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remove hair dye from towels

Whether you regularly change up your hair color at home or run a salon that provides coloring services, you've likely run into the problem of a dye-stained towel at some point. Perhaps you resolved to make that stained towel your designated dye towel, or attempted to get the dye out. 

If you opted for the latter, you know how difficult it can be to remove hair dye stains from towels — especially when it's a  dark dye and a light-colored towel. Like with most things in life, removing hair dye from towels is a lot easier when you know how to do it right. So, what's the secret? 

what is a tea towelKitchen towel, dish towel, flour-sack towel — these are all different names for what is essentially the same item: a tea towel. You may be wondering why there are so many ways to describe this accessory. The answer to that query has more to do with the history of the tea towel than anything else. But before we launch into a quick look at the origins of the tea towel, let's first understand what a tea towel is.


Grease is probably the most stubborn substance. It seems to cling to fabrics and is challenging to get out. You could wash a towel repeatedly and still find bits of grease on it, eventually forcing you to throw an otherwise perfectly good towel away. But chucking a greasy towel into the washer right after using it is an ineffective way to get the grease out. It doesn't matter if it's cooking grease, oil from detailing cars or sticky salon products — grease and oils will cling to towels and fabrics for dear life, making it tricky to successfully remove them.

The good news is there are some surefire ways to thoroughly clean your towels so you can continue to reuse them for years to come. These tips will help you reduce waste, while saving you the cost of continually repurchasing new towels.


The secret to making your salon towels last longer is to care for them properly. This means cleaning them thoroughly without sacrificing their absorption or softness. All towels aren't built the same way, and certain substances, such as wax, will need unique ways for removal. Salon towels, whether they're terry cloth or microfiber, will likely see a lot of wax in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, salon wax is one of those substances that can't just be washed out quickly in the washing machine. To remove salon wax from towels without damaging the towels requires some know-how, which is why we've put together this guide to removing wax from salon towels.

At any football game, there are at least some football players wearing a towel, often tucked into their pants. These football towels are not just for fashion. They can, in fact, mean the difference between winning and losing in high school, college and pro football. Who knew!

microfiber towels for cleaning

High-quality towels are a necessity for several different types of businesses in a wide variety of industries. Whether you use them for client services or just to keep your business clean and sanitary, towels are an essential part of maintaining cleanliness, which inevitably reflects well on your business.

If you work in an industry that sees a lot of towels used, you already know that not all towels are built the same. Aside from varying in sizes and texture, towels also vary in absorbency. Microfiber towels are commonly misunderstood to be the least absorbent and, therefore, not as efficient as cotton towels. However, the opposite is true, especially when it comes to cleaning chores.

Olympic divers have the exciting job of performing aerodynamic flips and tricks as they dive into the waters of the Olympic swimming pool. These aquatic athletes utilize strength, flexibility and air awareness as they plunge off springboards into the water below.

For spectators, diving is a pretty straightforward athletic event to watch. Still, there is one question that has long plagued Olympics viewers: "What are those little towels the divers use?" The short answer ⁠is that they're called chamois towels, aqua towels or shammies, and they help Olympic divers stay dry as they compete.

towels for facialsWhen clients walk into a salon or spa, they want to feel relaxed and welcomed. You do everything you can to make a rejuvenating atmosphere for your customers, and that same focus should go into choosing your linens. Spa towels are a significant part of massages and treatments, and having the right ones can propel your business to the top of your industry.

So what are the best towels for massage and facial salons? That'll depend on your specific needs, but a few general tips will help you decide. Learn more about what makes the best salon towels and spa linens below.

Serena Williams is a famed professional women's tennis player who has made a name for herself with her astounding abilities and powerful playing style. She has won several Olympic medals as well as more Grand Slam singles titles than any other athlete in the open era.

With great athleticism come great health and safety practices. If you've ever watched Serena Williams on the tennis court, you've probably noticed the tennis towel she constantly wears around her neck. This towel is more than a decoration — rather, it is an athletic towel meant to keep Williams cool and comfortable on the court.

towel weight guide

Choosing a towel based on touch or softness alone can be misleading. Most towels are made with added softeners that make them appear fluffy and luxurious in stores⁠ — but these softeners quickly wash off, leaving you with a coarse and rough towel.

One of the secrets to a towel's durability and long life is having double stitching at its hems around all edges to cut down on future fraying. Usually, you can tell whether a towel is well-made by touching it, but that might not be an option if you're shopping online.

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