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20x34 Bath Mats


Item#: D2034

Our Price: $45.99

Premium-PLUS quality bath mats size 20x34 weight 9Lbs/doz. High end for Hotels and Resorts.These...

20x34 bath mats allow guests at your business to step out of the shower or hot tub onto a soft, plush surface. Whether you run a hotel, motel, spa, gym or fitness center, luxury bath mats help give guests and clients that extra bit of comfort and luxury. Even if you don't have a business and just want quality mats for your home without paying a high price, Towel Super Center is your ideal source for quality 20x34 bath mats at discount prices.

You don't have to place a huge order, either. You can order as few as twelve mats for your business or home, although you'll get the largest savings with bulk orders.

Towel Super Center Helps You Save

Towel Super Center wants to save you money and we make it easy for you to order bath mats at wholesale prices. Even if you're buying for your home, you'll save money.

At the same time, we want you to love the bath towels you order from us. That's why we give you a range of options for bath towels and bath mats, allowing you to mix and match them as you wish. We also have a range of towels for you to choose from so you can build entire bathroom linen sets. Choose from luxury or economy mats. Whatever you need, we can deliver it.

When you shop for bath mats at Towel Super Center, you enjoy:

  • Savings. We offer discount prices on orders of as few as twelve bath mats with additional discounts available on bulk orders. We even save you money on shipping by packing our mats tightly, reducing postage costs.
  • Bath mats made for your specific needs. If you need high-quality bath mats that can withstand the rigors of commercial washers and frequent use, Towel Super Center has the durable bath mats you need.
  • Convenience. Since Towel Super Center allows you to shop online, you can buy your bath mats in just minutes and have them delivered to your door. No more trekking out to different supply stores. With Towel Super Center, you don't have to shop around for the lowest prices and you can purchase your bath mats, pillowcases, towels and other needs in one convenient location, saving you even more time.
  • Quality. Our bath mats are made with high-quality materials and construction, allowing them to retain their shape and color after many washes. Guests will love the soft feeling of digging their toes into a luxurious mat after a shower or bath and you'll love the durability of these mats, which save you money because they don't have to be replaced as often.

Why not see for yourself? Order your mats and towels from Towel Super Center and you'll enjoy perfectly sized bath mats at unbeatable prices. And remember: the more you buy, the more you save, so feel free to place a bulk order. We can handle even the largest orders from major corporations.

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