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Is there a more luxurious feeling than wrapping yourself up in a giant fluffy hotel towel after swimming in the pool? Not only is it highly enjoyable for guests to not have to bring their own towels to the pool, but having a reliable way to dry off is also essential for everyone to stay both comfortable and safe. Among the tools at your disposal, a durable set of pool towels is one of the most important ones.

Pool Towels

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Wholesale Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) with blue stripe in economy grade optical white can easily be used...

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Wholesale Bath Towels 24X48(8Lb) with blue stripe in economy grade optical white can easily be used...

Guests of all ages will appreciate the fresh, comfy feel and absorbency of your wholesale pool towels from Towel Super Center, making yours the hotel people see themselves returning to over and over again. Your towels should be of durable quality, quick to absorb and easy to maintain. Of course, they should also have that appealing design and fluffiness that everyone loves so much. You'll want to invest in a substantial set of these quality towels so that your guests will keep coming back for more!

What Are the Benefits of Having Quality Pool Towels?

No matter the size of your establishment, you want to portray the highest attention to detail and quality. Guests and staff alike will feel comfortable and empowered, and you may find that there's some financial benefit in store for you as well.

Quality towels can do wonders for your business.


Quality towels — especially when purchased at wholesale, economy rates — can work wonders for your business, saving you money in the long run and offering a highly favorable guest experience.

How Luxury Wholesale  Pool Towels Improve Your Hotel or Business

As with any business, your decisions will largely be influenced by how they affect your overall hotel operating costs. Fortunately, towels don't have to be an area that creates an additional burden for you. Here are some of the characteristics of high-quality pool towels that will help when you have your success in mind. They are:

  • Super absorbent: Towels that are made up of the best materials and manufactured to last are some of the most absorbent on the market. If you have towels that soak up as much loose moisture as possible, it might mean fewer towels get used overall, which saves you money in laundering costs.
  • Long-lasting: When towels are made with durability in mind, you never have to worry about them turning into shaggy, thin rags after the vigorous washing you constantly have to do to keep your hotel running. They'll withstand all sorts of use and cleaning without any extra signs of wear showing up, saving you towel replacement costs.
  • Visually attractive: Hotels that are well-stocked with quality, professional-looking amenities have an appeal that draws guests in with a more pleasurable stay. The sparkling white pool towels lying around the poolside are no exception. If your towels look warm, soft and brand new, as if you just pulled them out of the box for the first time, guests will respond favorably, giving you better business.
  • Easy to maintain: High-quality terrycloth towels like the ones at Towel Super Center remain in top shape no matter how often you use and wash them, meaning you won't have to take extra, unnecessary steps to take good care of them. You still want to follow smart towel washing guidelines, but these are simple to understand and easy to implement, which will bring relief to your laundry staff. These towels are also quick-drying, which will mobilize them from the dirty hamper back to the shelf in no time.
  • Available in bulk quantities: When you buy towels at bulk, wholesale prices, you save money every time. At Towel Super Center, we even help your shipping costs stay at a minimum. Not only can you save money, but having an abundance of towels also means your guests and staff will have a supply of quality towels that won't run out in their time of need. And who doesn't appreciate the feeling of being well-prepared?

Don't settle for poorly made towels. Instead, invest in a quality set that will offer you peace of mind and financial savings over time. You'll reap the benefits, and so will your loyal patrons.

Investing in quality towels will offer savings over time.

How Quality Pool Towels Benefit Your Guests

Hotel swimming towels made out of the right materials offer enormous advantages to your guests as well. Cheaply designed pool towels are not only scratchy and uncomfortable but also flimsy and ineffective. They just don't dry correctly, and that can make or break a hotel stay experience.

Give your guests the best experience by taking advantage of the following attributes of high-quality towels:

  • Super absorbent (again!): Yes, absorbency is so vital that we're listing it a second time. Doesn't everyone appreciate a fluffy towel that leaves them feeling fully dried off? For your guests' utmost comfort and safety, provide them with towels that do not disappoint in their absorbency. As a result, you'll see just how excited they are to enjoy the recreational activities your hotel offers.
  • Luxurious in look, feel and scent: Towels that are well taken care of continue to smell great and feel cloud-soft even after heavy use. Part of the benefit of having quality towels is in their easier maintenance. They won't attain that musty smell that comes from towels that don't dry properly, and by taking a few extra measures to make sure your towels last, you ensure that their fluffy feel to the touch won't wear out, creating a genuinely upscale experience for your guests.
  • Comfortably sized: Swimmers love towels that envelop and dry with room to spare. Providing nicely sized towels keeps your guests content — and never questioning if they accidentally grabbed the hand towel on their way to the pool! At Towel Super Center, we make sure our pool towel size options are just right for the average hotel goer to be completely comfortable.
  • Fresh every day: Because having high-quality towels makes the material easier to maintain, your guests can rest assured that your staff is taking the best care to wash and freshen hotel towels for the highest level of comfort and functionality. Being prepared, professional and well-stocked will help you leave your guests feeling incredibly at ease during their stay.

These are just some of the ways high-quality pool towels can help shape your guests' experience into one of the highest levels of comfort and satisfaction. Even if you find your hotel booked to maximum capacity, you'll be prepared to tackle the demand for additional towels without breaking the bank or flustering your staff.

Quick Tip — Why Does Absorbency Matter So Much With Pool Towels?

You've probably noticed that absorbency is at the top of our list of quality towel benefits. At Towel Super Center, our 100 percent cotton terrycloth towels offer a range of incredible benefits, among which is the natural nature of their primary ingredient, cotton. As opposed to synthetic fibers, cotton is top-ranked in its eagerness to absorb all the water your towel comes into contact with, and there are several reasons this quality is so important:

  • Hotel and pool safety: Keep your hotel lobby and hallways clear of puddles and excess moisture by keeping highly absorbent towels easy to access. As your hotel guests, especially children, navigate through the hotel still soaked after their swim, you want your pool towels to be catching as much of the dripping pool water as they can. This precaution alone helps you protect your patrons and staff from dangerous falls on slippery surfaces.

Pure cotton towels are not as irritating as synthetic fibers.


  • Health benefits: Pure cotton towels are not as irritating on the skin as synthetic fibers can be. Additionally, towels that absorb moisture — along with any particles the water contains — may leave you needing to wash them, but your guests will be protected. If you're providing a suitable number of highly absorbent towels for your guests to enjoy, you can help minimize how many towels get passed around. Sharing is not always caring when it comes to bath towels, so your extra provision will help keep your guests safe.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Absorbent towels are much more worth your while to maintain. As we've mentioned, you won't end up using as many as you would if the towels were not effective in soaking up moisture. Additionally, terrycloth cotton towels dry quickly after washing, meaning that you save costs on running the dryer for hours at a time.

Speaking of maintenance, let's address some washing tips and other strategies for keeping your hotel towels as soft and sparkling as they were when they arrived at your door.

How to Keep Your Pool Towels Looking Fresh and New

We've addressed how your pool towels will be easy to maintain throughout even extensive and heavy-duty use, but here are some steps to further the life of your terrycloth cotton towels from Towel Super Center:

  1. Wash frequently: While there is evidence that the growing trend of reusing hotel towels is making a difference in water usage across the country, it's still essential to keep bath towels washed after three or more uses. Pool towels should follow a similar protocol, as they come into contact with pool water and any particles it may contain. Even after one use, and even when dried thoroughly, towels can attach to all sorts of substances, so washing frequently is crucial.
  2. Keep loads fun-sized: To make sure your towels get clean, try not to overload either the washer or the dryer with too many towels. Towels are unique in the way they hold onto soap and moisture, and these qualities don't go away when they're in the wash. You want your rinse cycle to flush out all remnants of detergent fully and for the material to dry quickly and thoroughly to prevent the storage of damp towels, which would risk bacteria growth. You can easily manage these requirements by controlling your load size.
  3. Be smart with your detergent: Ensure not only that you're using the right detergent for your machine and cycle, but also that you're not using more than the recommended amount for your load size. In fact, you can use even less detergent with towels than you do with other dirty laundry. Using too much detergent can quickly lead to residue building up on your towels, making them less absorbent and breathable.
  4. Ease up on the softener: Ironically, using too much fabric softener can actually build residue that diminishes the softness of your towels. This buildup can also trap odors underneath as well, making the towels smell musty and mildewy. Consider using less fabric softener than the recommended amount or only using it ever two to three wash cycles. Alternatively, if you substitute your fabric softener for the same amount of white vinegar, it can help preserve the vibrancy of your towels' colors and remove soap and oil buildup.

Shake towels out before putting into the dryer to help dry evenly.


  1. Shake out and dry thoroughly: Shaking out your towels before putting them in the dryer or hanging them on the line relaxes the fibers to make sure they dry evenly. Adding this simple snap of fluff is a great way to quickly ensure your towels stay in top shape and don't flatten or crease. Dryer balls can also help comb through the fibers to create some volume without the potentially damaging effects of using a dryer sheet. Don't fold your towels until you know they are fully dry.
  2. Alternate between use and rest: One of the best things you can do for your pool towels is to make sure they get frequent rest along with regular use. Nothing ages linens like going between the pool and the washer without a break or being stored in a cabinet for years on end. Fibers can be delicate to manage, so consider putting a system in place that provides an excellent rotation flow for your towels. Fold and store them securely so that they don't collect dust.

By following some or all of these towel-preserving tips, you'll ensure that your washing is efficient and create the best environment to protect your towels from damage and wear. With enough towels to cover all your bases, you should be well on your way to reaping all of the incredible benefits of a well-sized set of quality pool towels.

How You Can Benefit From Buying Wholesale Hotel Pool Towels

Wholesale towels at discounted prices are what we specialize in here at Towel Super Center. Retailer prices can add up, especially if you're hoping for large quantities of different towel sizes and types. That's why we believe that bulk wholesale discounts on towels offer the most exceptional value to all sorts of professional establishments.

Don't break the bank to get the right quantity or quality for your hotel pool. You can find it all right here at Towel Super Center.

What You Can Expect From Your Towel Super Center Bulk Pool Towels

Our pool towels offer a unique experience at hotel pools along with everything from fitness and recreational facilities to rehabilitation centers and resorts. You could even take them home to keep your houseguests extra prepared.

Consider your hotel pool towel a bath towel with a twist. With a sleek blue stripe, our pool towels at Towel Super Center offer a unique design and can be easily distinguished from the bath towels designated for your hotel rooms. Both guests and staff will be able to tell the difference at first glance, which means washing and replacing them will be much more efficient.

Convenient Pool Towel Sizes


Our pool towels come in two convenient size options — generous 22 by 44 and 24 by 48. These sizings will provide the best level of coverage and comfort.

Shop Wholesale Towels Today at Towel Super Center

Never skimp on the luxury pool towels you offer the guests who visit your establishment and use your pool area. Trust in our selections, and stop paying premium prices.

At Towel Super Center, you get what you need without having to dip into your budget too deeply. Plus, you can rest assured knowing your hotel pool towels will send the right message to all your swimmers. We can even help your business save money on shipping because we pack our towels tightly. Simply unpack, wash and dry, and see how fluffy and soft your brand-new pool towels become.

Make the best choice and stock up on Towel Super Center’s wholesale hotel pool towels today. The faster you make your selection, the faster you can get your order delivered right to your door. Give your guests greater luxury with pool towels from Towel Super Center today.

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