Jordan Spieth Shocked Everyone With the Towel Rule

In 2016, Jordan Spieth mastered an obscure golf rule. During the third round of the World Golf Championships Cadillac Championship in Doral, Spieth asked an official if he could wet the bottom of his putter with either a wet towel or his thumb. The green was slick, and he wanted to know if he could legally wet his putter for traction.

The official didn’t know the answer to the question and needed to contact the U.S. Golf Association (USGA). The rules official told Spieth he could use a towel to clean his club, and it would not be a violation if the cloth is wet. However, Spieth could not use his thumb as that would have violated Rule 4-2a that states players cannot change their club’s characteristics, and by using his thumb, he was attempting to keep the putter from moving around. 

The USGA does allow golfers to have towels wrapped around the grip in the place of a glove. Golf towels have many uses and help golfers get the right feel with their swing. Jordan Spieth prefers a wet golf towel, and so will many golfers as they continue trying Spieth’s golf trick. 

Wet Golf Towels Provide Many Uses

Getting the perfect swing and ball trajectory is crucial for golfers. Dry and wet towels are essential for golfing because they serve various uses for golfers.

Dry towels accommodate golfers by:

  • Drying the grip to increase the stickiness and get a better hold on the club or putter
  • Clear away any sweat from a golfer’s hands or forehead
  • Wipe the club or putter to reduce the risk of rusting

Damp towel uses include:

  • Cleaning the club or putter after removing clumps
  • Cleaning muddy golf balls
  • Protecting golfers’ necks from the sun
  • Keeping themselves cool with a damp towel
  • Getting into the grooves of the clubhead and clearing away the debris a dry towel can’t
  • Wetting the head of the club to add traction when on a shiny green

At Towel Super Center, we have a wide variety of golf towel colors and types. Many of our golf towels include grommets for ease of use and will hang as the golfer moves around the golf course. Our golf towels feature 100% cotton with maximum absorption. Golfers will want the perfect golf towel to clean their putters and get the traction they need on a slick green.

What to Expect From Golf Towels

Golfers have many golf towel preferences:

  • Golf towels with microfibers have the perfect soft texture to avoid scratching the club
  • Towels made with cotton to have a soft texture
  • Golfers may want to hang their towels
  • Golfers may prefer to carry one towel or more than two
  • Some golfers do not wish to carry a towel

After Jordan Spieth asked that unusual question, he gave many young golfers advice on how he achieves the perfect put. Using a wet golf towel is a must, even for golfers who regularly play without a towel. Every golfer wants to get the best traction when putting on a slick green. Provide your clients with the best towels in the market — Terry Velour golf towels.

Give the Jordan Spieth Towel Experience With Terry Velour Towels

Our selection of Terry Velour towels comes in many colors and are of the highest quality. You can achieve a uniformed look for your golfing business by buying in bulk to save money and have multiple towels available for every golfer. Terry Velour is a unique towel because it meets every golfer’s preferences, including these features:

  • A velour-side for a scratch-free material to clean grooves and perfectly shine the clubhead
  • Cotton that goes through the same process as velvet to present the softest feel
  • Micro-loops in the terrycloth side pick up moisture like sponges to dry off golfing materials
  • Faster drying than an average towel for the golfer who prefers a dry cloth
  • Maximum absorbency, so soaking them will allow golfers to have a damp cloth for an extended period
  • Durable grommets you can hang anywhere

Catering to every golfer’s needs allows you to keep clients coming back. Once a golfer uses a Terry Velour towel, they will only want to use that towel from now on. Shop Terry Velour golf towels today at Towel Super Center to lend golfers a towel that won’t violate the Rule 4-2a during their golfing rounds.

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