their chief competitor, the paper towel.

Paper towels aren't meant to last. Cheap, disposable and one-use products, they were designed to clean up a mess quickly, but they aren't good for much else. They are not ideal for household cleaning or keeping your business tidy because they don't last long.

Alternatively, cleaning towels are high-quality cleaning products, designed to handle any mess from kitchen slips to bar spills. A cleaning towel like a bar mop quickly absorbs moisture and has enough strength to scrub away more caked-on debris. They also send a message to your clients — when you use cleaning towels, you show that your business cares about the little things, including the way you keep your property neat. Cleaning towels prove that you care about every area of your business and that you are willing to invest in high-quality cleaning materials instead of disposable products.

2. Durability

Today, most cleaning products aren't designed to last. Many items we use every day are intended for only one or two uses. For example, when you use a wet wipe, you are supposed to throw it away immediately. Paper towels are not much better. In theory, you could rinse one out and use it one or two more times while cleaning a surface, but this is often messy, takes time and weakens the towel, making each cleaning progressively less effective than the last.

While these products are cheap, they don't last, which means that they can cost your company in the long run — years of re-purchasing disposable products can quickly add up. Cleaning towels, on the other hand, are designed to be durable. These towels can handle a variety of cleaning tasks, from wiping up a spill at the bar to soaking up liquid from carpet. Additionally, cleaning towels are intended for repeat use — once they are dirty, just toss them in a washing machine and use them again once they're clean.

Cleaning towels are durable cleaning products that will keep your home or business in sparkling condition for the long run. 

3. Quick Dry

When you need something to dry a surface quickly, cleaning towels are your go-to product — these multifaceted cloths are the perfect material for cleaning liquid messes.

Cleaning towels are specifically designed to absorb moisture. Whether you need them to clean up an overturned water bottle on the floor of your gym or a tipped drink on your outdoor bar, cleaning towels instantly sop up liquids. The fine fibers of microfiber towels, for example, allow them to hold more water, which means they are both more efficient and more effective.

This is especially helpful if your company regularly uses liquids — spas, salons, cafes, restaurants, bars and pools are just a few settings where absorbent cleaning towels are useful. Microfiber cleaning cloths are also great as shop towels and dusting cloths to clean cars without scratching the surface. 

4. Environmentally Friendly 

Environmentally Friendly

Using cleaning towels as opposed to disposable alternatives helps improve the environment. They're reusable, require less water for cleaning and produce much less waste. Additionally, some cleaning towels, such as a microfiber cleaning cloth that you can use as a dust rag, don't require the use of harsh chemical cleaners, which further reduces waste. 

The United States consumed 321.87 million paper towels in 2020. While paper can break down, it takes weeks to do so, and with such a high volume of waste, this process slows down even further and leaves massive piles of paper products that harm the environment. 

Furthermore, paper towels have a very short lifetime. After one use, people throw them away. You can't repurpose them into something else. On the other hand, you can use cleaning cloths time and time again. For example, many people use old towels and cloths for paint jobs, pet towels or bath mats. 

Uses of Cleaning Towels

No matter the business, everything needs a good cleaning once in a while. Because everyone can benefit from high-quality cleaning products, cleaning towels can be used in a wide variety of situations and environments, ranging from pet salons to car washes. Below we've listed a few of the most common businesses that use cleaning towels in their everyday operations — restaurants, bars, hotels, gyms, spas and healthcare facilities. 

1. Restaurants and Bars

If you have ever worked at a restaurant, you know that accidents happen. Maybe a server tripped on their way out of the kitchen and spilled a tray filled with drinks, or perhaps the chef's soup boiled over on the stove. When messes are made, you need strong and effective cleaning materials to take care of the problem quickly. 

In the food business, cleaning towels are essential for mopping up spills and cleaning dishes. Use bar mop towels to instantly wipe up a spill on your bar floor or absorb the remains of melted ice in the kitchen. Spills are a common occurrence in restaurants and bars, but if you only use paper towels, you will most likely go through several rolls a night. Over time, this adds up, both for the business's budget and the environment.

Alternatively, you can reuse cleaning towels, which cuts down costs and increases efficiency. Cleaning towels are thick enough to absorb nearly every spill, and they can safely be used on almost any surface without risk of damage. 

Cleaning towels are also helpful when handling hot objects, which makes them a favorite choice for people in the food business. If your servers have cleaning towels on-hand, they can use them to protect their hands as they handle hot plates of food.

Uses of Cleaning Towels

2. Hotels

Cleaning towels aren't just useful in food settings — they are an invaluable asset for the hospitality business, as well. 

Accidents in hotels don't look the same as those in restaurants. Where cafes may see a pot of coffee dropped on vinyl flooring, hotels often feature extensive carpeting. Weak or disposable towels aren't enough to clean liquid from carpet — while they are absorbent, they are thin and can break down quickly when wet.

Alternately, you can safely use cleaning towels on just about any surface. In many ways, hotels are a combination of many different types of business — with gyms, pools, spas, eating areas and bedrooms, keeping a hotel clean requires a product versatile enough to work in many different environments. Fortunately, cleaning towels are soft enough to wipe down many materials yet sturdy enough to handle larger messes.

Whether you're cleaning a bedroom, bathroom, breakfast room or common area like a lobby, a stack of cleaning towels can help you clean all areas of your hotel. 

3. Gyms

Gyms are places dedicated to fitness and self-improvement. Your patrons come to your establishment to focus on their health. However, dirt and sweat quickly accumulate on gym floors and machines — hundreds or even thousands of people touch your equipment every week, and the last thing you want is for them to get sick.

To take care of a gym's heavy-duty messes, you need sturdy, high-quality cleaning equipment, and cleaning towels are the perfect solution. Affordable, durable and highly absorbent, cleaning towels can quickly soak up sweat and wipe down machines. Cleaning towels are the ideal choice for mopping up any spills — if an energy drink or a full water bottle tips over, you can quickly mop up the mess with an absorbent cleaning towel. Pair your cotton towels with your favorite cleaning solution to keep your gym as germ-free as possible. 

Germs aren't the only thing that can spread in a gym. Sweat doesn't have a pleasant scent, and when a place is filled with sweaty people, odors are bound to waft through the air every once in a while. To cut down on any unpleasant odors, use cleaning towels to keep your equipment, floors and other surfaces in top condition. 

4. Spas

People go to spas to relax. Maybe they want to unwind after a stressful day at work, or perhaps they are celebrating a birthday or special anniversary. Whatever the reason, spa-goers expect a phenomenal experience — they want to be transported to another world, a place filled with lovely aromas, calming music and clean surfaces.

You might wonder why you need more than one type of towel for your spa. If you have already invested in luxurious, extra-fluffy spa towels, why would you need to purchase additional cleaning towels? The difference is in their purpose. While spa towels are designed for your customers, cleaning towels are for your staff — cleaning towels will help keep your business in perfect condition so patrons keep coming back. 

Water features are common in spas. Whether you have a small tabletop fountain, bubbling hot tubs or an indoor pond with a waterfall, the water is going to splash out of its bounds occasionally. Having a cleaning towel on-hand to quickly, neatly and efficiently wipe away any excess water keeps your spa looking professional and pulled together. 

Besides their efficiency, cleaning towels look nicer than disinfectant wipes or paper towels. Investing in cleaning towels shows your clients that you take care even in the details, supporting your spa's luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

5. Healthcare

Cleanliness in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, dental offices and clinics is essential to keep patients and guests safe. Anyone who visits these facilities likely already expects them to be pristine. People trust their healthcare facilities to keep them safe, whether they're coming for a check-up, surgery or seeking emergency care. 

Patients who need an extended stay will likely have family members and friends who visit them. These guests will expect and appreciate a clean facility. They want to know that you're taking care of their loved ones and protecting them from germs that could harm them. 

Finding cleaning cloths and towels to clean spills and wipe off surfaces efficiently is vital to ensure smooth facility operations. Spaces such as waiting rooms, restrooms and patient rooms are constantly in use by many people, and any visitor could carry bacteria and dirt particles that could compromise the health of another patient or visitor. Having quality towels for cleaning will aid in disinfecting surfaces and sterilizing touchpoints.

Because healthcare facilities must follow strict guidelines for sterilization and cleanliness, the towels you use likely see a lot of action and can wear down easily. These towels need to be washed frequently and should not be dirty or distressed. Finding quality cleaning rags in bulk will ensure you always have enough cleaning supplies to clean your facility and keep your patients safe. 

Why Buy in Bulk?

Cleaning towels are beneficial additions to any business. However, once you begin searching for the perfect towels, consider purchasing them in bulk. Below, we've outlined three advantages to buying your cleaning towels in bulk as opposed to smaller orders. 

1. To Always Have One on Hand

One thing is true about life and about running a business — you never know for sure what's going to happen on any given day. Hopefully, everything runs smoothly. However, mistakes are inevitable. Whether a patron knocks over their glass of wine or a client spills something on the carpet, accidents happen.

Purchasing cleaning towels in bulk means that you'll always have one on hand when you need it. You can buy as many at a time as you need — buy more than you expect since big spills need a lot of towels.

When you buy in bulk, you don't have to worry about running out of towels again.

2. To Increase the Towel's Lifespan

Cleaning towels get a lot of use. Because they are so versatile, you can use them for just about any cleaning situation. From wiping down kitchen counters to drying spa tables, a handy cleaning towel will become your company's new best friend.

However, just like any cloth, cleaning towels will wear out over time. After many uses and washes, they will begin to get thin and lose some of their absorbency. To make your towels last as long as possible, buy them in bulk.

When you buy towels in bulk, you ultimately reduce the number of uses and wash cycles for each towel. If you only have 30 towels, you'll have to wash each one every couple of days. This means that it won't take long for them to wear out, and you'll frequently have to reorder new shipments. Alternately, if you buy 300 towels for your business, you will significantly reduce the amount of wear on each towel, helping them last longer and saving you money in the long run.

3. To Ensure Cleaner Towels and Atmosphere

In many ways, the attractiveness of a business comes down to its atmosphere. If you run a hotel, you might want to cultivate an elegant, sophisticated tone for your guests, while an efficient, motivational and productive atmosphere would work for a gym. However, if your company isn't clean, guests won't notice your atmosphere — the lack of cleanliness will override everything else. 

As towels wear out, they also lose some of their effectiveness. This means that over time, your company could become less and less clean, and you might not notice the gradual change. When you purchase towels in bulk, they will last longer, producing a cleaner environment and atmosphere for both your employees and your clients.

Shop High-Quality Wholesale Cleaning Towels Today

Your company deserves the highest-quality cleaning materials — invest in the cleanliness and atmosphere of your business with the best wholesale cleaning towels.

At Towel Super Center, we are committed to providing our customers with a wide selection of premier towels at affordable prices. With our extensive range of wholesale towels, you can find a product that fits the needs of your specific business, whether you manage a spa, coffee shop or golf course.

Browse our selection of cleaning towels today and find the perfect, efficient towels for your company.

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