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Buy Wholesale Hand Towels in Bulk for Your Business

Hand towels are essential to your business. Keeping a stock of towels is crucial for your day-to-day operations and providing top-notch customer service. However, finding the right supplier can be a difficult task. Your business expects high-quality, durable products — without losing any softness, and without paying retail prices. And that's exactly what you'll get.

Towel Super Center has the wholesale white hand towels you're looking for. We offer a wide selection of affordable hand towels for anything from salons to sports teams, and we're the perfect solution for your economy quality hand towel needs.

Economy White

Item#: E25

Our Price: $5.99

15x25-White hand towels in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels in medium...

Item#: HT-E27

Our Price: $6.99

Wholsale white hand towels 16x27 in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels...

buy bulk wholesale hand towels for your business

Any business-savvy person knows that making smart purchases isn't easy. You research before deciding what to buy and where to buy it. Hand towels come in so many varieties and a variety of suppliers — how can you tell which ones are trustworthy? Look no further. When it comes to towels, we've done the hard work for you.

Our economy white hand towels are high-quality, 100% cotton — and they're versatile. Soft enough for skin and tough enough for heavy cleaning, these towels will get any job done. Perfect for your business and your home, white hand towels are staple pieces in any environment. Keeping a stock of them on hand benefits any business.

Why Buy Wholesale White Hand Towels?

Buying wholesale means purchasing a large — or bulk — quantity of a product from a supplier. The supplier acts as a middleman between manufacturers and retail businesses or consumers. By purchasing through a wholesaler, like Towel Super Center, your business skips having to deal with a large production company and their schedule, without needing to resort to high retail prices.

Towel Super Center is a reliable source for every company and industry

With such a high demand for towels, suppliers cater to the needs of a broad variety of businesses. We are a reliable source for every kind of company and industry, including:

  • Hotels and motels: Those classic white towels are a staple of any hotel room. With a wide array of durable white towels in all shapes and sizes, we make it easy to order and maintain a large stock of white bathroom sets.
  • Spas and country clubs: You need luxury towels for luxury environments. We've got you covered. Our plush towels stay soft and absorbent, so your customers never have to deal with scratchy, sub-par towels.
  • Gyms and salons: Using towels for bodies and working with hair products means you need to wash them frequently. Our white towels are bleachable, stain-resistant and wash as many times as you need without losing their shape or softness.
  • Auto detailers: Functional doesn't have to mean cheap or dispensable. Our towels stand up to heavy use and wear, and work as hard as the people using them.

Specialized wholesalers know what your business needs from their products and how you expect them to perform. Towel Super Center wants to help you have the best towel purchasing experience possible. We will provide you with what you need in whatever quantity you choose, at an easily affordable cost.

Bulk Economy Quality Hand Towels Are Beneficial for Your Company

Feeling intimidated by the prospect of committing to a bulk order? Not to worry, we understand you want to find the best overall option for your business. But purchasing in bulk may be more beneficial than you think. When buying wholesale, your business will have the advantage of:

  • Discounted prices: By ordering more, you're spending less. Bulk orders guarantee us a large sale, which allows us to reduce our rates for your benefit. Lower costs allow you higher profit margins, and you'll even have the wiggle room to lower your retail prices or stock up for a competitive edge. By purchasing bulk, you're making the most of your budget.
  • Lower shipping costs: Larger purchases reduce the amount of packaging needed to ship the towels, so order everything you need in one go! It'll save your business more money, and you'll receive the order faster.
  • Consistently full stock: You'll never need to worry about running low on towels again. We'll send you as many as you need, in whatever variety you choose. With an easy-to-use online purchasing system — available to you anytime and anywhere through our website — and same-day shipping, you can restock a large number of towels quickly.
  • Doing business with a knowledgeable supplier: Towels are what we know. When you need new hand towels, we've got the options and the experience to provide your business with exactly what it's looking for.

Towels will be staying in style for a long time. They remain in perfect shape with proper care, so having a large stock available is a good idea for any business. With so much to gain, wholesale purchases should be the present and future for your company's towel needs.

You Deserve Quantity and Quality

Everyone's heard the "quantity versus quality" debate. But why not have both? Towel Super Center guarantees high-quality products, even at bulk quantity and pricing. Our economy white hand towels will suit your needs perfectly without breaking your budget.

Economy may be our lowest weight, but that doesn't mean low quality. What it does mean is faster drying times for towels that need frequent washing, saving you money and time. It means a broader range of available uses, from bathroom hand towels to cleaning and chemical purposes. It means less money from your budget, and less worry about replacing towels.

Our economy white hand towels are made out of 100% cotton, for durability and finesse. They work well in any environment and look and feel good doing it. They are also bleach-resistant, making potentially visible wear no problem at all. Wash them as many times as you need, they'll stay just as soft and absorbent.

Buying our economy white hand towels in bulk is not only a positive for the quantity of your stock, but also for the value of your budget. If you want high-volume, high-quality towels at an easily affordable cost, look no further than Towel Super Center.

Choose 100% Cotton Hand Towels

choose 100 percent cotton hand towels from Towel Super Center

Cotton is often viewed as a basic fabric, but it doesn't get the credit it deserves. We use it every day, whether it's in a piece of clothing, that blanket you love or the towels you rely on. Towel Super Center wants to provide you with the highest quality towels possible, which is why we use 100% cotton. This fabric has more benefits than you may know, including being:

  • Breathable: Being a natural fiber, cotton allows air to pass through, meaning cotton cloth dries faster and feels more comfortable on your skin. Undershirts are made of cotton for a reason.
  • Affordable: Tight budget? No problem. Cotton is low-cost, making it not only a great fabric, but also one that won't break the bank. You'll spend less for a better quality than synthetics.
  • Soft: Who wants a scratchy towel? Synthetics can be irritating, especially for those with sensitive skin. Cotton guarantees your comfort, staying soft and fluffy through multiple washes.
  • Low maintenance: Wash your towels in hot water. That's all you need to do! They're naturally stain resistant, and if you want to give them a deep clean, just use bleach or a bleach substitute.
  • Color customization: Cotton comes in any and every color you can think of, so there's no shortage of style. "Natural fibers" may make you think natural colors, like beige or neutral tones. However, cotton is highly receptive to dyes of all colors, from rich navy blues and black to neons and pastels. If you want bright yellow towels, you can have them.
  • Chemical-free: You heard it, no chemicals. Cotton is naturally absorbent and soft, and its texture is perfect for both gentle uses and scrubbing surfaces clean.

With all of this to consider, cotton is suited to make an all-around better hand towel. It's beneficial to your budget and is certain to leave your customers happy with their experiences.

When you're buying from Towel Super Center, you're buying quality cotton products. We love towels, and we want you to love towels, too.

Why Quality Hand Towels Matter to You

Towels see a lot of close encounters with dirt and germs. Hand towels are designed for precisely what they say — hands. Or, in a broader sense, to be used easily by hands, due to their convenient size. Regardless, they collect dirt particles over time and with use, just like any other fabric. The quality and weight of that fabric can determine just how often they need replacing.

Hand towels of any kind can grow harmful bacteria, as they are often used, left damp and not allowed to dry properly. Thicker towels trap more particles and may need to be washed more frequently to prevent any germs from spreading. The likelihood of spreading bacteria increases as the towel comes in contact with more hands and bodies without fully drying, making bathroom towels a large culprit. Towels used in kitchens, gyms, sports facilities and healthcare centers present an even higher risk, potentially cross-contaminating foods and exposing bacteria to open pores or scrapes.

These issues are easily avoidable if you wash your towels frequently. Nearly 90% of bathroom towels carry harmful coliform bacteria, and that regular laundry detergent doesn't always clean them thoroughly enough. Using hot water and an oxygen bleach product is your best bet at keeping towels as clean as possible.

Because hand towels require frequent washing and chemical cleaning, they need to be durable and bleachable. Our economy hand towels are super absorbent and will dry faster than thicker weight towels. So, they're less likely to remain damp and allow harmful bacteria to grow in the first place. They'll also stay soft and absorbent through hot water and bleach washes, so your towels can stay clean and comfortable.

Many towels won't stand up to such frequent exposure to chemicals, heat and wear. Our towels, being naturally stain resistant and made from 100% cotton, allow you to get more use out of each towel. All you have to do is keep them clean with regular washing. They'll do the rest.

Why Buy White Economy Hand Towels?

You can't possibly go wrong with a classic. White towels appear clean and fresh and can improve your customer's experience by looks alone. Guests at hotels and spas that use white towels can see the cleanliness of each towel for themselves. Decoratively, white towels can brighten up any room. Functionally, they are easily cleaned using bleach or a bleach alternative. No need to worry about bleeding colors.

buying from the economy line of towels at Towel Super Center means you opt for quality and value

Our economy weight is practical and cost-effective without giving up the softness and durability of a heavier weight towel. Because we use all-natural cotton fibers, every towel has the same benefits as cotton. By buying from our economy line, you are opting for quality and value.

The hand towel size itself even promotes versatility — you can use these for far more than just drying your hands. Smaller than a full bath size but larger than a fingertip towel, the hand size is perfect for cleaning purposes in a variety of industries. If you need an easily maneuverable and highly absorbent towel, these will work perfectly for you.

With Towel Super Center, the more you buy, the better the deal is. We work hard to find the best prices available and give you the power to save money. You won't need to waste any time on cost research or comparison shopping. We've already found the best deals for you. Your time is valuable to your business — and valuable to us.

Hand towels are an absolute necessity for so many companies. Our hand towels work perfectly for every use and will provide your business with the high-quality, affordable products it needs and deserves. Since we use 100% cotton in our hand towels, you can rest assured that each towel will perform well and exceed your standards.

Purchase Wholesale Hand Towels From Towel Super Center

Towel Super Center offers more than a dozen colors to choose from

Towel Super Center makes ordering your hand towels easy and fast. All you have to do is select your desired towels on our website, and we'll add them to your cart. You can pay straight through our secure site with a major credit card or PayPal, whichever is more convenient for you.

Our online catalog has more than just the hand towels you need. We have cotton economy bath towels and a diverse selection of towels and linens, in economy, premium and deluxe premium-plus weights. Want something other than classic white? If you're looking for anything from a pop of bright color to a subtle neutral tone, we've got more than a dozen colors to choose from. We also offer embroidery services with any of our towels.

With so many varieties, you'll be able to find what best suits your business' needs, rather than having to choose what hand towel comes closest to what you want. Why put off an instant improvement? Browse our options and choose to make value and quality a priority with Towel Super Center.

Find Economy White Hand Towels in Bulk From Towel Super Center

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