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What Is the Best Way to Clean Windows?

You step to the window to enjoy the view outside, but streaks and spots distract you. When it's time to give the glass a shine, you need to know the best way to clean windows. With tips and tricks in mind, you'll get your windows cleaned right the first time and get back to enjoying the panorama that awaits outdoors. Discover everything you need to know below, from the best window cleaning clothes to how to get a streak-free shine.

Paper towels are a handy way to wipe down spills at your business and your home, but have you ever thought about their impact on the environment? If you’re trying to be more environmentally conscious, sustainable and reliable cloth towels win every time.

As a salon owner, keeping costs low helps you improve your profit margins. Your clients pay you for their results, not for how much you spend on your inventory, supplies and marketing efforts. Implement these five cost-saving measures to reduce your expenses today.

What are the best kitchen towels

As a professional restaurant owner, you go through plenty of kitchen towels in a day, regardless of your business' size. Even as a homeowner, you may find yourself using a couple of dishcloths as you prepare and clean up from meals. All that use means you need the right linens. So what are the best kitchen towels? Discover your options below, plus learn what to consider when choosing your perfect dish towels.

You may have seen the posts on Instagram of people posing in their bath towels with the hashtag #TowelChallenge and wondered what it was all about. The Towel Challenge is a fundraising effort that has pulled in tens of thousands of dollars for a great cause. 

This trend is reminiscent of the Ice Bucket Challenge that hijacked social media feeds in 2014, when a fundraiser for ALS went viral. People around the world shared videos of themselves dumping icy water on their heads to raise awareness of the disease and money for an ALS charity. The Towel Challenge follows the same idea. 

This challenge, which originated in Australia, benefits the Stroke Foundation's Research Program, whose aim is to one day prevent strokes in addition to treating them. Since the challenge began, it has raised nearly $50,000, with a goal of $77,000. 

The project has attracted the support of several celebrities, including former cricket star Lee Carseldine and "Australian Survivor" fan-favorite David Genat. Their #TowelChallenge posts have generated lots of attention and spread the word about the fundraiser virtually throughout the pandemic. The challenge offers an easy way for people to do good from their homes amidst a time of social distancing. 

 Best Drying Towels for Cars

You've spent all afternoon cleaning your car so it shines. But then you take a rag to dry it, and all you can see are streaks and spots. If you use caution when washing your car, you should do the same when you dry it. And that involves knowing the best car drying towel to use.

There are plenty of towels out there, from sizes to materials. Before you pick a random one to dry your car, consider the most efficient and effective options. Discover the best drying towels for cars below, along with useful tips for maintaining those clothes and drying your vehicle.

Loofahs are an eco-friendly way to polish your skin and wash away the day in the shower. A loofah is actually a gourd that is boiled, peeled, seeded and dried before being cut into small sponge-sized pieces for use in the shower. 

While the all-natural material of a loofah makes it a great environmentally friendly product, loofahs can harbor dangerous bacteria and are susceptible to mold and mildew if not properly dried. Even if adequately dried, loofahs only last for three to four weeks before you should replace them. Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable alternatives to loofahs that are sustainable and prevent bacterial growth. 

Imagine stepping out of a relaxing shower and bundling up in a plush towel. It's a simple moment, but one that can add so much comfort to your usual routine. Perhaps you only dry off and go about getting ready, denying yourself a daily luxury and upgrade to your post-shower regimen. Maybe you've tried to wrap up in a towel after a shower but couldn't get the linen to stay.

Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the towel selfie. As the name suggests, it's a selfie taken when wearing a towel — and sometimes a towel hair turban — that shows off your fresh, happy face for the whole world to see. Towel selfies reflect your confidence and happiness with yourself. Celebrities often post them on Instagram and other social media sites to celebrate their self-worth or encourage others to display their self-confidence. 

While these images look picture-perfect, a bit of work goes into snapping the best towel selfie — even for the stars. Our guide can teach you how to get a photo you'll be proud to share across the web. 

In the hotel business, it’s all about creating a great impression with your guests. From the moment they walk through your doors, they should be immediately impressed with how clean, beautiful and put-together your building is. This impression should only grow stronger as they enter their room. But how do you achieve this? How do you make your guests feel they’ve just walked into a place where they’ll be safe, comfortable and cared for?

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