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What to Do With Hand Towels

You might not think about the topic of hand towels every day. However, if you own a commercial property, you should probably start thinking about how a supply of hand towels can benefit you and your patrons. Even if you are simply trying to improve the linen closet situation at your house, you can make a huge step forward by purchasing wholesale hand towels.

Below, we look at what makes hand towels important and how to maximize their use for your advantage.


Can a Towel Be Too Thick?

Can there be anything better than a soft towel — fluffy, absorbent and thick? As it turns out, maybe. We all know that fluffy towels represent the very height of luxury, and for most of us, a thick towel will always be preferable to a thin one. However, heavy towels are like any other wonderful and luxurious thing. It’s always possible to have too much of that good thing, at which point it can become a negative experience instead of a positive one.

On the surface, this might sound ridiculous. After all, how could a fluffy towel ever be anything but wonderful and delightful? Today, we want to explain how this works. We’ll talk about what makes a towel thick or thin, as well as the benefits and disadvantages that come with each of these types of towels. Most importantly, we’ll cover what happens when a towel takes fluffy comfort just a few steps too far and becomes a hindrance rather than a help.

First, let’s look at some basic concepts of the towel world.


The Difference Between Bath Rugs and Bath Mats

Not many of us know the difference between bath rugs and mats. In fact, it has probably never crossed your mind that there is a difference. However, when looking to decorate your bathroom, it can be useful to know the difference between these two items. Bath rugs and bath mats have different aesthetic and functional purposes. When deciding whether to buy a bath mat or bath rug, it's also important to know the facts — What are the purposes of each? How does size impact their abilities to absorb water? We'll answer everything you need to know about bath rugs and bath mats in this guide.


Quality Sheets for a Better Sleep

Everyone feels better after a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, many people report having trouble falling and staying asleep. This can leave them groggy and grumpy in the morning, even if they stayed in bed the recommended eight hours.

Of course, poor sleep can be attributed to a number of factors, from feeling under the weather to an abundance of stress. However, it can also have a more surprising cause — subpar sheets. For instance, just sleeping on high-quality bulk twin sheets for a few evenings can make a world of difference for someone accustomed to tossing and turning.

Why does bedding make such a difference? Read on to find out how fabric and snoozing go hand in hand.


Tips for Embroidering on Towels

Looking to add a little extra flair to your business? Something professional yet cozy? Embroidered towels are the way to go.

If your business uses a lot of towels, adding your logo or design can be a simple yet effective way to increase brand awareness.

Adding an image to your linens can be an effective marketing strategy because our recall of images is much stronger than that of written words. Take a hotel, for instance. Guests might notice your brand's logo or image as they grab a towel to head to the gym and again as they dry off after a shower. Later, when they wash their hands, they'll see it again. The more you put your image in front of your customers, the more chances they will remember your brand.


Towels For Every Season

Delightful and Colorful Towels for Every Season

Hand, bath and fingertip towels are practical must-haves for all homes and many businesses. In addition, towels can serve as a way to celebrate and decorate! In fact, many company owners, decorators and individuals switch their towels to decorate for the changing seasons.

Want to make a statement with colorful towels every few months? Below, we share some tried and true ways to add character and style to your space with the help of cotton towels.


How to Remove Nail Polish From Towels

One of the most frustrating realities of working in a nail salon is spilling nail polish. Fortunately, you do not have to discard nail salon towels that are dotted or streaked with nail polish. As long as the towel has not gone through the laundering and drying process, it can often be saved.

Below are several tips to restore almost any type of nail salon towel to nearly new condition after spilling nail polish on it.


How to Wash Microfiber Towels

Incredibly soft and strong, microfiber towels are increasingly becoming a popular cleaning tool. They're useful in all sorts of businesses and industries, as well as in the home. The fibers in these unique cloths have a slight static charge that makes them powerhouses of dusting and cleanup jobs. But if you've ever tried using microfiber towels then tried washing them, you know that they're different from your basic cotton towels.

The good news is that microfiber cloth is generally very easy to take care of if you know just a few simple care tips. Let's take a look at just what makes up microfiber cloth and how to best take care of it. That way, your towels will be long-lasting and perform at their best.


How to Choose the Best Salon Towels

When guests walk into a salon, they expect a certain amount of pampering. The right wholesale salon towels can make them feel valued and welcome, increasing the chances of them returning in the future, not to mention leaving great reviews online and referring friends.

Of course, salon, spa and hairdresser towels come in a wide variety of types and styles. Each salon owner or manager should take the time to investigate all the possibilities before choosing which salon towels will work best and make the biggest impact.


How to Choose the Best Towels: Microfiber, Cotton or Chamois


Towels are necessary to daily life — whether we use them for drying off after a bath or a swim, or for all sorts of various cleaning duties, towels serve a variety of purposes. With so many different types of towels on the market, it can be hard to know which type is best for you. From microfiber to cotton to chamois, among other types of towels, how do you know which to choose? Each of these towel types excels at different tasks, so you need to know what you want the towel to do to determine the best towels for you. We'll go over these main types of towels, what uses each is best for, and how to choose the right ones for you.


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