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Towel Day: A Tribute to Douglas Adams

The countdown is on — May 25th is approaching, and we’ve all got a reason to celebrate. Get your bathroom gear ready to commemorate Towel Day in style!

Towel Day? Yes, you heard us right. This celebration takes place around the world each year on May 25th. All you have to do to participate is carry a towel with you everywhere you go.

If you’ve never heard of Towel Day before, here’s your chance to discover the ins and outs of this whimsical yet meaningful day.


Line-Drying Towels

Line Drying Towels

With the ease of mechanical washers and dryers, we no longer have to struggle to wash and dry our clothes manually. But sometimes, there are benefits to the old ways of doing things modern technology can't offer. Line drying is one of those traditional ways of doing things, but many people get frustrated with line drying when clothes come off the line stiff or not completely dry — especially heavier items, like towels.

Luckily, there are simple tips you can use to avoid these mishaps and take full advantage of the benefits of line drying for towels, bedsheets and everyday clothes.


The Most Powerful Promo Products This Summer

If you're looking for a creative way to get your brand name out there, promotional swag is the way to go. These items come in so many shapes, colors and sizes. Plus, as items your target customers are bound to use all the time, promo products make your logo look great and spread your message to potentially thousands of people. With summer around the corner, it's the perfect time to find some seasonal goods to hand out at your next event.


What Are Bleach Resistant Towels

You are laundering your towels, as you do every week, when you notice something odd. Your once-entirely blue towels suddenly have a spattering of orange-tinged spots on them. They appear as if they've been bleached, which is strange because you don't use bleach when you wash your towels.

What's going on? Why do your towels suddenly look like speckled eggs? 


How to Get Spray Tan off Tanning Salon Towels

Spray tan towels are invaluable during the tanning process, and thanks to them, you or your clients get a flawless finish to their tan, and you can easily clean up after a tanning session. Now, the problem is how to get spray tan off tanning salon towels.

Those tanning sprays, lotions and creams can wreak havoc on fresh, white linens. With the proper care and cleaning tips, you'll know how to tackle spray tan on towels and refresh your laundry to give guests clean, like-new linens.


Coordinate Your Hand Towels With The Spring Season

Spring is upon us to brighten up the Earth with many shades of pinks, greens and blues. Embrace the spring season by adding beautiful and vibrant colors to get clients in the joyous spring mood. Towel Super Center has a variety of colors to add a seasonal aesthetic to your business. As you continue reading, we will show you how to pick the perfect color for your business and color theme ideas you can use to get a start on spring decorating.


Jordan Spieth Shocked Everyone With the Towel Rule

In 2016, Jordan Spieth mastered an obscure golf rule. During the third round of the World Golf Championships Cadillac Championship in Doral, Spieth asked an official if he could wet the bottom of his putter with either a wet towel or his thumb. The green was slick, and he wanted to know if he could legally wet his putter for traction. 


New Business Owner's Guide to Buying Towels

Wholesale Towels For Your Business

Buying quality towels in bulk can be a huge advantage for several reasons. First, you get quality at an affordable price. Wholesale prices give you the best value since you get a larger discount when you buy more towels. Second, you're able to restock your towels with the same model when your supply runs low. Third, you get consistency. You know all your guests are getting the same experience out of their towels because they all have the same size, absorbency and comfort level.

In this guide, we'll discuss how to buy towels in bulk, what the different options are and which are best for your business.


How To Remove Nail Glue From Nail Salon Towels

What could be more artistic or exciting for your clients than getting their nails done? Today, applying artificial nails involves using a type of super glue that holds the nails tight for weeks. However, that same glue will inevitably get into your nail salon towels, too.

Over time, all that glue will mar the look of your absorbent, fluffy nail salon towels, leaving them spotted, stained and matted. Rather than constantly purchasing replacement towels, take a few practical measures to remove tacky and dried nail glue from the towel fibers. Although this will add a bit of time to your regular towel laundering routine, you can extend the life of your towels and reduce your business's material expenses.


How to Arrange Hand Towels on a Towel Bar

How To Arrange Towels On A Towel Bar

There are many times when a bathroom is more than a bathroom. When you work in places like hotels, spas, salons and clubs, it's another opportunity to show your clients about your commitment to quality. You can make an impression with everything from the toiletries you provide to, yes, the way your bathroom towels are arranged.

Keeping the towels nice and neat makes them much more visually appealing to your guests. The way you fold a towel can also make it look extra fluffy or crisp and clean, ensuring your guests can see the care you put into your business. Pay attention to the way you approach towels in your bathroom, sauna, locker room and other locations. Here are a few methods for arranging your towels neatly and professionally.


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