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24x50 White Bath Towels

Are you looking for soft, fluffy white bath towels that won't cost a fortune, but will still please your guests? Shop our selection of 24x50 bath towels at wholesale pricing.


Item#: P50CP

Our Price: $39.99

Bath Towels 24x50(10Lb) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Item#: E50

Our Price: $25.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 24X50(10Lbs/doz) in economy grade optical white. Sold in dozens! These white...

Item#: P50

Our Price: $39.99

Bath Towels 24x50 (10.Lb/doz) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need...

24” x 50” Towels

Hotels, spas, salons and similar businesses aren’t complete without towels. Our selection of 24” x 50” towels, which includes economy and premium qualities, ensure your company’s towel stock never hits empty. They’re absorbent, long-lasting and sold at wholesale prices.

Browse our selection today to find your company’s next set of towels.

High-Quality 24” x 50” Bath Towels at Wholesale Prices

Our selection of economy and premium 24” x 50” bath towels provide you with wholesale prices without a loss of quality. The benefits of our high-quality cotton towels include:

  • Cotton Construction: A 100 percent cotton build makes our 24” x 50” towels eco-friendly, which you can share with your clientele. Long and dense cotton fibers also help our towels hold their size and shape longer.
  • Absorbency: Cotton is not only absorbent, but it also air-dries fast. That means your clients, like hotel guests, can easily dry off without using a bunch of towels. Plus, our bath towels air-dry faster than other cotton products, which benefits environmentally-conscious clients who want to use only one set of towels during their stay.
  • Softness: Guests and clients love soft, fluffy towels and so do we! That’s why our towels not only arrive at your facility soft, but also stay fluffy after multiple washes and rounds in the dryer. Satisfy your guests and your budget with 24” x 50” towels that provide long-lasting comfort without the high purchase price.
  • Durability: Long-lasting towels are essential for salons, resorts and hotels that use towels throughout the day. Because ours feature 100 percent cotton, they’re more durable than other towels, which allows them to stay soft and fluffy even after many uses.
  • Odor Resistance: Resort or hotel guests who use the same set of towels throughout their stay won’t be greeted by foul odors with our bath towels. Cotton is resistant to holding onto odors, unlike other fabrics, so neither your staff nor guests will encounter an unwelcome stench.

Our towels offer quantity without sacrificing quality. And they provide your guests with an experience that beats your competitors, who may offer bath towels that are thin, coarse or poor at absorbing.

24” x 50”Towels at Towel Super Center

At Towel Super Center, we’re committed to providing high-quality 24” x 50” towels at wholesale prices. You get the quality you want without the inflated price tag. Plus, order more towels and receive an increased discount for buying in bulk.

Your orders also arrive fast. Every order is shipped within one business day, with weekend orders fulfilled on the following Monday. If you’re located on the East Coast or in the Midwest, you’ll receive your bath towels in two to three business days. West Coast locations can expect four to five business days for delivery.

Find the Towel Super Center items your company needs and place your order today to start stocking your shelves with our fluffy, highly durable bath towels.

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