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How to Make Towels Absorbent Again

Have you noticed that your towels are not as absorbent as they once were? This occurs naturally over time. The more you use them, the less absorbent they become. But they do not have to stay that way. You can give your towels new life by using a few simple tricks.


What Is a Golf Towel Used For?

You have probably seen towels hanging from people's golf bags when you hit the links or you watch a golfing event on television. But why do they have them? What is a golf towel used for?


How to Make Wholesale Towels Last Longer

When you buy wholesale towels in bulk, whether it's for a hotel, beauty salon or gym, you're investing in your business. Towels may not seem like something too important, but your customers use them every day! With that in mind, it's essential to take proper care of your wholesale towels to help them last as long as possible.

When you're wondering how long towels last, it depends on how well you take care of them. Below are some tips on taking better care of the wholesale towels you've bought in bulk.


The Right Bulk Towels for Yoga Studios

If you own or manage a yoga studio or even a gym that offers yoga classes, you need to have towels on hand for your customers. Many people who are new to yoga get their start at a studio and may not realize that they need  yoga towels on top of their mat.


Why You Should Use Wholesale Salon Towels in Your Beauty Salon

When you own a beauty salon, whether you specialize in hair, nails or other beauty treatments, you know how important the towels are to your business. They are something you don't think about often but use all the time. No matter how big or small your salon is, you need to have a good number of salon towels in a variety of sizes available to use.


Imagine a Gym Workout Without Gym Towels

While you're at the gym, no matter what type of workout you're doing, you're going to sweat. Some of us are heavier sweaters than others, but no matter how much you sweat, it can get in the way of your workout. While gym towels seem like a small thing, they can be a huge help during a workout at the gym, whether you're lifting weights or using a cardio machine.


Crafts to Make With Towels

Crafts to Make with Towels

Towels are not just for the shower, bath or pool anymore. They can actually be used to make fun and useful craft projects for around the house or for giving as gifts. From adorable hooded bath towels for babies and young children to a handy towel apron that will make bath time and doing dishes less messy, there are many DIY towel crafts that are both easy and inexpensive to create.


Pet Grooming Essentials for Dogs and Cats

Pet Grooming Essentials

As a dog or cat groomer, you know that a lot goes into grooming a pet, from washing and brushing to teeth cleaning and nail clipping. You also know that to do the job well, you need to have the right brushes, shampoos, clippers, towels and more. Our cat and dog grooming checklist will outline essential pet grooming supplies so you can provide the best pet grooming services for your furry clients.


Unique Ways to Fold Your Hotel Towels

In the hotel business, it’s all about creating a great impression with your guests. From the moment they walk through your doors, they should be immediately impressed with how clean, beautiful and put-together your building is. This impression should only grow stronger as they enter their room. But how do you achieve this? How do you make your guests feel they’ve just walked into a place where they’ll be safe, comfortable and cared for?


Tips for Towel Drying Your Hair

We’re all doing it wrong.

91% of American Women damage their hair daily by brushing it right after they shower

According to a survey conducted by Wakefield Research, 91% of American women damage their hair daily, primarily by brushing their hair right after they step out of the shower. But this isn’t just a problem among women — long hair is increasingly popular with men, too, and poor hair habits are growing with the trend.


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