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Washing Tips

Prolong Towel Life With Washing Tips From Towel Super Center

Wondering how you can prolong the life of your towels? Make these simple tips a habit and spend less on replacement costs!

Protect Against Fading

Nothing is more annoying than seeing a brand-new towel fade several shades after only a few washes. Luckily, you can protect against fading with vinegar and by washing them at the right temperature.

The first few times you use your colored towels, wash them in warm water with half the recommended detergent. Add up to one cup of white vinegar with each load. Vinegar sets the color and removes unwanted soap residue. You won’t need to add vinegar forever — just the first two or three washes. Wash colors separately. 

Prevent and Eliminate Odors

Ever noticed your towel has a musty odor — even after you’ve washed it? That happens because moisture buildup causes mildew.

You can get rid of this unpleasant smell by washing your towels in the hottest water they can stand, with up to two cups of vinegar. Run it again with your normal detergent to wash out the vinegar scent. Always let damp towels dry completely before folding!

Improve Absorbency

Did you know towel manufacturers add a coating to towels to make them feel softer? Unfortunately, this coating also reduces absorbency.

Improve absorbency by washing them four to five times before the first use. Washing also reduces shedding. Just make sure you don’t overdo it on the detergent and fabric softener. Soaps and softeners cause scratchiness and reduce absorption.

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