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Crafts to Make With Towels

Crafts to Make with Towels

Towels are not just for the shower, bath or pool anymore. They can actually be used to make fun and useful craft projects for around the house or for giving as gifts. From adorable hooded bath towels for babies and young children to a handy towel apron that will make bath time and doing dishes less messy, there are many DIY towel crafts that are both easy and inexpensive to create.


Pet Grooming Essentials for Dogs and Cats

Pet Grooming Essentials

As a dog or cat groomer, you know that a lot goes into grooming a pet, from washing and brushing to teeth cleaning and nail clipping. You also know that to do the job well, you need to have the right brushes, shampoos, clippers, towels and more. Our cat and dog grooming checklist will outline essential pet grooming supplies so you can provide the best pet grooming services for your furry clients.


Unique Ways to Fold Your Hotel Towels

In the hotel business, it’s all about creating a great impression with your guests. From the moment they walk through your doors, they should be immediately impressed with how clean, beautiful and put-together your building is. This impression should only grow stronger as they enter their room. But how do you achieve this? How do you make your guests feel they’ve just walked into a place where they’ll be safe, comfortable and cared for?


Tips for Towel Drying Your Hair

We’re all doing it wrong.

91% of American Women damage their hair daily by brushing it right after they shower

According to a survey conducted by Wakefield Research, 91% of American women damage their hair daily, primarily by brushing their hair right after they step out of the shower. But this isn’t just a problem among women — long hair is increasingly popular with men, too, and poor hair habits are growing with the trend.


Proper Car Wash Drying Techniques

If you are a diligent car washer who loves to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, then you know regular car washing can offer several significant advantages. On average, you're supposed to wash your automobile about once a week, and more so if you live at the beach, travel often or reside in a snowy area. However, even if you keep up with regular cleaning, you could be scratching and damaging the paint on the surface instead of giving it a proper wash.

Wash your car once a week


Why Hotels Should Encourage Guests to Reuse Their Towels

Why Hotels should encourage guests to reuse their towels

These days, it is wise to assume consumers in all types of industries are interested in energy efficiency — and in supporting brands that share the same principles. Whether it's for environmental reasons like reducing waste, or economic ones like eliminating costly consumption, almost everyone favors the idea of controlling the excessive use of our planet's valuable resources.


How to Create an At-Home Bar

How to Create an At-Home Bar


Who doesn't love sipping a perfectly mixed drink in the comfort of their own home? Though an afternoon at your favorite watering hole or an evening spent watching the big game at the local pub is always enjoyable, there's nothing quite like relaxing with your drink of choice behind your very own at-home bar. More and more homeowners are redesigning their homes to accommodate a space for their wine, beer and spirits. Who can blame them? Once you discover the many advantages of having a home bar, you'll wonder why you haven't yet set one up in your home.


How Often Should I Wash These 6 Common Household Items?

Keeping a clean and tidy home can be challenging when you already juggle a full work and family schedule. The household items you touch and use every day may look clean, but invisible germs and contaminants can cling to your towels, bedding and curtains. Keep your home's fabrics clean by learning how often to wash these six common items you use around the house.


How the Colors of a Room Affect Moods

How do you choose colors for your room? Instead of staring at random paint chips under fluorescent lighting for hours, use room color psychology to pick colors that set the mood you want. Since each room has a different purpose, the colors you choose for those rooms will likely also be different. Positive colors for bedrooms won’t be the same as positive colors for bathrooms, for example. Pick your colors carefully to get the effects you want.

Research shows color can affect you physically.


The 22 Best DIY Towel Racks

When you picture a bathroom, it may not seem like the classiest area in your home, nor the most organized — think towels in a heap on the floor or crumpled up on the counter. With people using the bathroom throughout the day, especially if you have guests visiting your home, it may be difficult to keep everything in place.

Towel racks can help organize your bathroom.


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