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Fabric softener is excellent for many things. It keeps clothing fresh, soft and static-free and helps it retain its shape and color. Everyone likes fluffy, clean-scented laundry, and one of the most luxurious feelings is drying off with a soft towel. On the other hand, one of the worst feelings is toweling off with a dry, rigid towel.

Every time you use a towel, you rub whatever is on that towel onto your skin. While keeping your towels clean and dry is key, you also want to ensure you're using the right type of towel for your face and body. That's right — using specific towels made of certain materials is the best way to protect your skin. In other words, it's time to leave behind that one towel you use for showers, washing your face and drying your hands.

As a new parent, you may feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of baby care products, wondering which items are essential and which you can go without. Hooded baby towels are an excellent item to put on your list. Learn why these are so helpful to new parents, how to fold them and how to make them yourself with this step-by-step guide. 

While it's true that any old bar fastened to the wall can serve as a towel rack, a properly installed towel rack will add a touch of elegance and functionality to your bathroom walls. Moreover, you can correctly install a towel rack in just a few simple steps with basic materials you can easily find at your local hardware store. In this article, we provide you with everything you need to know about properly installing a towel rack to match and support your luscious towels.

You've created your packing checklist and you're ready to start filling up moving boxes. Some household goods that may slip your mind are your towels and linens. These items are durable and flexible, so packing linens and towels for moving should be simple, right? 

Your car's tires can easily pick up tar and spread it around to different areas of your vehicle. Scrubbing your car with sponges and paper towels can prove useless when trying to rid your car of stubborn tar. What can remove tar from a car? No matter what you are trying to clean — wheels, doors, windows, or the body — we have a high-quality microfiber cloth to fit your needs. For your vehicle's interior or exterior, nothing has the durability of microfiber cloths. These are the professionals' choices — read why they should be yours, too. 


Have you ever seen hotels or other businesses make beautiful designs out of bath towels but never understood how they did it? Well, today that will change! If you want to impress your guests, customers, friends or family, you can learn how to make a hand towel teddy bear in this DIY tutorial.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a baby shower, a little something to add to a gift basket or welcome package, or a cute DIY gift for a loved one, you’ll love learning how to turn a towel into a bear! 

Towels are as much a necessity for the average person as washing. Without towels, we'd get our homes and personal belongings wet every time we engage in any kind of self-washing. However, even though we use these items every day, there are only so many towels you need.

We encourage you to read through this article before you go buying another towel to add to your linen closet. Find out how many towels you truly need, the benefits of using fewer towels and make the most out of your current collection.

Nothing quite signals the start of the summer like fresh beach towels coming out of storage. Whether you’re heading to the beach or your neighborhood pool, having an eye-catching and fashionable beach towel can help you start your summer off on the right foot.

A unique way to add an artistic effect to your beach towels is tie-dyeing. You may know you can tie-dye T-shirts and pillowcases, and you can tie-dye bath towels and beach towels, too! Tie-dyeing is a fabric coloring process involving tying fabric in certain areas and dying the remaining fabric with color, creating unique patterns.

Interested in creating some fun and colorful beach towels before you head out to the dunes? Check out our tips for tie-dying towels.

You've just finished drying off after a long shower. Where do you put your wet towel? Throwing it on the floor creates clutter, dirties your towel, and doesn't allow it to dry properly. However, you can't fold your towel back up right away either if you want it to dry quickly. This situation is where a good towel rack comes in handy. Towel racks help you air-dry your used towels and also act as a storage method in a smaller bathroom space.

A good towel rack, however, can be difficult to find. Pre-built towel racks can be expensive and may not fit your custom space perfectly. Having a professional come and install a towel rack can be inconvenient as well as expensive.

But a towel rack doesn't have to be a complicated purchase or build — especially if you can build and install one yourself! In this guide, we'll walk you through how to build the perfect towel rack for your space. Read on to learn more.

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