How to Get the Chlorine Smell Out of Towels

Swimming in the pool is fun. Drying off afterward with a towel that smells like chlorine is a lot less fun.

If you own a swimming pool, hotel or health spa, your guests will take a dip in the pool or hot tub and then grab a towel provided by your facility. You want them to enjoy every moment of the experience, and handing them a towel that smells like chlorine can create a poor impression of your business. People may think you don’t launder your towels, or they could mistake the smell for mold. They may even unfairly judge your facility’s overall cleanliness based on the towel.

There’s good news if you have pool towels that smell like chemicals: You can treat them to remove the chlorine scent. Use our plan to get your towels smelling fresh again, making your guests feel at ease and excited to go swimming.


Why Do Pool Towels Smell Like Chlorine?

Chlorine keeps the bacteria in pools and hot tubs at bay, and it carries a distinctive odor that lingers on the skin and clothes long after someone has exited the pool. Towels become saturated by chlorine when someone towels off after swimming. Chloramines from chlorine stay on clothing and other surfaces afterward, sparking that distinctive smell.

Regular washing can’t penetrate the odor of chlorine on towels. Washing a towel in the washing machine works for regular, everyday towel use, but the chemical scent can linger even after the towel has been laundered. To remove the chlorine smell from a towel, you’ll need a special intervention. You can use everyday items to make your towels smell fresh again.


What to Do When Your Towel Smells Like Chlorine

You’ll need a large bottle of vinegar to get the pool smell out of your towels. To begin, fill a sink with a mixture that’s half water, half vinegar. Submerge the towel in the sink for at least an hour.

Next, rinse the towel until it no longer smells like vinegar. You may need to run water over it for a while to remove the vinegar smell, which will in turn remove the chlorine smell. If you still smell the chlorine, try soaking the towel in another vinegar-water mixture for a longer period. Rinse it out again, and repeat until you no longer smell the chlorine.

You may be tempted to try other mixtures to rid the towels of the chlorine smell, but we recommend keeping it simple. Some combinations of at-home cleaning products can be bad for your health. Avoid the following combinations, as they can emit toxic vapors:

  • Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar
  • Bleach and vinegar


Benefits of Clean-Smelling Pool Towels

Why should you go through the effort of getting your towels smelling good again? After all, you’ve probably visited many swimming pools where the towels smell of chlorine.

The answer is that it will reflect well on your business. People naturally trust and appreciate businesses that care about their hygiene and take care of their amenities. They’ll trust you a little more knowing that you’re looking out for their health and well-being by properly cleaning and sanitizing towels. Other benefits of offering your guests towels that don’t smell like chlorine include:

  • Making a good first impression on guests who haven’t visited your facility before
  • Showing your attention to detail
  • Providing a welcome service for guests who don’t want to have to bring their own towels
  • Giving your pool, spa or hotel a professional reputation

Your towels reflect your commitment to your business and guests. Making an effort to create a great space can backfire if you don’t have clean-smelling towels, which means removing the chlorine smell is well worth your effort.


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