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Jordan Spieth Shocked Everyone With the Towel Rule

In 2016, Jordan Spieth mastered an obscure golf rule. During the third round of the World Golf Championships Cadillac Championship in Doral, Spieth asked an official if he could wet the bottom of his putter with either a wet towel or his thumb. The green was slick, and he wanted to know if he could legally wet his putter for traction. 


New Business Owner's Guide to Buying Towels

Wholesale Towels For Your Business

Buying quality towels in bulk can be a huge advantage for several reasons. First, you get quality at an affordable price. Wholesale prices give you the best value since you get a larger discount when you buy more towels. Second, you're able to restock your towels with the same model when your supply runs low. Third, you get consistency. You know all your guests are getting the same experience out of their towels because they all have the same size, absorbency and comfort level.

In this guide, we'll discuss how to buy towels in bulk, what the different options are and which are best for your business.


How To Remove Nail Glue From Nail Salon Towels

What could be more artistic or exciting for your clients than getting their nails done? Today, applying artificial nails involves using a type of super glue that holds the nails tight for weeks. However, that same glue will inevitably get into your nail salon towels, too.

Over time, all that glue will mar the look of your absorbent, fluffy nail salon towels, leaving them spotted, stained and matted. Rather than constantly purchasing replacement towels, take a few practical measures to remove tacky and dried nail glue from the towel fibers. Although this will add a bit of time to your regular towel laundering routine, you can extend the life of your towels and reduce your business's material expenses.


How to Arrange Hand Towels on a Towel Bar

How To Arrange Towels On A Towel Bar

There are many times when a bathroom is more than a bathroom. When you work in places like hotels, spas, salons and clubs, it's another opportunity to show your clients about your commitment to quality. You can make an impression with everything from the toiletries you provide to, yes, the way your bathroom towels are arranged.

Keeping the towels nice and neat makes them much more visually appealing to your guests. The way you fold a towel can also make it look extra fluffy or crisp and clean, ensuring your guests can see the care you put into your business. Pay attention to the way you approach towels in your bathroom, sauna, locker room and other locations. Here are a few methods for arranging your towels neatly and professionally.


Don't Let Pet Hair Ruin Your Washer

Pets take the cake for being cute and cuddly, but their hair can cause disaster in the washing machine. As professional pet groomers know, dog and cat hair often builds up in laundry appliances, leading to immediate and future problems. Even hair salon owners struggle with these issues when the pet hair of "pet parent" clients tags along on towels.

The good news? Pet hair does not have to ruin your day — or your washer. You can learn how to clean fur-filled towels the right way and avoid messy and costly concerns, leaving everyone happy.


Towels for Your Bed and Breakfast Guests

Towels For Your Bed and Breakfast

As a bed and breakfast owner or Airbnb host, you want to provide plush and absorbent towels for your guests. But what type of towels should you have, and how many should you offer guests? Knowing the answers to these and other questions will help you give your guests the best overall experience, right down to the linens.

At Towel Super Center, we know linens, and we know what guests want. Check out our recommendations below — from the type of towels we offer to how to display and care for them — and give your guests the ultimate experience.


How to Clean Towels — Remove Mildew and Bacteria

how to remove mildew and bacteria from towels

We've all been there — you go to use a fresh towel, and it smells musty even though it was freshly washed. It can be frustrating to expect a fresh, clean, fluffy towel after a good shower and get smelly one. 

The reason towels get that musty smell is because there is mildew growing on them. Mildew and other bacteria grow rapidly on soft, moist surfaces, so towels are an ideal breeding ground for them. Luckily there is a very easy fix to this problem. 

However, before you can solve the problem, you need to understand why it is happening and how you can prevent it from recurring.


Dryer Sheets vs. Fabric Softeners

You want to keep the towels at your gym, hotel, spa, or other business soft and luxurious. One of the first things you can do to enjoy plush towels is to buy high-quality towels from Towel Super Center. To keep them at their best, you also have to take care of your towels. You have lots of choices when you wash and dry, including the most popular solutions: dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

Since it says “fabric softener” right on the bottle, you may be tempted to reach for that solution. But not so fast! They may not be the best choice for your towels. In fact, dryer sheets are not always the best solution, either.


Gym Towels for Your Team

Your team works hard on the field, on the ice, and at practice. No matter what sport you play, you need quality sports towels to wipe down sports equipment and to wipe yourself down after a game or shower.

Towel Super Center has the answer. Our quality workout towel options include 100% cotton towels and durable cotton-poly towels made from 14% polyester fibers and 86% cotton. With a rainbow of colors, we help keep your locker room, games, and practices well-stocked with the towels you need.


How to Use Hot Towels in Massage Therapy

A massage is a relaxing and healing process, but it can get even better. With the addition of a hot towel, a massage becomes comforting and has even more physical benefits. Whether you have a spa, sauna, onsen or another business that offers massages or you'd like to experience the comfort of a hot towel at home, here is your guide to how to use hot towels in massage therapy and the benefits of doing so. 


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