Car Wash Fundraiser Event Checklist

A car wash is a great way to raise money for a school, sports team, charity or any worthy cause. Everyone who drives a car appreciates having a sparkling clean vehicle and they’ll be happy to contribute to your fundraiser.

How to Run a Car Wash Fundraiser

You’ll need to plan ahead to run a successful fundraiser. Prepare for your car wash with the following steps:

  • Decide on the details: Determine when your car wash will take place, where you’ll hold the event and who will participate. Ideally, you should aim for a weekend when drivers have more time to stop. Choose a large lot or area with high visibility from the street.
  • Find volunteer washers: Able-bodied members of your group can help wash cars. You’ll also need volunteers to take cash and help direct traffic. If possible, ask volunteers to show up in uniform. Wearing uniforms, especially if you’re a school or sports team, encourages drivers to donate.
  • Advertise: Consider placing local ads. However, the best advertisement is a volunteer standing near the car wash and waving people in with a big sign that explains where the money is going.

What Do You Need for a Car Wash Fundraiser?

Make sure to stock up on the essentials before the car wash. You’ll need:

  • Water, garden hoses and buckets: Water is necessary to clean cars and rinse off all traces of soap. If you don’t have access to garden hoses, you’ll need another water supply and buckets to hold water and mix the soap.
  • Soap: If you’re wondering which soap to use, you can visit a local automotive shop and stock up on soap for cars. Shampoo is another alternative. Do not use dish detergent or hand soap as these substances can harm auto paint.
  • Squeegees and window washing fluids: Separate tools for the windshield, side doors and mirrors will create some extra sparkle.
  • Sponges: Oversize, soft sponges are best and easy on car exteriors.
  • Plenty of towels: Always get more than you think you’ll need! Your volunteers will use towels to buff off debris from cars, create a nice streak-free shine, clean up spills and wipe themselves off.

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