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Wholesale White Hand Towels Premium-PLUS

Buying white cotton hand towels in bulk isn’t exactly rocket science. You want low prices. You want softness and durability. You also want to be able to wash your hand towels again and again without worrying about shape retention. Welcome to Towel Super Center, where we make buying wholesale white cotton hand towels easy! 


Item#: D25

Our Price: $12.99

Premium-PLUS White hand towels for high end Resort, Hotel, Spa, Salon , these hand towels are made...

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Premium-PLUS white hand towels for high end Resort, Hotel, Spa, Salon, these hand towels are 100%...

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Premium-PLUS white hand towels for high end Resort, Hotel and Spa, these hand towels are made of...

Item#: D26

Our Price: $14.99

Premium-PLUS hand towels 16x26(2.8Lbs/doz)full terry from edge to edge, no borders in these towels....

Item#: D28

Our Price: $17.99

Premium-PLUS White hand towels 16x28 full terry towels, no borders running through these towels....

Item#: D25CG

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Wholesale Salon towels Premium-PLU 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors...

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Salon towels Premium-PLUS High End Hand towels 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety...

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SALON TOWELS PREMIUM-PLUS 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors made of...

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SALON TOWELS Premium-PLUS 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors made of...

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Our Price: $12.95

SALON TOWELS Premium-PLUS 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety of colors made of...

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Our Price: $12.95

Salon towels Premium-PLUS High End Hand towels 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety...

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Our Price: $12.95

Salon towels Premium-PLUS High End Hand towels 15x25 colors at low bulk price. Choose from variety...

Premium Plus White Hand Towels

In your personal life, you may think of buying hand towels only when you're remodeling, moving, getting married or setting up a dorm room, but it comes up much more for businesses. Businesses regularly have to replenish their supply when they wear out.

If you choose lower quality towels, the thin towels can lose their plush body and strength quickly. Since this can speed up restocking turnover, you'll spend more money in the long-run and risk being short on customer-friendly hand towels.

As you search for the best possible quality, you can go past premium to premium plus. Let's break down the leading towel quality.

What Makes a Towel Premium Plus?

what makes a premium plus towel from Towel Super Center

The quality grades for hand towels are tri-fold — economy, premium and premium plus. Premium plus is the highest caliber of towels grades, and their construction primarily makes them first-rate. However, there are other factors that the weaving process elevates, too.

These towels are more than superior — hence the "plus" — and they truly offer the best material, construction, weight and value.

1. Sturdy Construction

The primary aspect of premium plus is construction. As the fibers are put together, the machinery creates loops that stick up from the base and give the classic towel texture.

In lower grades, the loops aren't bound as tightly, but premium plus has dense loops. The fibers in premium plus are long and securely fixed in place.

The tightly-packed surface area of the towel lets the towel appear robust, and the weave is enduring through wash cycles and plenty of use.

2. Material Quality

Hand towels consist of different materials, ranging from humanmade to natural ones. The material is reconfigured into yarn fibers, and these carry particular consistencies. Premium plus towels use cotton, which is thirsty and soft.

Some towels are a blend of cotton and polyester, but premium plus relies solely on cotton. Remaining undiluted with synthetic fibers, the hand towels are pure and wholesome.

3. High GSM

When towels are higher on the quality scale, their weight tends to increase. Grams per square meter (GSM) is the measure of towel weight, and it can range between 300 and 900 GSM.

Premium plus hand towels are typically above 600 GSM. If they hit 900 GSM, the towels are substantial and can be reserved for special occasions or high-end suites.

The above-average weight is comforting to guests, and the hand towels' considerable density soaks water up like a sponge.

4. Different Cost

The cost of premium plus towels reflects the exceptional materials and specialized production that goes into them. Because they're deluxe, they're usually a higher price.

However, they are cost-effective because you're gaining more benefits in the long-run. Premium plus hand towels can deliver an enjoyable experience to guests and mark your business as high-class, which is priceless.

Businesses that take great pains to treat their guests are willing to invest in top-of-the-line towels. Deals, like purchasing wholesale, can make the price more appealing.

Why Buy Premium Plus Towels?

Premium plus hand towels are clearly distinct, but what makes purchasing premium plus a good idea? The right situation and results make premium plus the ideal choice for your establishment.

1. Worthwhile Investment

Both for customer satisfaction and lifespan, premium plus towels are valuable. Although the price is higher than other kinds, adding the finest type of hand towels to your business is worth it.

As they're solidly constructed, premium plus doesn't become limp or tough through considerable washing.

Rather than buying new but substandard towels over and over again, you can invest in resilient towels and enjoy them for a long time.

2. Highest Luxury

It's admirable to aim for excellence, and as you're servicing customers, you don't want to spare any expense. Whether you have rewards programs or elite customers, you want to have high-end amenities available, such as soft hand towels.

create a relaxing setting for guests with premium plus hand towels

You can create a relaxing setting for guests with the best hand towels hanging in your bathrooms or arranged in an accessible linen closet. Premium plus hand towels complete the customer experience at your facility.

To offer extravagance to your clients or members, you can boast the highest level of towels.

3. Incredibly Effective

The amount of water that hand towels retain is different based on their material, GSM and weave. Due to premium plus towels' traits, they readily soak in water.

When customers use a hand towel that doesn't draw in water, they can leave with wet hands, which isn't pleasant.

Premium plus hand towels are also effective in extending a fluffy feel and continuing in performance down the line.

4. Shape Consistency

High heat in the dryer and extensive use can affect towels poorly. Their ribbing warps, and they lose the smooth shape they started out with. However, premium plus towels are resilient to these impacts.

The tight weave and durable hems don't easily stretch, although they're still flexible. Premium plus hand towels can still lay flat with even lines after the strain from daily use.

With the right maintenance, these hand towels can stay in excellent condition.

Benefits of Premium Plus White Hand Towels

the benefits of premium plus white hand towels

It's a big decision to choose what color and quality you want for your hand towels. Unlike typical towels, premium plus hand towels have an impressive list of attractive qualities. The following advantages show what you can look forward to after buying white premium plus hand towels.

1. Classic Color

While colored towels are lively, white hand towels are versatile. From contemporary style restaurants to quaint bed and breakfasts, they complement a variety of decors.

White towels are timeless, especially in spas, hotels and country clubs. The color isn't a temporary trend — it doesn't flow in and out with the changing times.

Premium plus hand towels are incredibly bright white, and they can withstand shifts in interior design and rebranding initiatives.

2. Fluffiness

The lush area of premium plus hand towels prevents loss of fibers and built up lint, keeping the puffy texture from dying down.

After you unload your hand towels for the first time, they're cushiony and fresh. As detergent and additives accumulate, they can make them feel rigid or crusty.

Yet, premium plus hand towels stay cozy. In fact, the cotton structure allows it to get more pliable as it circulates through handling, washing and drying.

3. Thick and Absorbent

Premium hand towels are heavy and thick, which helps them do their primary job and dab away water from people's palms.

The cellulose in cotton soaks up moisture and is powerful in premium plus towels.

Make sure to give your premium plus hand towels time to dry and room to breathe. Because of the absorbency, the hand towels hold the water longer.

4. Long Lasting

As your customers vigorously rub their hands dry, the hand towels can gradually wear down unless they're strong. A firm weave can keep away disrepair, and premium plus has the tightest pattern.

From a formidable exterior to a protected appearance, premium plus hand towels don't decline at the rate of other towel grades.

They have a sustainable lifespan, and they're capable of looking a brilliant white despite many laundry cycles.

5. Diverse Sizes

Just as everyone's hands are different sizes, hand towel sizes are wide-ranging. However, they remain a middle ground between full-sized bath towels and washcloths.

Premium plus hand towels don't have to be one-size-fits-all when there are multiple sizes available. Your business needs or display setting can call for a specific size, and a selection can help you stock the ideal size.

Here are a few examples of hand towel sizes:

  • 16 inches by 26 inches
  • 16 inches by 27 inches
  • 16 inches by 28 inches
  • 16 inches by 30 inches

6. Simple Maintenance

You might hesitate to buy white hand towels because you expect them to show stains. However, white towels are blank slates that you can reset when they get soiled. Bleach treatments purify the hand towels without the threat of discoloration, and even milder methods can whiten dull towel fabric.

White vinegar and baking soda are two household staples that remove blemishes and dirt buried in hand towels. Toss half a cup of baking soda or a cup of white vinegar over the load before pressing the washer start button — but try these methods separately.

Routine washing and drying are also effortless, and neat storage can keep them spotless and wrinkle-free.

Uses for Premium Plus Towels

Across business applications and everyday scenarios, premium plus hand towels have a specific role. With upscale attributes, they fit into environments that prioritize comfort or matchless quality.

If you want to offer fine amenities to your guests, your business may fit into one of the following categories. However, any facility that wants to pamper their customers can stock premium plus hand towels.

1. Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Inns

Lodging businesses are always on the lookout for innovative ways to treat their guests. As a hotelier, you know that a selection of comfy towels is essential, but premium plus can be the next step to upgrade your room accessories.

Inns and bed & breakfasts can also emphasize their cozy style with a full closet of fluffy white towels. You can extend warm hospitality with this added service.

Premium plus hand towels can dress up the lobby bathrooms, the suites and the activity areas. If you have a pool or hot tub, you can also consider putting hand towels nearby. This shows your guests that you go the extra mile to assist them.

2. Spas and Resorts

use premium plus hand towels to elevate holistic spas during treatments

Spas and resorts are dedicated to health and beauty, which requires hand towels to keep things clean and relaxing. Premium plus hand towels can elevate holistic spas during exfoliation, wraps, styling and massages.

For instance, after a trip to the steam room, people need to dry off excess moisture. Letting customers pat off their hands with a thick, lush towel is the finishing touch you need.

As airlines have advanced, their exclusive lounges have brought on more complementary services than ever, like facials and massages. Warmed towels are a significant part of spa activities in this situation, too, for wiping off the residue from washes or lotions.

3. Country Clubs and Golf Courses

Golf courses and country clubs host a range of options for entertainment, many of which can improve with hand towels. Washing up before fine dining or taking a dip in the pool require a hardy hand towel. They're useful for tennis courts, too, when players want to clear away sweat.

Membership at either of these types of facilities includes conveniences that make them special destinations. Premium plus hand towels are worth stocking if you want to thrill your members.

Golfers can use premium plush hand towels to dab away dew from their gloves before regaining a firm grip on their club. It's important to keep equipment and hands dry during a fierce competition.

4. Real Estate Staging

When real estate agents and staging professionals need to sell gorgeous houses, authentic home accessories can make potential buyers imagine themselves living there.

Hand towels are one of the details that completes a staged home, and especially fluffy ones spruce up a house.

Premium plus hand towels draped on kitchen and bathroom racks can transform an empty house into a home. Visitors can gain a better sense of the outcome of their purchase with home decor like hand towels.

5. Restaurants

A sophisticated restaurant can organize an elegant atmosphere from their waiting areas to their dining rooms. Tasteful white premium plus hand towels can be decorative and functional for restaurants.

They can serve practical purposes in the kitchen when employees need to sanitize their hands or dry off a counter.

Folded over a towel ring in the bathrooms, hand towels can amplify the style of your establishment. Touching deluxe hand towels after rinsing off their palms can help your restaurant customers feel spoiled.

6. Barbershops and Salons

Barbershops and salons apply hand towels in between hair treatments, after dyeing and during nail painting. Premium plus can withstand more wear than other hand towels, which keeps your business productive.

Barbershops also need to rinse away shaving cream after a close shave. The soft texture is gentle enough for the customer's face as well as the barber's hands.

Choose Towel Supercenter's Premium Plus White Hand Towels

Rich, soft hand towels are a necessity for establishments that advertise leisure. They can be a rare pleasure for guests, providing extreme softness, longevity and thickness.

As you shop for plush towels, a trustworthy supplier can become a continued ally for your business.

Towel Super Center is the premier supplier of wholesale linens online because we provide business owners and managers just like you with the high-quality products you expect at affordable pricing.

We believe that selection plus quality plus value equals customer satisfaction, and you can make us your source for supreme hand towels.

Look through our selections and purchase premium white hand towels in bulk today.

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