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Is it really possible to get cotton towels that function well, look great and don't cost too much? When you shop with Towel Super Center, the answer is yes!

Economy Quality

Item#: E25

Our Price: $5.99

15x25-White hand towels in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels in medium...

Item#: E27

Our Price: $6.99

Wholsale white hand towels 16x27 in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels...

Item#: E40

Our Price: $13.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 20X40(5Lb) in economy grade optical white. Sold in dozens! These towels will...

Item#: E44

Our Price: $16.99

Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Item#: E44STP

Our Price: $17.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) with blue stripe in economy 100% cotton optical white. Sold in...

Item#: E48STP

Our Price: $22.99

Wholesale Bath Towels Economy 100% cotton size 24X48(8Lb) with blue center stripe. Sold in dozens!...

Item#: E48

Our Price: $21.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 24X48(8Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is...

Item#: E50

Our Price: $25.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 24X50(10Lbs/doz) in economy grade optical white. Sold in dozens! These white...

Item#: E11

Our Price: $2.35

Cheap washcloth wholesale made of 100% cotton terry cloth size 12x12 weight 0.75Lb/doz(12oz/doz),...

Item#: E12

Our Price: $2.75

Cheap washcloth wholesale made of 100% cotton terry cloth size 12X12 weight 1Lb/doz, great for any...

wholesale economy towels from Towel Super Center

Our wholesale economy towels are the perfect way to stretch your towel and linens budget without worrying about quality. These towels are deceptively durable and will help you make a great first impression on customers, clients and guests, time after time. Discover the benefits of wholesale economy towels and their many uses, how to pick the best color or design for your towels, why you should embroider your economy towels and the best way to buy your towels for maximum savings potential.

Please note that all our economy-grade towels are sold in units of one dozen towels. The more units you purchase, the deeper your overall savings. Find an affordable price at Towel Super Center for economy hand towels, bath towels and more for your commercial property, hotel, spa, salon or home. When you shop with Towel Super Center, you'll find the customer service, quality and price you want.

Enjoy the Benefits of Wholesale Economy Towels

Our wholesale economy towels provide high quality at an affordable price. When you purchase your economy towels with us at Towel Super Center, you'll enjoy a variety of benefits that will help your business thrive. So what makes an economy towel so great? Our economy towels are:

1. Versatile

You can use our economy towels at the gym, the spa or salon, or they can wait for you on your bathroom shelf. At a size of 20 x 40, our bath towels can provide total coverage for drying off after a shower or for relaxing around the spa. Water won't be left behind on floors or clothes because our economy towels are absorbent, making them a great fit for any use.

2. Affordable

With economy towels, you get economy pricing, and who wants to argue with a great deal? When you purchase our wholesale economy towels, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank for quality. At Towel Super Center, we design our economy towels with the consumer in mind, so our towels stay affordable without sacrificing quality. When you buy in bulk, you'll have the large supply of towels you need at a lower price per unit. No wonder so many customers enjoy our economy towels.

3. Effective

Need proof that our economy towels are affordable without the sacrifice of quality? Our towels perform –– they dry fast. Because our economy towels are made from 100% cotton, they dry quickly and won't leave you with a damp mess. We know effectiveness and durability are important for your business, and that's what we provide in our wholesale economy towels.

4. Soft

Any great towel is soft to the touch. That's why most people choose cotton towels –– for that soft, plush feeling. With a composition of 100% cotton fibers, that's exactly the feeling our economy towels bring. This breathable material provides comfort for any linen use. If you have sensitive skin, you'll especially want to purchase our ultra-soft economy towels for your comfort. When you buy these economy towels for your business, your guests will thank you.

5. Appealing

Our economy towels are equipped to retain their color even through multiple washes and natural wear of use. Our white economy bath towels come with bleachable properties that prevent their vibrant color from fading. After adding bleach to your wash, enjoy extra bright towels! Your clients will be impressed and feel pampered when they use economy towels that look brand new.

When you buy your wholesale economy towels with Towel Super Center, you and your guests can enjoy towels that are versatile, affordable, effective, soft and appealing. Rather than waiting, buy your economy towels with Towel Super Center today!

Uses for Economy Towels

different uses for economy towels

Our wholesale economy towels can suit a company's array of needs. These towels are made to be tear-resistant and are perfect for any business, including spas, salons, gyms, hotels and country clubs.

1. Drying

Because our towels are so effective and absorbent, they're excellent for drying skin and hair. After your gym members enjoy an intense workout, they'll quickly dry damp skin. Guests in a hair salon can expect their hair to dry quickly after a wash and prevent their clothes from becoming damp and uncomfortable. No matter the industry, guests will appreciate our soft, absorbent economy towels for the simplest of acts like hand washing.

2. Washing

Guests who need to shower at a gym or hotel will love our economy washcloths made of 100% cotton terry cloth. Your clients deserve to feel pampered, and with our economy linens, you can provide them that luxury at an affordable price.

3. Cleaning

Our economy towels are also great for cleaning up spills. Our economy cloths are highly absorbent, which makes getting rid of any mess a quick and easy process. Every place of business needs plenty of towels to make sure spills get cleaned up fast. You want to keep your floors looking spotless and prevent guests from slipping. When you have a supply of our economy towels on hand, you'll have the peace of mind you need that your business will stay clean and keep your guests happy.

4. Coverage

Our economy bath towels are fantastic for spas where guests need to use a towel to cover up. They'll never have to worry about privacy with our large bath towels, and they'll be eager to wrap themselves in the soft, cotton material. When you buy a large supply of economy towels in bulk, you can rest assured you'll have enough towels for every single visitor.

5. Marketing

When you purchase our wholesale economy towels, you also receive a fantastic marketing tool. Embroider your towels with your business logo, and choose colors that are vibrant and mesh with your company's aesthetic and brand. Little details can make a big impact on a guest's impression of your business, so don't overlook your economy-grade towels as a valuable business asset!

With our wholesale economy towels, you'll never want another towel again. When you buy in bulk, you'll always have the towels you need, the moment you need them. Whether you or your guests use your economy towels for drying, washing, coverage or cleaning, these linens are up for the job.

Pick the Best Economy-Grade Towel Color

picking the best economy-grade towel color from Towel Super Center

The color of your towels can make a statement about your business or home and contribute to your aesthetic and brand. So how do you decide what color will work best for your business's needs? Which color of economy-grade towel will best help in marketing your business?To help you decide, you may want to consider how often you'll use and launder your towels.

1. White Wholesale Economy Towels

White towels can suggest cleanliness and luxury when supplied in spas, salons, hotels and other businesses. These towels are especially useful for businesses that expect their patrons and employees to use the towels many times a day. For instance, gym and health club owners often prefer to order units of white, economy-grade towels made of stain-resistant cotton. These towels can be bleached or cleaned with a bleach alternative to keep them pristine for a long time. Vibrant white for your economy towels is much better than dull, stained towels.

2. Dark-Colored Economy Towels

Towels in the economy-grade towel category may be available in darker colors, such as black or brown. Not only do these towels hide any minor imperfections due to usage, but they also offer visual interest and appeal. Choose darker colorsfor wholesale economy towels if you're going for a certain look or to match your branding colors or corporate theme. Colors like black suggest sophistication, while brown may suggest tranquility. Remember that unless you purchase bleach-resistant towels from Towel Super Center, you should avoid using bleach or chemicals with dark-colored economy towels to reduce the likelihood of spotting or splotching. You'll want to keep your towels looking as good as new for your valued guests.

3. Striped Economy Towels

These are fun-looking, hard-working, economy-grade towels that offer at least one pinstripe. They're often utilized by gyms, hotels and pools. Not only do they give a little bit of pizzazz, but they also have the same benefits and cost savings as the economy towels that come in solid colors. If you're looking for a towel design that gives a fun, sporty feel, then striped economy towels are perfect for you!

Buy your white economy towels, dark economy towels or striped economy towels with us today! Of course, you can always mix and match depending on your needs. That's the beauty of buying with confidence from your number one towel supplier online, Towel Super Center!

Our Wholesale Economy Towels Can Be Embroidered

Are you looking for economy-grade towels that can be embroidered? Our towels are perfectly suited for your corporate embroidery needs.

Consider adding your logo to these economy-grade towels to give your marketing a boost in-house. Guests will be reminded of your business's logo every time they look at your towels. You can also give away embroidered cotton towels during events such as foot races or cycling matches. Everyone can use a towel, and you'll get plenty of mileage from your embroidered varieties.

If you choose to use a local embroiderer, we can always drop-ship your preferred units of economy-grade towels directly to the embroidery facility in your town. Just let us know at checkout where you want us to deliver your economy towels and we'll happily help.

Buy Economy Towels in Bulk

At Towel Super Center, buying wholesale can ensure you get the economy towels you need at an affordable price. No matter whether you're looking for hand towels, washcloths or bath towels, you'll find the linens you need with us at Towel Super Center!

When you buy multiple units, you’ll get the best economy towels at deep discounts without sacrificing quality. Our 100% cotton economy towels are soft, comfortable and durable, and you’ll want to have plenty on hand to meet your business’s every need.

buying towels wholesale saves you money and time

At Towel Super Center, buying your economy towels wholesale is the purchasing option for you. Buying towels wholesale means you'll save big on money and time.

  • Money To take advantage of the deep discounts we offer at Towel Super Center, buy in bulk. When you purchase more at once, you'll reduce shipping costs and the price per unit of your economy towels. So when you buy in bulk, you get economy pricing at an even more reduced cost!
  • Time Buying in bulk means you'll spend less of your valuable work time on tedious tasks like waiting on shipments, placing orders and tracking inventory. Instead, buying in bulk will enable you to spend more time earning a profit and marketing your business. Why wait on the delivery of several small orders of economy towels when you can buy a large quantity wholesale and save yourself the time and hassle?

By purchasing your bulk economy towels wholesale with us at Towel Super Center, you can count on having your towels when you need them, at an affordable price.

The process of setting up a shipment of economy towels with Towel Super Center takes only a few moments, so find your favorite wholesale economy towels today, order enough to keep your towel supply stocked for your every need and have them shipped to your business exactly when you need them.

Order Our Economy-Grade Towels Today

Our goal is for you to be satisfied with all your towel purchases from Towel Super Center, and to love the convenience and budget friendliness of economy-grade cotton.

When you purchase your economy towels with Towel Super Center, you'll be treated to quality customer service, fantastic prices and superior wholesale towels that will suit your business's every need. From drying to cleaning to marketing, our towels can handle it all because we work hard to make sure they're versatile, durable and effective.

Get the towels you need and the look you want. Choose from white towels to dark colors to pinstripes to give your business an aesthetic boost and extra in-house marketing. And if you decide to embroider your towels, you can still buy in bulk to save you time and money.

Ready to make your purchase? Buy your economy towels at Towel Super Center today.

Towel Super Center towels are versatile, durable, and effective

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