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Wholesale Restaurant Dish & Kitchen Towels

Restaurant towels are absolutely essential in every commercial kitchen and bar. Your customers come to your restaurant because they want good food and service, but that doesn't mean you need to overspend to create a quality experience. Although cleaning supplies are vital tools in a working kitchen, your customers don't care if you spend a fortune on your restaurant towels. In fact, you can purchase quality towels at low prices that are perfect for cooks, servers and bartenders. Towel Super Center is your source for affordable restaurant linens.

Why spend more on restaurant towels when you don't have to? Towel Super Center makes it easy to shop for the commercial kitchen linens your restaurant or bar needs. Owners and managers will appreciate the durability and absorbency of our wholesale kitchen towels. From every station on the kitchen line to every nook and cranny around the bar, our quality towels are versatile enough to cover your business from wall to wall. Trust us, your bartenders, servers and cooks will thank you!


restaurant towels are essential for every commercial kitchen and bar

A Versatile Tool for Chefs, Bartenders and Servers

In the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, the professional chef's side towel is one of the most important tools at their disposal. Unlike paper towels, which create litter, have a one-time use and have the potential to get caught in a customer's meal, linen towels are a versatile resource that can assist a chef in a variety of situations. Chefs dry their hands on a linen towel so they can keep their aprons free of excessive food particles and moisture. Aside from being used for all forms of kitchen cleanup, including first aid, chefs may use their hand towels for several reasons, including: 

  • To protect against splashes when cracking open seafood, for example
  • To provide a safe, firm grip on hot pots or cold racks and act as coasters for hot pans to rest on 
  • To offer anti-slip protection when placed under cutting boards and mixing bowls
  • To place over food to protect the freshness of vegetables, bread, meat and other meals contaminated by an airy environment

For bartenders, the uses are similar. Bar mops keep surfaces clean at all times. Using a dirty towel on the bar, even just to sweep crumbs off of the counter, can spread bacteria and lead to a failed health inspection. A dry towel can also polish clean, freshly washed glasses. Servers may also find kitchen towels to be valuable tools to have access to. When delivering food, a server can place a towel between their hand and a hot plate to protect them from burns. It can also help them by providing a firm grip, drying up condensation and catching drips.

The Importance of a Clean Restaurant Towel

A multifunctional towel is amazing. It can contain spills, dry hands, clean surfaces and be used in a variety of other priceless ways that help your chefs, servers and barkeeps each and every day. Quite frankly, a kitchen towel is perfect for restaurants. However, even the perfect towel has a weakness: bacteria. Did you know bacteria grow rapidly on a dish towel immediately after use? Bacteria cells divide and multiply at a rate that would be alarming to customers and restaurant owners alike. Using a single dish towel for every spill can easily spread an enormous amount of bacteria throughout your kitchen, bar and dining area.

bacteria cells divide and multiple very quickly


Your cleaning supplies matter as much as your restaurant's food. With your cleaning supplies, it's critical you spend your budget wisely and invest in a supply of quality commercial kitchen towels that will withstand heavy use and retain their durability for a long time. Towel Super Center suggests you consider these characteristics when shopping for a quality cotton restaurant kitchen towel.

  • Sturdiness: First and foremost, you need a towel that can endure every challenge a restaurant may experience. You should select a towel that is woven tightly and will not stretch or warp from regular use. Each towel should maintain its sturdiness for as long as it's needed.
  • Softness: While some a think a coarse towel is ideal for cleaning countertops, one must not forget a kitchen towel is used in ways that require a delicate touch. A soft cotton towel is excellent for polishing glassware or covering food, and it can be less irritating to the skin.
  • Stain resistance: It wouldn't be a kitchen without a mess. You need towels that will not only rise to the cleaning challenge, but also survive a battle with grease, oils and organic materials. A stain-resistant towel will be less likely to hold onto minor stains and blemishes, keeping them looking bright and fresh after each wash.
  • Odor resistance: With each mess comes a series of unpleasant odors. As with stains, you'll want to invest in a towel that will resist the musty or stinky smells the kitchen can produce. Odor-resistant towels will help you keep your linens smelling fresh after a hard day's work.

A towel is only truly useful if it can get the job done time after time. Your business can't afford to stock a supply of linens that are easily stained, constantly smell, wear out or have to be replaced over and over again. Business owners need wholesale restaurant towels that are made from high-quality materials and can work just as hard as your employees. Your restaurant needs the affordable, quality commercial kitchen towels only available at Towel Super Center.

Choosing Commercial Kitchen Towels Based on Grade and Quality

Consider how important specific items are in your restaurant. All chefs will agree a knife is the single most important tool in the kitchen. Just any knife will not do, though. Chef's knives, paring knives, serrated utility knives and boning knives may be among the most common, but a chef's arsenal could include nearly a dozen more specialty blades to help them throughout their shift. The fact is, having a knife is important, but having the right knives is essential. 

This fact applies to commercial kitchen towels, as well. While Towel Super Center offers a wide inventory of quality wholesale towels, we know not every towel is suitable for your needs. A luxury salon towel may be perfect for pampering, but it has no place in the kitchen. Choosing a quality restaurant towel is a priority, but it shouldn't take up more of your time than it needs to. Instead of dealing with the hassle of searching for the perfect linens for your kitchen, the experts at Towel Super Center want to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible by helping you determine which of our quality towels is right for you.

economy towels from Towel Super Center function well and are budget friendly


  • Our economy towels give you a quality linen at an affordable price. If you're looking for cotton towels that function well, look great and cater to your budget, these are the towels for you. Subtle yet sturdy, these towels are deceptively tough. Choose our white wholesale economy towels made with stain-resistant cotton. You can bleach these towels to keep them pristine for a long time. Our dark-colored economy towels are another great option for those who want to add visual appeal while hiding signs of use. The striped economy towels, featuring at least one pinstripe, are just the right balance of color and class. 
  • Premium cotton towels are instant attention-grabbers used in professional capacities that need multiple towels throughout the day. Chosen for their appearance and wearability, they're great for commercial use. These affordable towels are soft and sturdy, reflecting proud professionalism without sacrificing quality or versatility.
  • Premium plus towels give you luxury in every color imaginable, with wash-and-go hardiness. These luxury towels are the softest and most durable, giving you premium performance without the premium price tag. At Towel Super Center, you won't have to settle for anything less than the best fabrics and towel solutions. 
  • Bleach-resistant towels give you affordable peace of mind. In a busy kitchen, spills are commonplace. Bleach-resistant towels give you the power to take on even the toughest cleaning task and still have a fresh-looking towel right out of the wash. No longer will you worry about hard solutions or chemicals ruining your trusty towels. Bleach-resistant towels are perfect for those who want to invest in a high-quality towel that will survive in even the toughest kitchens. 
  • 86/14 blended towels are an amazing blend of cotton, polyester, quality and affordability only Towel Super Center can bring you. Sophisticated, comfortable and homey, these versatile linens give the look of luxury with phenomenal durability. The cotton/poly blend creates a reliable towel your employees can trust.

Quality Bar Towels and Bar Mops for Your Kitchen

The bar towel can be a bartender's best friend. From open to close, customers order countless beverages that drip, splash and spill all over the bartop. A low-quality bar mop makes the challenge of maintaining a clean countertop all the more difficult. Don't diminish your hard work and reputation by using a dirty or faded rag to soak up the inevitable spills that occur on every shift. Show the same pride in your cleaning supplies that you do for your business. Replacing your old bar towels with new wholesale restaurant towels keeps your image clean and your bartenders happy.

Towel Super Center makes it easy to find the durable, absorbent bar mops your kitchen needs at prices that won't leave you threadbare. Made from 100 percent cotton, our bar mops are available in a stunning array of colors, sizes and styles of varying weights, from 20 ounces to 32 ounces. Our inventory also includes striped bar towels that make them easy to separate from other stocks of kitchen towels. View our entire selection of bar towels that includes:


In an industry that relies on the consistency of exceptional service, make sure your bartenders on the front lines have everything they need to succeed. Don't let spills or splashes slow them down or inconvenience your patrons. Have a selection of quality bar mops on hand to keep your bar looking clean and running smoothly until last call. 

The Quality You Expect at the Prices You Want

Anyone who works in a bar or restaurant knows the staff can go through a lot of kitchen towels and bar mops over the course of one night. Large spills require multiple towels. Chefs need fresh towels always at arm's reach, and servers find a spare towel at the right time can make all the difference. When you only supply your staff with a limited number of towels, they may use up your supply before the night is even over. It's necessary for every bar or restaurant to have a vast stock of towels ready for use at a moment's notice.

Make sure your staff is always prepared with wholesale restaurant towels from Towel Super Center. Our soft and absorbent products come in multiple sizes to scale to your specific kitchen needs. All towels are made with easy-care construction and classic styling. We promise you'll receive the best product possible for your money. If you're unhappy with any of our linens, we'll gladly accept returns and work hard to find the perfect towel for your restaurant. 

Towel Super Center Is Your Source for Affordable Wholesale Linens 

When you purchase wholesale kitchen towels in bulk from Towel Super Center, you're guaranteed to receive a product that costs you less but gives you more. We're the leading supplier of discount linens on the web and pride ourselves on delivering reliable, attractive and high-quality commercial kitchen towels at prices that can't be beaten. 

Towel Super Center makes it easy to shop for the industry-specific linens you need. Along with our bar mops and kitchen towels, we carry a wide variety of other linens suitable for any home or commercial purpose. Shop our extensive selection today, which features:


Convenient tiered pricing helps you get exactly what you need without inflating your budget or having too much product on hand. Our discount and wholesale pricing extends to all of our premier and premium products, and our clearance items offer an even lower price for quality linens. With same-day shipping on all orders placed before 3 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, we can provide fast and reliable deliveries to ensure you get your supply of fresh towels right when you need them. We know you'll love our linens, and will even send you a sample of our product so you can discover just how useful it can be in your restaurant. Shop with Towel Super Center to wipe away any hint of buyer's remorse.

Why spend more on wholesale restaurant towels when there's an affordable solution available? Shop Towel Super Center today and let us get you the value you deserve! 

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