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Find Colored Bath Towels at Towel Supercenter

When plain white towels are just a little too plain, check out the bright colored bath towels available online at Towel Super Center! We sell bulk colored towels at incredibly discounted pricing — perfect for your business, school, sports team or home. Why spend more money elsewhere when you can get the premium colored towels you want at wholesale prices right here?


Item#: P44BK

Our Price: $25.99

Premium extra soft grade 100% cotton bath towels in black. ideal size for sports or workout use....

Item#: P44CG

Our Price: $25.99

Charcoal bath towels wholesale, Premium quality extra soft grade 100% cotton towels. ideal size for...

Item#: P44NB

Our Price: $25.99

Bath towels Navy blue Premium extra soft grade 100% cotton ideal size for sports or workout use....

Item#: P44SG

Our Price: $25.99

Gym towels bulk 22x44(6Lb/doz) Silver grey bath towels ideal size for sports or workout use....

Colored Bath Towels

Multi-Colored Bath Towels

Nobody knows your customers better than you do. Your salon, spa, country club or hotel can accentuate the message or vibe you would like to convey with some colorful bath towels. As a conscientious business owner, you understand the importance of making your valued customers comfortable with the most detailed touches throughout your business.

From the colors on your walls to the music playing in the background and the fragrances of your soaps and shampoos, you've painstakingly planned and designed every detail of your business. Shouldn’t these details include the towels you buy to dry off, cleanse or soothe your customers’ hair and skin?

Colored towels are a creative, personalized way to convey your salon’s message to your customers. Colorful towels can help add a pop of color to your business. What kind of atmosphere would you like to establish? The color of the towels you choose will accent the décor and general vibe. Colorful towels can do so much for your place of business. Whether you have a hair salon, spa, gym or golf course, colored towels are an integral part of these businesses.

Colorful towels will liven up your business’ décor and help the flow of your theme. You can find towels in a rainbow of colors, from pale pastels to rich, jewel-like tones. Before you decide on a new set of colorful towels, take some time to go over your choices and see what they can do for you and how they can make your business shine just a bit brighter.

 Invest in Colored Bath Towels

Why Should You Invest in Colorful Bath Towels?

There are several reasons to buy wholesale colored bath towels. There is an extensive spectrum of shades and colors available to suit any message you are trying to convey, and any vibe you want your business to have. The following are some reasons you should consider buying colorful bath towels for your business.

  • Accentuate your business’ décor: Imagine attractive, organized stacks of sky blue or light gray towels throughout your salon. Colored towels add beauty to the lines of your business’ interior.
  • Quick, colorful redecorating: Buying colored towels every few months, or whenever you feel like giving your business a new look, is the easiest, most cost-efficient way to renew and redecorate. You can mix up different sets of colored towels by using two different tonal shades together, like soft pink and a deeper rose hue.
  • Camouflage stains: If your colored towels get a little stain mark, no one will notice, especially if the towel is a little darker in color. In contrast, if you have a white towel with a stubborn stain you can't get out, you need to take it out of your rotation of usable towels.
  • Cohesive design schemes: Each area of your business could have a unique color scheme. Colored towel stacks can become the focal point of a décor/theme for each area of your business. For example, if you have a soothing waiting area in your salon or spa where your customers wait for a hair treatment to set or nail polish to dry, you could coordinate stacking towels in relaxing, calming colors for that space.

Use towels to decorate and accent your place of business.

Things to Remember Before Buying Colored Towels for Your Business

There are some tidbits to consider before you invest in a rainbow of colored wholesale bath towels for your business. Here are several points to consider before you commit to buying sets of jewel-toned towels for your business.

  • They fade: Eventually, after many cycles of use, washing and drying, the towels’ colors fade. Fading can give them a shabby, battered and old look, no matter how fluffy they remain. Chemicals and detergent can cause little areas of spotting, as well as faded patches. Choosing a lighter color can help disguise the issue of fading in your towels.
  • How you do your laundry: Forget using regular bleach on colorful towels, which can make it more challenging to get rid of stains. During the colored towels’ first few wash cycles, the fabric tends to bleed, which will damage other towels. You'll need to separate all your towels by color, especially if you have white towels or other lighter shades.
  • Be prepared to change your mind: A bright, hot pink may tickle your fancy right now, but as a stylish salon owner, your tastes may become a tad fickle later on. That is especially true if you’re going with fashion trends. Remember the chocolate brown trend from about a decade ago? Well, we don't see a lot of chocolate brown accents in décor lately. Trends change, and so do our tastes and preferences in color.
  • Your place of business’ color scheme: Take a detailed look around your business. The colored towels you choose need to work with your current design touches and color scheme. You want all the colors to flow and blend with the current décor, so they don’t clash. You will also want to preplan all the color options that pair exceptionally well with the décor. When you feel your look needs a little boost, switch out for a set of different-colored towels.
  • Put an accent on the accents: Are you unsure what color towels to choose for your business? Look at your accents: the art that hangs on the walls, tapestries, area rugs, candles or showpieces like vases. Figure out what all your accent pieces have in common, and pick out a color based on that information.
  • Stand out, not apart: Be sure your towel color does not clash with your color scheme. Avoid conflicting color schemes. You want your towels to look great and stand out, not stand apart from the décor.
  • Size matters: Consider the size of your business when choosing colors. Towel colors can affect how big or small the room feels. Dark-colored towels can bring down the mood of the room and make it feel smaller. Lighter shades will add a brightening effect to the area, lending an open, airy feel.

The Impact of Bright Multi-Colored Towels

Colors can impact feelings, which is why the colored towels you choose for your business are just as important as all your other décor. Your colorful towels are just as impactful as the paint, furniture and accent pieces.

What kind of vibe do you want to convey at your place of business? You can decide with the help of color psychology. The root of this idea is the emotional effects colors have on sighted people everywhere. Try to remember this is a very subjective idea, as colors affect everyone differently. For example, blue may soothe one person, but agitate another. There are also variations in how different cultures interpret colors. The following are some examples of colors and their effects in the Western hemisphere:

  • White: Purity, cleanliness, spaciousness, a sense of Zen
  • Green: Coolness, nature, health, tranquil vibes, calm
  • Blue: Serenity, calm, focus, wisdom
  • Gray: Neutrality, timelessness, classic
  • Red: Love, warmth, comforting vibe, energetic, exciting, intense, lively feelings
  • Orange: Energetic, happiness, excitement, stimulating
  • Yellow: Attention-catching, welcoming, intensity, energy

How Will You Use These Colorful Towels?

It’s pretty clear the customers who patronize your business will use the colored towels you decide to buy every day — to dry their hair, their skin and to soothe and warm their faces. Considering the way the towels will help decorate and accent your place of business is as important as how your customers will use them.

Use towels to decorate and accent your place of business.

  • If you want the towels to stand out: Choose towels that will match the design and décor of your business. You’ll get twice the benefits — usage and design piece in one.
  • Makeup removal: Will you use these towels to remove makeup? If you answered yes, you should use bleachable white towels or dark towels like navy blue or black. Darker colors will hide any stains.
  • One or more? Are you going to use just one color towel throughout your business at a time? Or are you considering using them throughout different areas of your business?
  • How will you display your towels? Are you going to stack them folded up in neat displays? Or will you roll them up and offer them in baskets throughout your spa or salon? You have to consider which colors will look best displayed the way you like.

Caring for Your Colored Towels so They Last

There is a correct way to care for your towels so they last and their colors don’t fade. Use the following easy-care steps to keep your towels bright, soft and long-lasting. You certainly can clean a towel by just throwing it in the washer and dryer, but going a step further with these hints will be worth the results.

Caring for Your Colored Towels

  • Launder the towels before using them: Run your new towels through a laundry cycle before you use them the very first time. Washing towels takes away the silicone finish new towels have. It also allows maximum levels of absorbency after.
  • Set the colors by adding vinegar: If you wash your colored towels with like colors in warm water, with half the amount of suggested laundry detergent, then add a cup of white vinegar to the water, your colors will set. The vinegar facilitates the setting of the colors and removes detergent residue.
  • Baking soda banishes bad odors: You can deodorize almost anything with baking soda. Adding a half-cup to a cup of baking soda to a load of towels in addition to some gentle laundry detergent is all you need. Only use a small amount of detergent if you want your towels to last longer. Baking soda is a natural substance that helps balance the pH in the water. Rather than covering up the offensive odors, it neutralizes them.
  • Keep laundry loads on the small side: When you wash your colored towels, avoid packing the washing machine until it’s full. The washer will not spin properly if you overstuff it with towels. Your towels will also tear, and the towels’ threads will end up unraveling from excessive agitation in the washing machine. To keep your wash loads on the small side, launder towels as you use them during work hours. Wait until you have enough for a small to medium-sized load, and wash them throughout the day. Your towels will thank you for this.
  • If you can, wash the towels every three to four days: Washing the towels on a schedule of every three to four days will help them last longer. Use warm water and color-safe bleach, only if you need it, for your colored towels.
  • Separate the towel loads: For sanitary reasons, it is best to wash the colored towels in separate loads. If you're a spa owner who used some towels in hair coloring procedures and others in beauty procedures like leg waxing, facials or exfoliation, separate them into different piles before washing them.
  • Skip the softener most of the time: Instead of using fabric softener for every load of towels you wash, use it sparingly. Once every three to four wash cycles will suffice. If you use them too often, softeners can cause an accumulation of wax to develop on the towel fibers over time. Skipping cycles maintains your towels’ absorbency.
  • Carefully dry your towels: Double-check that your towels are completely dry when you take them out of the dryer. Even a little bit of moisture can facilitate mildew development. That said, try to avoid over-drying towels. Too much heat will disintegrate the cotton fibers, making them less absorbent.
  • Hang them up to avoid funky odors: Towels can develop an odd mildew smell. To avoid this, hang up your bath towels immediately after you use them. If you leave wet towels lying around, you are welcoming mildew and mold spores to start breeding and multiplying in your neglected, moist towels. Hang them up. Don’t let them languish in a hamper or laundry basket until the day you plan to do laundry. If you can, establish a place in your business where you will be able to hang up your wet towels.

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So Many Towels – How Will You Choose?

After giving careful thought to the colors you might choose for your business’ towels, you should take a minute to think about the sizes you’ll purchase. If you’re not sure about the options, please take a look at our vast, colorful selection of premium bath towels as a great starting point. If you’d like some colorful options for your salon, take a look at our extensive list of premium colorful salon towels. They come in a range of beautiful jewel tones. Mixing up towel sizes is also a fun idea that demonstrates to customers how important the little details are to your business plan. Our versatile hand towels are a creative way to add a colorful accent to your business décor.

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