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Terry Cloth Vs. Microfiber

When you buy towels for your business — whether you own a gym, salon or hotel — you want the right ones for the job. Selecting the best material for your towels plays a critical role in ensuring they serve their purpose — keeping your customers dry, clean and comfortable.

Terry cloth and microfiber are two common materials used to make towels. But what are they? Are there any differences that makes one a better choice than another in certain situations? Should you seek out terry cloth or microfiber towels? We answer all your questions in this guide.


Bamboo Bath Towels: Towels for Sensitive Skin

People who have sensitive skin know what a struggle it can be to find a towel that doesn't irritate their bodies. Certain materials can feel scratchy and uncomfortable against their skin. The problem may get worse when the towel becomes mildewed or moldy, which will further aggravate legs, arms, bellies and anything else they dry off.

Wondering how to avoid this issue? Find the best bath towels for sensitive skin. Towels made from bamboo pamper your skin and don't cause itchiness. For businesses, having this option on hand can improve your customer relations.


Your Guide to Bath Towels

Towels are one of those handy household goods that you likely don’t often think about until you need them in the moment. You trust that your towels will always be there when you need them, and in the times when they’re not, it’s extremely irritating. It isn’t a stretch to say that without a few well-placed towels in our home, most of us would be incredibly inconvenienced.


How to Remove Makeup From Towels

Whether your towels are for use at home or your business, you want them looking bright and clean. You can care for your towels and launder them as best as you can, but stains happen. When you or your guests wear makeup, your linens are even more likely to end up with marks from mascara, eyeliner, lipstick or foundation.

You know how difficult removing cosmetics from a towel can be if you've tried it before, but don't toss out your towels yet. There are solutions worth trying when you're wondering how to get makeup stains off of towels. But how do these stains happen, and why are they so stubborn?


White vs. Colored Towels: What Your Salon Needs

A new salon business owner needs to purchase towels for his salon, and he can’t decide between white or colored towels. He needs to make a decision soon but doesn’t know what to consider before making his purchase.

If you’ve ever faced this dilemma as salon owner — whether you own a hair, nail or tanning salon — you understand the overwhelming thought process the business owner went through. After all, white and colored towels each bring something different to a salon’s decor and overall atmosphere, and it’s not easy to choose between them.


10 Myths About Bulk Washcloths

Many people avoid buying face towels in large quantities because they've fallen for myths about washcloths sold in bulk. The pleasant truth is that buying numerous washcloths at once is a convenient, budget-friendly way to ensure you have the items you need at a price you'll appreciate.


How to Fold Gym Towels Like a Pro

If you run a fitness center, one of your top priorities is ensuring your clients love your gym and continue to come back week after week to use your machines and take your classes. One critical part of offering members a welcoming environment is to clean efficiently. You need to make sure your equipment and workout spaces remain sparkling and sanitary.


Turkish vs. Egyptian Cotton Towels

If you buy premium wholesale towels in bulk for your home or business long enough, you're bound to see products that boast either Turkish or Egyptian cotton fibers. However, you may wonder what the difference is between a Turkish or Egyptian cotton towel instead of knowing right away based on the label.

Let's take a look at some of the traits you need to consider to determine whether a Turkish or Egyptian cotton towel makes sense for your next purchase.


How Often Should You Wash Salon Towels?

Buying the right types of towels for your salon is the first step. Giving the towels the proper care is key in getting the most out of them, from keeping them in better condition to extending their lifespan. Washing your towels properly and washing them at the right times will help you get the most out of this important tool in your salon.


Bath Mat Size Guide

Your bath mats serve as both a functional and decorative item in your bathroom. When you're shopping for bath mats, you'll look at a number of different characteristics to find the right ones, like color, pattern and size.


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