Turkish vs. Egyptian Cotton Towels

If you buy premium wholesale towels in bulk for your home or business long enough, you’re bound to see products that boast either Turkish or Egyptian cotton fibers. However, you may wonder what the difference is between a Turkish or Egyptian cotton towel instead of knowing right away based on the label.

Let’s take a look at some of the traits you need to consider to determine whether a Turkish or Egyptian cotton towel makes sense for your next purchase.


What Is Turkish Cotton?

Turkish cotton tends to be less absorbent than Egyptian cotton right out of the gate, building its thirstiness use after use. It also dries lightning fast, which makes it a great choice for anyone who dreads waiting for a towel to air dry or hates wasting utility bills on electric dryer costs. Its ability to dry rapidly also impedes the buildup of bacteria, leaving you with a fresh-smelling Turkish towel for your face, hair, hands or body.

Noted for its smooth threads, Turkish cotton is incredibly strong in addition to being able to let go of excess moisture. You’d never guess that the fibers are so tough because they feel noticeably light when you hold them in your hand. In fact, Turkish towels pack conveniently in any suitcase or beach bag, taking up very little room. Is it any surprise that hotels and fitness facilities love to provide these Turkish towels to their customers?


What Is Egyptian Cotton?

For a long time, Egyptian cotton has had a corner on the cotton market because its name is synonymous with quality. Unlike Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton threads are thick and fluffy from the get-go. This density gives the Egyptian cotton a luxurious feel. It also allows the cotton to wick moisture fast.

Egyptian cotton is less apt to let go of the liquids trapped within its threads than its Turkish counterpart. Therefore, Egyptian cotton towels do need to be dried frequently, either in a dryer or by hanging in a cool area with superior air circulation.

Because Egyptian cotton is so cuddly, it’s often the cotton of choice for sheets and bath towels. Spas and pampering palaces appreciate being able to hand clients a plush Egyptian cotton towel. Many cotton towels sold for residential use are constructed entirely of Egyptian cotton so that homeowners get a treat after every bath or shower.


Which Cotton Is the Right One for the Job?

As you can see, both Egyptian cotton towels and Turkish cotton towels have a place in the world of moisture management. Determining which one will give you the most benefits depends on your needs. For example, if you want a lightweight towel that travels brilliantly and dries without much fuss, go for a Turkish cotton towel. On the other hand, if you’re all about sitting around in a fluffed-up towel that makes you feel like royalty and wicks away moisture while throwing off warmth, pick Egyptian cotton towels.

Want more suggestions to figure out whether to go with Turkish or Egyptian cotton when choosing your next set of towels for home or commercial use? Below is a guide of how some businesses and industries tend to use each type of cotton. This guide will give you the insights you need to make your choice:

  • Bed and breakfasts, inns, vacation cottages and rentals: Niche overnight tourism hotspots have begun jumping on the Turkish cotton bath towel trend. Why? These towels often fit with the eco-friendlier, international vibe that owners want to create. Plus, Turkish towels dry so fast that they’re perfectly suited for situations where an attendant isn’t going to be replacing towels daily.
  • Luxury hotels and long-term executive suites: Guests staying at more lush, high-end hotels and residential-style apartments with concierge service tend to be all about pampering. In these places, attendants tend to replace used towels daily, if not even more frequently. For this reason, you’ll tend to see a lot of Egyptian cotton towels. Egyptian cotton’s ultra-softness makes it appealing, especially when it’s fluffed up before use. 
  • Gyms and upper-end fitness facilities: From yoga centers to bustling gyms, Turkish cotton towels take up little room but always get the job done. Plus, they don’t trap moisture, which is important in a gym environment where people need a fast-wicking hand or body towel that won’t feel soggy or overly thick.
  • Spas and saunas: When weighing the options between Turkish or Egyptian cotton, spa owners and employees tend to prefer Egyptian cotton. Again, this is because Egyptian cotton has a reputation for being so luxurious. Besides, when patrons go to a spa for services, they aren’t worried about a rushed experience. They simply want to lay back and feel like royalty, and Egyptian cotton gets the job done beautifully.

Excited to try Turkish, Egyptian or another kind of cotton for your house or commercial property? Order all types of cotton towels and linens today with confidence from the experts at Towel Super Center.

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