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Buy the Best Luxury Pool Towels in Bulk

Isn’t it disappointing to make your way down to the hotel pool only to discover you were supposed to bring your own towel? Supply your guests with the luxury pool towels they expect at low discount prices when you shop at Towel Super Center.

At Towel Super Center, you’ll find incredibly affordable pool towels you can buy in bulk and have delivered to your business fast. Our striped economy pool towels come in two different sizes. They also are perfect for everything from fitness centers and rehabilitation clinics to hotels and recreational facilities of all kinds. You can even use our pool towels for your home to help out unprepared guests.

Wholesale and Bulk Pool Towels

Item#: E44STP

Our Price: $15.99

100% cotton Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) with blue stripe in economy grade optical white can easily be...

Item#: E48STP

Our Price: $19.99

100% cotton Bath Towels 24X48(8Lb) with blue stripe in economy grade optical white can easily be...

Towel Super Center’s pool towels feature a distinctive blue stripe that helps guests tell the difference between the pool’s towels and bath towels. That makes laundering and replacing them so much easier and faster. Hotels that offer pools to their clientele know that its customers expect a lot out of the towels that are offered to them. After taking a dip, every person wants to wrap him or herself in a towel that is:

Luxury Pool Towels Show Guests You Care

  • Super-Thirsty — Nothing is worse than having a towel that won’t soak up the pool water! When you get out of a hotel pool, your towel should always be ready to absorb any liquid it comes in contact with. At Towel Supercenter, our wholesale hotel pool towels are constructed of fibers that are super-thirsty!
  • Comfortable — A hotel pool swim should be capped off with a comfy towel, not one that feels as if it’s been washed again and again. No matter how many times you throw our wholesale hotel towels into the washing machine and dryer, they’ll stay soft and fluffy. This means your customers will always feel like they’re getting the best value.
  • Large — What hotel pool swimmer wants to feel like the towel he or she gets isn’t big enough? Our towels are sized right for the average hotel goer. This means no one will feel like they’re getting a washcloth when they need something bigger! Browse our sizes. Towel Super Center offers pool towels in generous 22x44 and 24x48 sizing.
  • Attractive — Hotel patrons pay money to stay at their preferred establishments. Therefore, your hotel’s towels need to be appealing. Towel Supercenter offers pool towels that have a lovely blue stripe on a white background. This simple design effectively makes an eye-catching statement. It also saves your staff time on laundry. No more picking through loads to find the towels that belong in the bath and the towels that belong at the pool.
  • Abundant — You should always have enough pool towels on hand, just in case you’re booked to the maximum several nights in a row. By purchasing hotel pool towels at wholesale rates from Towel Supercenter, you can make sure you won’t run out of fresh towels. Plus, because our 100 percent towels dry incredibly fast, you can replenish your supply quickly - and keep your guests satisfied.
  • Fresh-Smelling and Extremely Clean — Because we offer towels that clean up well without showing wear-and-tear, you can use your favorite high-use laundry detergent and softener and towels will still be fresh-smelling and clean. Your guests will love breathing in your sweetly scented, freshly laundered towels!

Towel Supercenter

Never skimp on the luxury pool towels you offer the guests who visit your establishment and use your pool area. Trust in our selections and stop paying premium prices. At Towel Supercenter, you get what you need without having to dip into your budget too deeply. Plus, you can rest assured knowing your hotel pool towels will send the right message to all your swimmers. We can even help your business save money on shipping, because we pack our towels tightly. Simply unpack, wash and dry, and see how fluffy and soft your brand-new pool towels become.

Make the best choice and stock up on Towel Supercenter’s wholesale hotel pool towels today. The faster you make your selection, the faster you can get your order delivered right to your door. Give your guests greater luxury with pool towels from Towel Super Center today.


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