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It may seem like a small detail, but bath towels can make a genuine difference in someone's bathing experience. Whether you're washing a client's hair at your salon or relaxing after a bath at home, you want to ensure your bath towels are soft and durable so they feel and work great. The best bath towel is one with an 86/14 cotton-polyester blend or is made of 100% cotton, has a GSM range between 400 and 600, is absorbent and dries fast. 

How Often to Replace Towels in Your Airbnb

Owning an Airbnb or another vacation rental property involves ensuring your property is in tip-top shape to impress guests and earn stellar reviews. Guests care deeply about cleanliness, comfort and appearance, so it's essential to know when to replace your linens and towels to impress your visitors. 

Having a keen eye for detail and recognizing when it's time to replace towels, linens and other items is an essential part of owning a great rental property. Keep your guests coming back for more and earn new ones in the process with proper care. 

Here's a quick guide to help you spot when it's time to replace your linens and towels. 

Natural Home Remedies to Relieve a Migraine

In today's busy world, headaches are a common occurrence for many people. Stress frequently leads to headaches, especially migraines, but they can also stem from specific medical conditions, medications, lack of sleep, dehydration and other causes. Whatever the reason, when you have a migraine, you want relief fast. Of course, there are plenty of prescription and over-the-counter choices, but these don't work for everyone. Plus, they may come with unwanted side effects. Thankfully, if you'd like to get relief from migraines without pharmaceuticals, you can also try many natural home remedies. 

find the perfect beach towel

When you imagine a relaxing day on the beach, you probably aren't envisioning a scratchy towel or an overly damp seat. Instead, you want a fluffy beach towel that stays dry and keeps you protected from the hot sand. Here, you'll learn some tips on how to find the best beach towels for your trip to the beach, with advice on how to keep your towel feeling fresh.

It's essential to act fast when pipes leak or heavy storms cause flooding in your home to minimize the damage. Some houses have sump pumps that work to defend your home from flooding. But the pumps rely on electricity, which can leave your home exposed to potential water damage if the power goes out. 

The area in a house most prone to taking in water is the basement. These spaces are typically at least partially underground, and water can seep through the walls when heavy rain or flooding occurs. Sewage and water pipes in basements can also leak and cause flooding.

Towels and wiping rags are essential for your mechanic shop, car dealership or car wash to run efficiently. Shop cloths function as one of the most valuable and versatile tools at a shop, and having a clean rag within reach makes the task at hand easier when you inevitably need to wipe something up. People's vehicles play a central role in their lives, so it's just as essential to ensure that a rag is available to clean up any spills or contaminants that leak when working on a car. A clean rag will ensure that your customer's car returns to them as sparkling as when it came into the shop. 

A pile of dirty shop rags can quickly build up when you're working on cars all day, and it may seem like an intimidating task to clean them all. Some vehicle fluids like oil can be challenging to remove from towels, but there are several methods to clean shop rags, so you don't need to buy replacement towels continuously. Cleaning shop rags is an easy process that will save you money in the long run by extending your rags' lifespan.

Take a breather from everyday stress with a do-it-yourself (DIY) spa day at home. You can enjoy a relaxing day to recharge and take care of yourself with little time or effort.

Babies are adorable mess makers, and they always keep you on your toes with surprises. Whether it’s burping, a sudden accident or drooling, anything can happen with an infant. Packing these diaper bag essentials ensures you have everything you need on hand when you’re packing for two.

Towel Exercises to Tone Your Body

You don't need a gym membership — or expensive, bulky home equipment — to get in a decent workout. There are plenty of ideas for home workouts that use simple everyday items you probably already have at home. You can even get a workout in using only a single, small towel! 

Let's take a closer look at how towels are used for exercising and what kinds of towels to use. We'll also list a number of specific exercises you can do using just a towel. Even if you can't make it to the gym, you can still get in your daily workout! Try these ideas yourself and see just how effective towel exercises can be.

The way you wash your face can determine how well you remove makeup and debris. That means cleansing affects how healthy your skin looks. You’ve likely been washing your face for years, but does your method clean and invigorate your skin? The proper technique can make a significant impact.

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