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If you’re outfitting an entire team with sports towels, it doesn’t make sense to buy these one at a time from your local department store. Not only will it be costly, but it will also be impossible to tell if the store carries enough of the size and color you’re looking for. The best solution to stocking your entire team is to buy your sports towels wholesale. This way, you can be sure to get exactly the right numbers, sizes, colors and material you want.

Browse our wholesale sports towels today to find the perfect choice for your team.

Sports Towels

Item#: 25CL

Our Price: $9.99

Gym towels wholesale in size 16X27 choose from variety of colors, these towels are made of premium...

Item#: HT-E25

Our Price: $5.99

Wholesale White hand towels in economy grade-100% cotton, for any business looking for cheap hand...

Item#: E27

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Hand towels wholesale size 16x27-100% cotton in economy grade, for any business looking for...

Item#: P40

Our Price: $20.99

Bath Towels 20X40(5Lb) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Item#: E48

Our Price: $21.99

Bath Towels 24X48(8Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Item#: P25

Our Price: $8.99

Premium grade Extra soft white hand towels for use in Salons, Gyms, Spas, Hotels and many more...

Item#: E40

Our Price: $13.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 20X40(5Lb) in economy grade optical white. Sold in dozens! These towels will...

Item#: E44

Our Price: $16.99

Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Item#: E44STP

Our Price: $17.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) with blue stripe in economy 100% cotton optical white. Sold in...

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Our Price: $25.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 24X50(10Lbs/doz) in economy grade optical white. Sold in dozens! These white...

Item#: P50

Our Price: $39.99

Bath Towels 24x50 (10.Lb/doz) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need...

Item#: P54

Our Price: $50.99

Large size Bath Towels 27x54(14Lbs/doz) premium grade optical white, extra soft quality. Durable &...

Item#: P44BK

Our Price: $25.99

Premium extra soft grade 100% cotton bath towels in black. ideal size for sports or workout use....

Item#: F18LG

Our Price: $9.99

LIME GREEN Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18NB

Our Price: $9.99

Navy blue Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18RB

Our Price: $9.99

Royal blue Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: F18CG

Our Price: $9.99

Charcoal grey Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for...

Item#: F18RD

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Red Terry-velour fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events....

Item#: E10

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Cheap washcloth wholesale made of 100% cotton terry cloth size 11x11 weight 0.5Lb/Doz(8oz), great...

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Premium white washcloths made of 100% cotton 13x13-1Lb/doz, great for any commercial use or...

Item#: P48CP

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Wholesale Bath Towels 24x48(8Lb) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is...

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Wholesale cotton Bath Towels 27x54(15Lbs/doz) PremiuM-PLUS grade optical white can easily be used...

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Wholesale white hand towels(86/14 cot/poly blend) for use in Salons, Gyms, Spas, Hotels and many...

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Our Price: $9.99

Wholesale Orange Fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events....

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Our Price: $9.99

Wholesale fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events. One...

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Wholesale fingertip towels Hot pink made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports...

Item#: D44

Our Price: $22.95

High quality Premium PLUS Bath towels 22x44 made of supreme quality cotton. Bright optical white...

Towels for Sports Teams 

Durability is one of the biggest hurdles sports teams face with athletic towels. Repeated washings can break down the towels' integrity and strength. However, wholesale football, basketball, tennis, swim and other sports team towels from Towel Super Center are 100% cotton and come in various sizes. You can use our towels for absorbing, cleaning and drying. 

Buying sports team towels in bulk can save money and keep your team happy in the long run. Whether your sports team travels to games and stays in hotels or spends a significant amount of time in the gym, you'll find what you're looking for with us. Choose from a vast selection of colors available to suit your team's aesthetic needs or preferences. 

Wholesale sports team towels work for many organizations, including:

  • Athletic or sports clubs: Does your employer or other organization put together a weekly basketball game or run a softball team? Either way, your sports club can benefit from buying team towels for every player. 
  • College sports teams: Playing a sport at this level warrants the best of everything, and one of these components is quality towels.
  • High school sports teams: From football to basketball to tennis, post-game and practice time means getting cleaned up. Make sure you have suitable towels for the job. 

Why Buy Towels for Your Sports Team in Bulk? 

Wholesale towels for your sports team offer multiple advantages.

Reduced Labor 

Buying sports team towels in bulk means you'll spend less time washing and restocking rags and more time focusing on other aspects of your business. You won't have to spend valuable time, money or energy washing or restocking. By investing in wholesale towels for your sports team, you'll be able to benefit your employees, customers or business as a whole.

For example, if your sports team frequents the gym, your athletes will wipe sweat from benches and equipment. In this type of environment, it may be easier — and profitable — to invest in wholesale towels. 


When you buy sports team towels in bulk, you'll pay less out of pocket than purchasing individual towels or sets from distributors. These savings are especially important for the hospitality or health and fitness industries that require towels in excess. Buying wholesale will save your team or business money in the long run. 

Bulk Quantity

Having access to bulk quantities is one of the best reasons to buy wholesale sports team towels. Large amounts of sports towels, whether they be football, basketball, tennis or another type, give owners the peace of mind that they have enough towels to last them through busy rushes over extended periods, including a few months or longer.


Often, wholesalers will give your sports team a discount on high-quality towels for those who purchase large quantities. These allow you to stock up on better quality products while paying a lower rate, making wholesale sports team towels a valuable investment.

Sports Towels

Wholesale Sports Towels

Whether your team is busy with a hard day of training and practices, or you’re headed out to the next big game, you'll always want to look like the unified team you play as. That means matching sports jerseys, of course, but did you know there are other ways you can match one another? In particular, why not invest in matching towels that show the whole world you stand together as one team?

In addition to helping you look like one cohesive unit, custom sports towels have plenty of other purposes. They’re useful for wiping away sweat and can even help with specific exercises and stretches. They’re so handy, no athlete should ever be without one. And if you’re going to need a towel anyway, why not choose one that shows off your team spirit at the same time?

Today, we want to talk about the benefits of sports towels. We’ll discuss all the advantages of having such a towel, what to look for in a quality sports towel and even where to buy these gym hand towels. We think you’ll agree — having matching custom towels for your team is the only way to go.

Why Carry a Sports Towel?

Why You Should Carry a Sport Towel in Your Athletic Bag

A responsible athlete will carry many things with them in their gym bag, including their uniform, water bottle, equipment and shoes. One thing many people may not realize they should also be carrying is a sports towel. Sports towels are a crucial element in any athlete’s bag for several good reasons. These towels have a variety of different uses, such as:

1. Wiping Away Sweat

Athletes are going to work up a sweat. It doesn’t matter if they’re running drills or playing out on the field in the heat of the game — it’s inevitable. Being unavoidable doesn’t make it pleasant, however. Sweat runs into your eyes, makes you itchy and leaves your clothes damp and sticking to you. Some athletes may wipe the sweat away with their hands, but this is not very hygienic. Others may use their jersey to wipe away the sweat, but doing so can often stain the material. The best solution is to carry a towel that can wipe away the sweat as it collects and keep you feeling clean and dry.

2. Wipe Down Surfaces

Locker rooms are sweaty places. Imagine the whole team has had a long day of training and is tired and crowding through the locker room. Your teammate rests for a moment on a bench before getting up again, leaving sweaty stains. If you’re going to sit on the bench next, you hardly want to sit in their sweat. Instead, use your towel to quickly wipe down the surface, or even drape the towel down beneath you while you sit on top of it.

3. Help With Exercises and Stretches

Did you know you can use your towel to supplement specific stretching techniques and exercises? Change how you do pull-ups, for example, by adding a towel. Doing this gives the benefit of training grip strength at the same time as training shoulder, arm and core muscles. To do this, drape a towel over the pull-up bar and grab either end as it hangs down with each hand. Then, pull yourself up and lower yourself down just as you usually would.

Stretching is essential for any athlete as well, and towels can also help here. For example, let’s say you need to stretch out your ankles after a long run. Grab your towel by both ends and loop it, so it rests across the sole of your foot. Keep pulling gently on the towel, while simultaneously flexing and pointing your foot slowly. With the resistance the towel creates, this does wonders to stretch out the foot and ankle muscles.

Benefits of Sports Towels

It’s clear you can use sports towels in a variety of different ways. While we’ve listed some examples here, the possibilities are truly endless and limited only by your imagination.

Benefits of Sports Towels

But what are the benefits of sports towels in particular? What can these specific towels offer that others can’t? What makes a sports towel distinct from other types of towels in the first place? Let’s look at the answers to these questions now.

1. Portability

First and foremost, a sports towel is small and compact. While it’s true technically all towels are portable, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone toting a full-sized bath towel around with them to wipe away their sweat. These towels are too large and thus impractical for easy portability.

Sports towels, on the other hand, are small and easy to fold and pack into a gym bag or throw over your shoulder. They don’t take up a lot of space, and aren’t a hassle to carry around with you from place to place.

A sports towel can, in theory, be any size, but because this element of portability is so crucial, you’ll usually see sports towels in one of the following three sizes.

  • Washcloth: We’re all familiar with these small towel squares often used for washing the face or scrubbing the body in the shower. Dimensions can vary, but these are typically around 13” by 13”.
  • Fingertip towels: These may be less familiar in most of our daily lives, but they’re the perfect size for quickly dashing a bit of sweat off your face while training. They’re rectangular and usually measure somewhere around 11” by 18”.
  • Hand towels: The largest size of towel that’s practical for use as a sports towel, these are also very familiar to most of us as the towels we hang in our bathroom to dry our hands with. As always, dimensions are variable, but typically hover around 15” by 18”.

2. Absorption

Because your sports towel is going to be wiping away sweat, it’s essential that it’s good at absorbing moisture. You may think this is obvious, and wonder, “Shouldn’t all towels be highly absorbent?” However, every towel has a different purpose. Some are much more decorative, and thus would not make good sports towels.

A towel’s absorbency goes hand in hand with its fullness or pile. Making towels entails attaching hundreds of tiny loops onto a base of fabric. These loops make up the bulk of a towel’s body and create the fluffiness you can feel as you run your hands through a towel. The more loops a towel has, the more absorbent it will be, and vice versa. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see the base of the fabric through the loops, it won’t be a very absorbent towel.

However, there is a flip side to this. If a towel is extremely heavy and fluffy, it will undoubtedly be absorbent, but it will also take a long time to dry. If you’re using your towel every day, it’s crucial that it’s easy to clean and quick-drying. A sports towel will strike this perfect balance of being highly absorbent and quick-drying at the same time.

3. Durability

While some bathroom towels may be more decorative than functional, we cannot say the same for sports towels. These towels get put through the wringer every day, as they’re traveling, getting laundered frequently and stuffed into gym bags as they work to keep up with you as an athlete. Because of this, it’s essential for these towels to be up for the challenge. Most of all, it means that they need to be durable.

A durable towel is one you can wash again and again without coming apart at the seams or beginning to look dingy. No towel lasts forever, but a good sports towel should last at least a season, if not longer. Here are some of the keys to look for in a long-lasting towel.

  • High-quality stitching: If you see loose threads poking out at the seams, this is a sign that the towel has not been well-constructed and will not last long.
  • Double-turned edges: Double-turned edges are reinforced with double rows of stitching, as opposed to the single row some towels employ, and this is a sign of sturdy construction.
  • Advanced hemming: Look for hemming that has a more advanced style, as this is a clear sign of towel that’s built to last.

4. Functionality

If you’re looking to stock your guest bathroom, you’ve likely focused on looking for towels that represent the best in softness, fluffiness and sheer luxury. With sports towels, however, your priorities are a little different. Luxury is not the aim here. You’re usually more interested in something that’s utilitarian and can get the job done without a lot of extra fluff. After all, a fluffier towel is also one that’s harder to pack up and carry around with you.

For sports towels, then, you’re looking for a towel that strikes that perfect balance between soft and fluffy, and between functional and luxurious. You want the towel to be comfortable, but you aren’t looking for an expensive spa towel.

What Is the Best Material for Sports Towels?

100% Cotton is the best material for sports towels.

The best material for sports towels is 100 percent cotton. That isn’t the only choice of material you’ll see available when you begin to shop, but it is the one we most often recommend for those looking to stock a team with sports towels. Other popular choices include microfiber and cotton-polyester blends, but 100 percent cotton comes out on top every time as the top choice for sports towels.

The reason cotton towels are such an excellent choice for sports towels is how well they rank in the categories we mentioned earlier: portability, absorption, durability and functionality. Cotton is light and compact, making it easily portable. It’s more absorbent than either microfiber or cotton blends. It’s also extremely durable, making it a perfect choice for a towel that’s going to undergo lots of wear and tear as it accompanies you all your team’s games, practices and events.

On top of all these benefits, cotton is also one of the most exceptionally soft materials out there. This 100 percent cotton material creates towels that are soft and comfortable without any of the scratchiness that you might find with lower-quality towels. It also tends to be affordable, meaning you can easily outfit the whole team without breaking the bank.

Based on all these criteria, we can see the value of cotton towels for sports teams. They get the job done, are long-lasting, highly absorbent and come at an affordable price. They’re the clear choice for anyone looking to stock a sports team with towels.

Customizing Your Sports Towels

Every athlete on your team should have a towel of their own, for all the various reasons we’ve discussed. However, you all wear matching uniforms already. Why not take this a step further and order matched towels for everyone as well? This way, you’ll look just as united off the field as you do on it.

The best way to customize your sports towels is to customize the color choice. Is your uniform a trim red and white? Choose one of these colors for your towels. Do you wear a blue jersey? Why not match that in your towels? Not only will you match your teammates and look like the united, supportive group that you are, but you’ll also be proudly showing your team spirit for everyone to see.

Shop Sports Towels From Towel Super Center Today

Whether you’re outfitting the whole team or buying enough towels to last yourself for the entire season, the best way to buy your sports towels is to shop wholesale at Towel Super Center. We sell our 100 percent cotton sports towels in a variety of sizes, including washcloths, fingertip towels and hand towels, so you can choose the style that best fits your needs. We also offer color customization so you can choose the shade that most accurately represents your team. Best of all? Because you’re buying wholesale, you can enjoy lower prices than you would if you were to buy the same number of towels from your local department store, while also skipping the hassle of running out to the store and trying to lug all the towels home yourself.

Learn more about Towel Super Center and how we can help supply you with wholesale sports towels today. And in the meantime, let’s get shopping.

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