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The Benefits of Using a Car Detailing Towel


A proper car cleaning towel is an essential tool for any quality car wash business. Don’t grab just any old towel. Specialty towels offer the features best suited to get cars clean and dry without any scratches, lint or smears. Look at the different features and characteristics of the towels to choose one that’s right for the job.


How to Get Towels Smelling Fresh Without Using a Dryer Sheet


Dryer sheets smell great, with their notes of flowers and ocean breezes, or maybe more nuanced notes that can best be described as being “clean.” Unfortunately, these seemingly innocuous little sheets can spell big trouble for the environment. So what’s someone who loves fresh scents to do? We can’t just keep on polluting in the name of refreshing linens, nor is there any room in our lives for towels that simply don’t smell great.

Never fear — we’ve got a quick guide to towel care that’s sure to keep your towels smelling fresh and clean without any harmful effects on the environment.


Funny Towels — A Celebration of Towels That Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

Funny Towels: A Celebration of Towels That Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously

When you think about it, towels do have this image of serious luxury. We dream of fine linens and Egyptian cotton with high thread counts, that freshly laundered decadence of the spa. Or, on the flip side, we think of solid-colored utility items there for us to dry off with any time we need to. Towels are this epitome of practical elegance. Sure, you need one to dry off after a long shower or a dip in the pool, plus clean towels sure go a long way in taking your bathroom from basic to the big leagues just by essentially hanging out.


Choosing the Right Towel Color for Your Bathroom


The great white vs. colored towels debate rages on in bathrooms all across the country. Some people insist white towels are the only valid option for any bathroom. Others can't resist the cheerful look of colored towels.


Removing Makeup From Towels

Removing Makeup Stains from Towels


Your favorite foundation, that perfect shade of lipstick, your go-to volumizing mascara — your cosmetics bag is filled with goodies that make you look and feel flawless. But those same products that work wonders on your face wreak havoc on your towels. Even a little makeup left on your face when you dry it transfers to your towel, leaving a very noticeable mark on the cloth.

Learning how to remove makeup stains from towels saves you money while keeping your towels looking like new.


How Do Towels Pill? And How to Avoid It


You have decided to finally get rid of your old towels and purchase new ones that match your bathroom décor. You have determined which types of towels you want and have found the best prices for your new towels. Even if you are not on a strict budget, purchasing a complete set of new towels could be a significant expense depending on the types of towels as well as the number of towels you purchase.


Eco-Friendly Towel Care — Going Green in the Laundry Room


The trusty, reusable towel is there for you each time you need to wipe up a spill or clean up a mess, and it’s there waiting when you climb out of the pool or dry off after a long hot shower. Towels are likely the last thing you think about when you’re considering your carbon footprint. 


How to Fold Your Towels


Folding laundry usually doesn’t make the list of top things people like to do, but folding your towels straight out of the dryer is important to keep them neat and wrinkle free. There are many acceptable ways to fold towels, depending on your preferences. Follow our guide on how to fold bathroom towels to make your bathroom look like a hotel with pristine towels on display.


What Towel Grade Do I Need?

what towel grade to I need?

While many people know that there are different types of towels for different purposes, you probably don’t realize that there are different materials used for towels associated with those different purposes. And examining what types of materials and weaving processes are used in different towels will ensure that you will be able to get the best type of towels for your desired use.


Why Are Hotel Towels So Fluffy?


There's really nothing better than a hotel towel. Fluffy, strong, and not to mention super absorbent, these luxury staples really do it all, while still looking effortlessly glamorous. Unfortunately, when you return home from a vacation, your own towels may feel a bit scratchy and lackluster — or worst of all, infused with a damp, musty smell that you can't get out even after multiple spins around the old washer and dryer.



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